Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kim Jong Un Inspects New Dental Sanitary Goods Factory

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the newly-built Dental Sanitary Goods Factory.
The factory, with a total floor space of more than 12, 720 square meters, is a general producer of dental sanitary goods, which can turn out tens of millions of dentifrices, gargles and different kinds of dental sanitary implements a year. The Supreme Leader personally initiated the construction of the factory and solved all problems arising in its construction.
Enjoying a bird's-eye view of the factory, he said that another stylish factory was built and it looked good and smart as its outer walls were tiled with white and green color to meet the requirements of the sanitary goods production base.
After being briefed on the factory in front of a map showing its production diagram and panoramic view, he went round different places of the factory including a control room for combined production, dentifrice production process, gargle production process, dental sanitary goods production process and a room for analysis to learn in detail about its construction and production.
Saying that it is the factory which makes a positive contribution to the promotion of the people's health and which istaken a serious view of by him, he gave an instruction to be regarded as a guideline in management of the factory.
Noting that he had his wish to give varieties of good-quality dental sanitary goods to our people by newly building the factory, he said with pleasure that he is very pleasant over the fact that he did another worthwhile work for the people's long life in good health.
He said that the factory should fully provide good-quality dental sanitary goods to the people by normalizing the production inhigh level to make the people share in the benefit, adding that he would solve all the issues arising in the production and make a report on the knotty problem in time.
The Party continues to make big efforts to the work for consolidating the material and technical foundation of the public health sector to fully displaying the advantage of our socialist healthcare system, the first of its kind in the world as the Party and the state are held totally responsible for the life and health of the people, he said, adding that officials should make our people enjoy the happy life to the full keenly feeling the benefits of the socialist healthcare system.
He expressed expectation and belief that the officials and employees of the factory would unsparingly devote their efforts, enthusiasm and wisdom to the drive for making contribution to the protection and promotion of the people.

Accompanying him were Hwang Pyong So, Pak Pong Ju, Choe Thae Bok, O Su Yong, An Jong Su, So Hong Chan, Jo Yong Won and Ma Won Chun.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Kim Jong Un's Speech at the Eighth KCU Congress

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un made a speech "Let KCU Members Become True Sons and Daughters, Young Revolutionaries, of the Socialist Country" at the Eighth Congress of the Korean Children's Union (KCU) on June 6, Juche 106 (2017).
The following is the full text of his speech:
Dear delegates of the Korean Children's Union,
Dear members of the Korean Children's Union across the country,
First of all, greeting June 6, a special holiday for the KCU members who are a source of pleasure, pride, hope and future of the socialist country, I extend warm congratulations to all the KCU members, reflecting the best wishes of the people across the country.
I also feel very pleased that the Eighth Congress of the KCU is being held in a splendid way amid the great concern and expectation of our Party and people, and offer warm greetings to the KCU delegates to the congress and all other members of the KCU.
My greetings go to the KCU school instructors, its sub-branch teachers and parents who are making efforts to train KCU members into stout pillars of the country.
The Eighth Congress of the KCU constitutes a meaningful occasion in powerfully demonstrating the daring mettle of its members, who are growing up filled with spirit, bringing their beautiful dreams and happiness into bloom under the care of the Workers' Party of Korea, and in developing the KCU into the eternally glorious Kim Il Sung's and Kim Jong Il's organization of children.
Dear KCU delegates,
The KCU is a Juche-oriented revolutionary organization of children, which the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il founded and developed with utmost care; it is also a mass political organization of the Korean children, who are fully preparing themselves to be successors to the revolution and to the WPK and the youth league.
The glorious and proud history of the KCU is a history resplendent with the brilliant victory of the idea on the Juche-oriented children's movement and leadership of the great Generalissimos, who valued and loved KCU members most and devoted their all for the rising generations.
The great Generalissimos were benevolent fathers of our KCU members, the rising generations, who mingled with the children all their life and spared nothing for nurturing the future of the country. As it was led by them, the Korean children's movement could advance along a straight road following our Party alone just as sunflowers turn towards the sun, and KCU members could grow up happily with nothing to envy in the world, as successors to the revolution who will shoulder the future of the country.
Over the past four years since the Seventh Congress of the KCU, its organizations across the country and millions of its members have lived up to the pledges they made in front of its flag, keeping pace with their vibrant motherland, which is advancing by leaps and bounds to the wonder of the world.
