Thursday, October 11, 2018

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Visits Kumsusan Palace of Sun

Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State
Affairs Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's
Army, visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the WPK.
A floral basket in the name of the Central Committee of the WPK was placed before the statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.
Supreme Leader of the Party, state and army Kim Jong Un extended deep respects and the best wishes to the statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il together with other participants.
At the halls where the great leaders lie in state, Kim Jong Un paid noble homage to them in humblest reverence.
He was accompanied by Choe Ryong Hae, Pak Kwang Ho, Ri Man Gon, Kim Yo
Jong, Ri Jae Il and other officials of the Organizational Leadership Department and the Information and Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the WPK

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Meets U.S. Secretary of State

Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the State
Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Sunday received Mike Pompeo, secretary of State of the United States of America on a visit to the DPRK.
Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of our party, state and army, warmly greeted Mike
Pompeo and gladly exchanged greetings and had a photo taken with him at the
Paekhwawon State Guest house.
He warmly welcomed the U.S. secretary of State's visit to the DPRK and spoke
highly of him, recalling how he worked energetically for the historic DPRK-U.S. summit and the development of relations between the two countries while visiting Pyongyang several times.
Then he had a talk with the secretary of State.
Kim Jong Un estimated that progress is being made in implementing the June 12 joint statement agreed upon at the first DPRK-U.S. summit talks. He expressed his gratitude to President Trump for making sincere effort to this end, asking Mike Pompeo to convey his regards to Trump.
Together with Mike Pompeo, Kim Jong Un appreciated the positively developing situation on the Korean peninsula, explained in detail the proposals for solving the denuclearization issue and matters of concern of both sides and exchanged constructive opinions.
There was an exchange of stands of the top leaderships of the two countries on the issues arising in holding the second DPRK-U.S. summit talks to be followed by an in-depth discussion of them.
The Supreme Leader expressed his will and conviction that a great progress would surely be made in solving the issues of utmost concern of the world and in attaining the goal set forth at the last talks with the projected second DPRK-U.S. summit talks as an occasion.
There was an agreement on the issue of holding the working negotiation for the second DPRK-U.S. summit talks as early as possible, and relevant procedure-related issues and ways were also discussed.
Kim Jong Un expressed satisfaction over the productive and wonderful talks with Mike Pompeo at which mutual stands were fully understood and opinions exchanged.
He hosted a luncheon at the Paekhwawon State Guesthouse where the U.S. delegation stays.
Exchanged at the luncheon were views on issues of great interest such as further activating the communication and contact and visit between the two sides for the success of the DPRK-U.S. summit and the development of the DPRK-U.S. relations.
Expressing the belief that the dialogue and negotiations between the DPRK and the U.S. based on the deep confidence between the top leaders of the two countries would continue to develop favorably in the future, too, and a good program for the
2nd DPRK-U.S. summit talks would be provided sooner or later, the Supreme Leader said good-bye to the U.S. secretary of State.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Visits Kim Chaek University of Technology

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited Kim Chaek University of Technology to congratulate its teachers and researchers on the 70th founding anniversary of the university and have a photo session with them.
He was greeted by Hong So Hon, president of Kim Chaek University of Technology, and Kim Ryong Il, chairman of the university committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, at the university.
Noting that the university has made great contributions to the country's scientific and technological education, independent development of the national economy and build-up of national defence capabilities, Kim Jong Un said he was pleased to personally meet and congratulate the teachers and researchers of the glorious university on its 70th birthday. He extended congratulations on behalf of the Party and government to all the teachers and researchers who have devoted themselves to the education and scientific research for the prosperity and future of the socialist country.
Saying that the university's position and duty are very important in implementing the Party's strategic plan for building a sci-tech power, a talent power, he expressed expectations and belief that its teachers and researchers would become the leading chariot and locomotive powerfully propelling the development of the country's science and technology and its economic construction, holding higher the slogan "Let us make a leap forward by dint of science and guarantee the future by dint of education!", and had a photo session with them.