KCU organizations have developed into lively and innovative revolutionary organizations that lead their members to cherish the gratefulness for the Party and their socialist country and preciousness of their organizations and collectives and to be good at studying and in the organizational life.
Many KCU members have displayed unstained loyalty with which they hold the great Generalissimos in high esteem forever and performed laudable deeds of devoting themselves for the sake of society, their collectives and fellows, moving the people and adding to the country's storehouse of prides.
Today our dear KCU members are studying hard and training themselves physically and mentally with beautiful dreams and hope for tomorrow, and are actively conducting various socio-political activities and do-good-deeds movements, thus preparing themselves to be revolutionary personnel who will exalt the brilliance of socialist Korea.
Seeing the dignified appearance of KCU members, the precious wealth of the country, who are enjoying boundless happiness and growing up as ardent young revolutionaries, masters of the future, our Party and people feel the greatest pleasure and the pride in waging the revolution.
As the KCU is steadfastly carrying forward the soul of Paektu, a bright, promising future is in store for the Juche revolution, Kim Il Sung's nation and
Kim Jong Il's Korea.
In the name of the WPK and on behalf of all our people, I once again offer warm congratulations to KCU members across the country, who are growing up to be stout pillars of a powerful socialist nation by adding lustre to the KCU's glorious traditions from one generation to the next, and also to KCU school instructors and its sub-branch teachers, who are devoting themselves heart and soul to the bright future of our motherland.
Proud delegates and all other members of the KCU,
Today our Party, army and people, by tightening their belts, are braving all trials to increase the country's strength; this death-defying, vigorous struggle is ultimately aimed at ensuring that our rising generations enjoy all the benefits of socialism in the best country that is admired by the world.
When our dear KCU members grow up cheerfully, uprightly and valiantly to be dependable pillars who will shoulder the everlasting future of our country, the inexhaustible strength of Juche Korea will increase to the maximum and the victorious advance of socialism will speed up.
Availing yourselves of this Eighth Congress of the KCU, you should actively swap fine experience gained in your study, organizational life, socio-political activities and do-good-deeds movements, make a fresh determination and redouble your efforts.
Developing the KCU into the eternal children's organization of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and of the WPK and training all its members into true sons and daughters, young revolutionaries, of the socialist country–-this is the basic task facing KCU organizations at present.
KCU members should become ardent young revolutionaries who are fully conversant with the greatness of the Party and the leader and the preciousness of their motherland and devote their all to the good of the country and the revolution.
They should always bear in mind the benevolent care the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il showed to ensure that they live happily with nothing to envy in the world, and display infinite loyalty in holding them in high esteem as the eternal Sun of Juche.
Fully aware that the red KCU neckerchief is a part of the flag of the WPK and their dreams and ideals will come true only under this flag, they should at all times and in all places think and act true to our Party's intentions.
The anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters and the heroes in the days of the Fatherland Liberation War and in the present Mallima era are models of a true revolutionary from whom our KCU members should take their cue.
By following the ennobling examples set by these revolutionary forerunners and heroes, KCU members should all become fervent revolutionaries and heroes.
The basic revolutionary task facing KCU members is to prepare themselves as able revolutionary personnel who are knowledgeable, morally sound and physically strong, pillars in the building of a powerful socialist country.
The first and foremost task for KCU members is to study well. The height of their school records represents the height of our country's future national strength.
KCU members, bearing deep in mind the earnest request of their motherland, teachers and parents, should study hard to build the tower of knowledge higher, so as to become world-class scientists and inventors.
They should possess beautiful socialist moral traits.
They should ardently love their country and fellow people, and devote their all for the sake of society, their collective and fellows. They should respect their teachers and seniors and approach them politely, observe social order and public morality voluntarily, and be honest and upright in their everyday life.
Healthy body of KCU members is an asset of the country. Only when they grow up stoutly in good health can the country be full of vigor and become stronger.
KCU members should conduct brisk sporting activities to build up their physique, foster bravery and gallantry, and possess the techniques of more than one sports event.
KCU members should also take an active part in art group activities, improving their cultural attainments and bringing their artistic talents into full bloom by singing songs, reciting poems and playing musical instruments.
They should devote their all to adding brilliance to the socialist system of our country.
They should not become self-indulgent sons and daughters seeking their own happiness, but young patriots who, cherishing Kim Jong Il's patriotism, treasure all the assets our revolutionary forerunners created on this land at the cost of their sweat and blood, and tend every tree and every blade of grass in their country with earnest care.