Then he went to the revolutionary museum of the university, where he recalled with deep emotion that President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il founded the country's first comprehensive university of technology and clearly indicated directions and ways to be followed by it in each period and at each stage of the developing revolution and led it in every aspect of its work.
The university is one of the universities the Party trusts, boasts and holds up most, he said, stressing that the building of an economic giant can be given impetus when efforts are concentrated on steadily developing the university's scientific education.
He highlighted the need for the university to defend the Party and revolution with brilliant successes in scientific and technological research and talents training in the future, too, by reliably carrying forward the 70 year-long brilliant tradition.
He set forth vital tasks for the university to train students into creation-oriented talents and scientists faithful to the Party and revolution with strong revolutionary spirit and high faculties of inquiry and application by steadily enhancing the quality of education as required by the new century.
Saying it is the intention of the Party Central Committee and demand of the revolution to turn Kim Chaek University of Technology into the most prestigious university in the world, the Supreme Leader clarified the issues of improving the educational conditions and environment, content and method of the university, and bestowed great favors on the university.
Accompanying him were Vice-Chairman Pak Thae Song and Department Director Choe Tong Myong of the C.C., Workers' Party of Korea.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Inspects Wonsan-Kalma Coastal Tourist Area under Construction

Kim Jong Un,  chairman of the Workers' Party of  Korea, chairman of the State
Affairs Commission  of the  Democratic People's Republic  of Korea  and supreme
commander of  the Korean People's  Army, with  his wife  Ri Sol Ju  inspected the
Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist area under construction.
Looking at the general layout of the Wonsan-Kalma coastal tourist area, he was
informed  of  progress  in  its  construction project  and  went  round  the  overall
construction site,  including a hotel,  lodging quarters  with cooking  facilities, and
service facilities, to acquaint himself in detail with them.
Noting that buildings  look separated and are  little different from each  other in
height, he  gave instructions  to make  the height  of the  buildings different,  plan
more  hotels  and service  buildings  of  30  and 25  storeys  and  ensure  that the
connection between buildings is more harmonious and peculiar, so as to polish the
overall street layout in an artistic way.
Highlighting the need to conduct well the afforestation and greening of the area,
he talked about making  a nice design for afforestation on  the principle that trees
of good species are planted to  suit the surrounding ecological environment of the
coast and doing the work of greening according to the plan.
He pointed out  that efforts should  be made to construct  infrastructural facility
net in a qualitative way and that the construction should become a standard.
Looking at the artificial ponds to  which sea water was pumped, he said that the
ponds should  be well made  to fit the  surrounding environment  and look natural,
adding that  the people  will be pleased  if angling  sites and service  facilities are
placed around the ponds.
He also gave instructions to provide all of necessary conditions, including first-
aid stations at the sections of sea-bathing on the white sandy shore.

It is the Party's long-cherished idea and his long-desired job to build wonderful
recreational resorts  on the scenic and  beautiful shores of  our country to  let the
people enjoy  themselves to  the full, he  said, adding  that now it  will soon  come
Such a  huge and grand creation  campaign as the  construction of the  Wonsan-
Kalma coastal tourist area  is an acute standoff with hostile forces  trying to stifle
the  Korean  people  through   brigandish  sanctions  and  blockade,  a   do-or-die
struggle  to  defend  the  prestige  of  the  Party  and  a  worthwhile  struggle  for
creating the happiness of  the people, he said, and stated  that if such magnificent
project of large scale  is completed surpassing the world's advanced level  at such
a difficult time as now, the strength of the single-minded unity of the Party, army
and people will be displayed to the whole world once again and  the coastal tourist
area will be a very nice gift to our people.
He called upon everybody to build the sea park without an equal in the world by
keeping fortitude and strong courage and  present it to the people as a gift on  the
occasion of Oct. 10 next year.
Saying  with a  big  smile on  his  face that  Myongsasipri  (4-kilomter beautiful
sand) is  likely to become  Inphasipri (4-kilometer tide  of people),  he pictured to
himself  the  appearance  of  the  greatly  excited  people  and  school  youth  and
children who  will  enjoy the  new civilization  of our  times  to the  full under  the
benevolent care of the Party.
Accompanying him were Army General Kim Su  Gil, director of the KPA General
Political  Bureau, Hwang  Pyong  So, first  vice  department  director of  the  C.C.,
WPK, Jo Yong Won,  O Il Jong and Kim Yong Su,  vice department directors of the
C.C., WPK, Kim Chang Son,  department director of the State Affairs Commission,
and Ma Won Chun, director of the SAC.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Visits Hot Spring Area in Yangdok County