They should step up various socio-political activities and do-good-deeds movements so as to encourage their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters in their heroic struggle to build a powerful socialist country and contribute to their country's economic development.
They should hate imperialists and other class enemies, maintain sharp revolutionary vigilance against their schemes and mentally prepare themselves to fight, if the enemies dare invade the country, as bravely as the Children's Corps members did during the anti-Japanese armed struggle and the children's vanguard members in the days of the Fatherland Liberation War.
They should, through organizational life, improve their sense of organization and discipline and exalt the honour of being members of the glorious Kim Il Sung's and Kim Jong Il's organization of children.
The pledge they took in front of the KCU flag is the first vow they made to their motherland, and their life in KCU organizations is the process of political activities through which they keep this pledge.
They should always love and treasure their organizations, observe organizational discipline on a voluntary basis and implement without fail the tasks assigned by their organizations.
It is important in training them into true sons and daughters, young revolutionaries, of the socialist country to enhance the role of KCU organizations and improve guidance over its work.
KCU organizations should ensure effectiveness in conducting the movement to learn from the glorious childhood of the great Generalissimos and the five-point educational work, so as to become revolutionary organizations that are unfailingly loyal to the Party.
They should make great efforts to heighten their members' spirit of collectivism, independence and creativity, thus preparing them all to be masters who will shoulder the future of a powerful socialist country.
The youth league assumes the heavy responsibility of properly guiding KCU members who have taken the first step towards organizational life.
It should give scrupulous guidance over the work of the KCU by taking into account its members' preparedness and psychological features; in particular, it should render positive help to KCU school instructors and its sub-branch teachers so that they can steadily improve the work of the KCU with a high sense of responsibility and practical qualifications.
It should build up the ranks of KCU activists and lead them to do the KCU work in an independent and creative way and become models for other members to emulate in studying and life.
All Party members and other working people should treasure and love KCU members as assets of the country and pay close attention to their education and edification as their educators and parents. In this way, they can ensure that all KCU members grow up as dependable pillars of the country amid the interest and care of the whole society.
Party organizations at all levels should regard KCU work as an important undertaking that has a bearing on the destiny of the country and nation and the future of our revolution, and give Party-oriented guidance to it.
Dear KCU delegates,
The future of KCU members is endlessly bright, and a powerful socialist country, in which the song "We Are the Happiest in the World" resounds loudly, is reserved for them.
Our Party, which foresees the bright future of the Juche revolution in their beautiful traits and courageous and cheerful appearance, will spare nothing for them and defend their happy laughter and bright future.
I firmly believe that all KCU members will live up to the expectations of our Party and all people by advancing straight ahead and dynamically along the road indicated by the Party, flying high the flag of the KCU.

May happiness and glory be on the road of KCU members, our reliable successors and future of our powerful motherland, socialist Korea.

소년단원들은 사회주의조국의 참된 아들딸, 소년혁명가가 되자 경애하는 김정은원수님께서 조선소년단 제8차대회에서 하신 연설

사랑하는 나라 전체 소년단원동무들!
나는 먼저 사회주의조국의 기쁨이고 자랑이며 희망이고 미래인 조선소년단원들의 명절 .6절을 맞으며 전국의 소년단원동무들에게 나라 전체 인민들의 축복을 담아 열렬한 축하를 보냅니다.
나는 또한 우리 당과 인민의 커다란 관심과 기대속에 조선소년단 제8차대회가 성대히 열린것을 매우 기쁘게 생각하며 대회에 참가한 소년단대표동무들과 나라 전체 소년단원동무들에게 따뜻한 인사를 보냅니다.
그리고 소년단원들을 나라의 억센 기둥감으로 키우기 위해 힘쓰고있는 소년단지도원들과 분단지도원선생님들, 학부형들에게 인사를 드립니다.
조선소년단 제8차대회는 당의 품속에서 아름다운 꿈과 행복을 꽃피우며 씩씩하게 자라나는 소년단원들의 담찬 기상을 힘있게 떨치고 조선소년단을 영원히 이름도 빛나는 김일성김정일소년단으로 강화발전시키는데서 뜻깊은 계기로 됩니다.
조선소년단은 위대한 수령 김일성대원수님과 위대한 령도자 김정일대원수님께서 창립하시고 애지중지 키우신 주체의 소년혁명조직이며 혁명의 계승자, 당과 청년동맹의 교대자로 튼튼히 준비해나가는 조선소년들의 대중적정치조직입니다.