Kim Jong Un,  chairman of the Workers' Party of  Korea, chairman of the State
Affairs Commission  of the  Democratic People's  Republic of Korea  and supreme
commander of the  Korean People's Army, gave  field guidance to hot  spring area
in Yangdok County, South Phyongan Province.
The  respected  Supreme Leader  of  the  party,  state and  army  Kim  Jong  Un
learned about the operation of sanatoria  and hot spring resorts in hot spring  area
from Chairman Kang  Il Gyong and officials of  the Yangdok County Committee  of
the WPK.

He  said there  are  a lot  of  hot spring  resources  renowned for  the  beautiful
surrounding scenery  and enormous efficacy  for health and  medical treatment of
people in different  parts of our country  but there is no excellent  health complex
that  has  been  built  properly  in  terms of  sanitation  and  cultured  practice  as
befitting  recreational and  recuperative  facilities.  He added  that  at  the end  of
several days of  consideration, he chose  hot spring area  of Yangdok County that
has been appreciated as one of advantageous areas  in this aspect, and is going to
make field survey and build one excellent service facility.
Yangdok County neighbors a number of counties and ris as it is in the middle of
the  east-west railways  and  borders four  provinces,  he said,  adding  one  good
point is the traffic convenience with Pyongyang-Wonsan Highway nearby.
As high temperature hot  springs rich in sulphur content  and extremely small in
radon content,  the hot springs in  Yangdok County have  been estimated not  only
as the ones  with considerable annual yield  and high pharmacological  actions and
treatment efficacy but also  as pollution-free hot springs as they do  not have any
ammonium, nitrous  acid,  nitrogen ion  and pathogenic  microorganisms,  pollution
estimation indices, he said, adding that a plan is to develop  wonderful all-purpose
recuperation and recreational resort in the area.
Going round  hot spring  valleys in  Onjong-ri area  of Yangdok  County despite
high and low  mountain ranges and  steep passes, he learned about  the amount of
hot spring water gushing out and environment around them.
Yangdok  County is  the  right place  for  building hot  spring  health resort  and
sanatoria for  its high  mountain lush  with fresh  verdure, clean  air and  beautiful
scenery, he said,  personally setting the site  for building a general hotel.  He also
instructed to build all kinds of modern health complexes that offer all kinds of hot
spring bath services including individual hot spring bath,  public hot spring bath as
well as indoor bath and outdoor hot spring bath in the area.
Along  with  the  construction   of  modern  health  resort  and  sanatoria,   it  is
necessary to  build  peculiar hot  spring health  resort village  in  the mountainous
area as the organic combination of  low-storey and single-storey dwelling houses
in the area, he said.
He also  urged to build  railway station characteristic  of a mountainous  railway
station and ensure quality of  roads to be paved so that visitors to  the hot springs
might not feel any inconvenience in traveling.
He  underscored  the  need   to  give  precedence  to  improving  the   land  and
environment  around  the  hot  spring  area and  the  need  to  channel  efforts  to

He said  that by face-lifting the  hot spring area  in Yangdok County  associated
with the revolutionary history of President  Kim Il Sung as a monumental edifice,
we  have   to  glorify  generation   after  generation  the   leadership  exploits   of
President Kim Il Sung   and leader  Kim Jong Il  who  built the  genuine people's
Republic and enforced unprecedented popular policies.
Saying that  he feels relieved at  his decision to  entrust the People's Army,  the
main force  of the  revolution and  shock brigade  in building  a powerful  socialist
country, with the project that has long been developed by the Party for the people,
he  noted  with  trust  that  the  People's  Army  should  certainly  live  up  to  the
expectations of the Party.
He was accompanied by Army General  Kim Su Gil, director of the KPA  General
Political  Bureau, Hwang  Pyong  So, first  vice  department director  of  the WPK
Central Committee,  Jo Yong  Won, O  Il Jong and  Kim Yong  Su, vice  department
directors of the WPK  Central Committee, Kim Chang Son,  department director of
the State Affairs Commission (SAC), and Ma Won Chun, director of the SAC.