조선소년단이 걸어온 영광스럽고 자랑찬 력사는 소년단원들을 제일로 아끼고 사랑하시며 후대들을 위하여 모든것을 바치신 위대한 수령김일성대원수님과 위대한 령도자 김정일대원수님의 주체적소년운동사상과 령도의 빛나는 승리의 력사입니다.
한평생 우리 소년단원들, 자라나는 세대들속에 계시며 조국의 미래를 가꾸는 사업에 억만금도 아끼지 않으신 위대한 대원수님들을 자애로운 어버이로 모시였기에 조선소년운동은 태양을 따르는 해바라기처럼 오직 우리 당을 따라 곧바른 한길로 전진해올수 있었으며 소년단원들은 세상에 부럼없는 행복동이로, 조국의 앞날을 떠메고나갈 혁명의 계승자로 자라날수 있었습니다.
조선소년단 제7차대회이후 지난 4년간 전국의 소년단조직들과 우리의 수백만 소년단원들은 눈부시게 비약하며 약동하는 조국의 거창한 전진과 숨결을 같이하며 소년단기앞에 다진 맹세를 빛나게 실천하여왔습니다.
소년단조직들이 소년단원들을 당과 사회주의조국의 고마움, 조직과 집단의 귀중함을 가슴깊이 간직하고 학습과 소년단조직생활을 잘해나가도록 이끌어주는 생기발랄하고 참신한 소년혁명조직으로 강화발전되였습니다.
나라 소년단원들속에서 위대한 대원수님들을 영원히 높이 받들어모시는 깨끗한 충정과 사회와 집단, 동무들을 위하여 자기의 모든것을 바치는 아름답고 기특한 소행들이 수많이 발휘되여 사람들을 감동시키고 우리 조국의 자랑을 더해주었습니다.
오늘 우리의 사랑하는 소년단원들은 래일에 대한 푸른 꿈과 희망을 안고 열심히 공부하고 몸과 마음을 단련하며 여러가지 사회정치활동과 좋은일하기운동도 적극 벌리면서 사회주의조선을 빛내일 혁명인재로 자라나고있습니다.
나라의 귀중한 보배인 소년단원들이 끝없는 행복을 누리며 열렬한 소년혁명가, 앞날의 주인공으로 자라나는 장한 모습에서 우리 당과 인민은 더없는 기쁨과 혁명하는 보람을 느끼고있습니다.
백두의 넋을 꿋꿋이 이어나가는 조선소년단이 있기에 주체혁명의 전도와 김일성민족김정일조선의 미래는 끝없이 밝고 창창합니다.
나는 조선소년단의 영광스러운 전통을 대를 이어 빛내이며 사회주의강국의 기둥감들로 억세게 자라나고있는 나라 소년단원동무들과 조국의 밝은 미래를 위하여 몸과 마음을 바쳐가고있는 소년단지도원, 분단지도원선생님들에게 조선로동당과 전체 인민의 이름으로 다시한번 열렬한 축하의 인사를 보냅니다.
자랑스런 소년단대표동무들과 나라 소년단원동무들!
오늘 우리 당과 군대와 인민이 허리띠를 졸라매고 시련의 천만고비를 결사적으로 이겨내며 국력을 강화하기 위한 힘찬 투쟁을 벌리고있는것은 다름아닌 우리의 후대들이 세계가 우러러보는 천하제일강국에서 사회주의만복을 마음껏 누리게 하기 위해서입니다.
사랑하는 소년단원동무들이 조국의 만년대계를 떠메고나갈 믿음직한 역군으로 명랑하고, 대바르게, 씩씩하게 성장할수록 주체조선의 무진막강한 힘은 보다 백배해지고 사회주의의 승리적전진은 더욱 빨라지게 됩니다.
조선소년단 제8차대회 참가자들은 이번 대회를 통하여 지난 기간 학습과 소년단조직생활, 사회정치활동과 좋은일하기운동에서 창조된 훌륭한 경험들을 널리 나누고 새로운 결의를 다지며 더욱 분발하여야 합니다.
조선소년단을 영원히 김일성김정일소년단, 조선로동당의 소년조직으로 강화발전시키며 모든 소년단원들을 사회주의조국의 참된 아들딸, 소년혁명가로 준비시키는것은 현시기 소년단조직들앞에 나서는 기본임무입니다.
소년단원들은 당과 수령의 위대성과 조국의 귀중함을 알고 조국과 혁명을 위하여 모든것을 바칠줄 아는 열렬한 소년혁명가가 되여야 하겠습니다.
소년단원들은 세상에 부럼없는 행복한 생활을 마련해주신 위대한 대원수님들의 크나큰 은덕을 언제나 심장깊이 새겨야 하며 대원수님들을 영원한 주체의 태양으로 충정다해 받들어모셔야 합니다.
소년단원들은 소년단붉은넥타이는 조선로동당기의 부분이며 소년단원들의 꿈과 리상은 로동당기발아래에서만 꽃펴날수 있다는것을 명심하고 언제 어디서나 우리 당의 뜻대로만 생각하고 생활하여야 합니다.
항일혁명투사들과 전화의 영웅들, 오늘의 만리마시대의 영웅들은 소년단원들이 따라배워야 참된 혁명가의 본보기입니다.
소년단원들은 혁명선렬들과 영웅들의 숭고한 모범을 따라배워 모두다 열렬한 혁명가로, 영웅으로 자라나야 합니다.
소년단원들앞에 나서는 기본혁명과업은 지덕체를 갖춘 유능한 혁명인재, 사회주의강국건설의 역군으로 준비하는것입니다.
소년단원들의 첫째가는 임무는 공부를 잘하는것입니다.소년단원들의 학업성적의 높이이자 앞날의 우리 조국의 국력의 높이입니다.
소년단원들은 조국의 당부, 선생님들과 부모님들의 당부를 깊이 새기고 열심히 배우고 배워 세계적인 과학자, 발명가가 되기 위한 지식의 탑을 높이높이 쌓아가야 합니다.
소년단원들은 아름다운 사회주의도덕품성을 지녀야 합니다.
소년단원들은 조국과 인민을 열렬히 사랑하며 사회와 집단, 동무들을 위하여 모든것을 바칠줄 알아야 합니다.소년단원들은 선생님과 웃사람들을 존경하고 례절있게 대하며 사회질서와 공중도덕을 자각적으로 지키고 언제나 정직하고 대바르게 생활해나가야 합니다.
소년단원들의 튼튼한 몸은 나라의 보배입니다.소년단원들이 건강하고 튼튼하게 자라야 조국이 활력에 넘치고 나라의 힘이 강해집니다.
소년단원들은 체육활동을 힘있게 벌려 몸을 단련하고 대담성과 용감성을 키우며 누구나 한가지이상의 체육기술을 가져야 합니다.
또한 소년단원들은 예술소조활동에 적극 참가하여 노래도 부르고 시도 읊고 악기도 다루면서 문화정서적소양을 높이고 예술적재능을 마음껏 꽃피워나가야 합니다.
소년단원들은 우리 나라 사회주의제도를 더욱 빛내이기 위하여 몸과 마음을 바쳐야 하겠습니다.
소년단원들은 행복만을 누리는 귀동자, 귀동녀가 아니라 김정일애국주의를 소중히 간직하고 혁명선렬들이 피와 땀을 바쳐 이룩해놓은 땅의 모든 재부들을 귀중히 여기며 나무 한그루, 한포기도 제손으로 가꾸어가는 나어린 애국자가 되여야 합니다.
소년단원들은 여러가지 사회정치활동과 좋은일하기운동을 활발히 벌려 사회주의강국건설대전에서 위훈을 떨치고있는 아버지, 어머니, 형님, 누나들의 투쟁을 힘있게 고무하고 나라살림살이에 보탬을 주어야 합니다.
소년단원들은 제국주의자들과 계급적원쑤들을 미워하고 언제나 혁명적경각성을 높이며 원쑤들이 덤벼든다면 항일의 아동단원, 전화의 소년근위대원들처럼 용감하게 싸울 마음의 준비를 철저히 갖추고있어야 합니다.
소년단원들은 소년단조직생활을 통하여 조직성과 규률성을 키우고 영광스러운 김일성김정일소년단원의 영예를 빛내여나가야 하겠습니다.
소년단원들이 소년단기발앞에 다진 맹세는 조국앞에 다진 맹세이며 소년단조직생활은 맹세를 지켜나가는 정치생활과정입니다.
소년단원들은 언제나 소년단조직을 사랑하고 귀중히 여기며 조직규률을 자각적으로 지키고 소년단조직에서 분공을 어김없이 수행하여야 합니다.
소년단원들을 사회주의조국의 참된 아들딸, 소년혁명가들로 키우자면 소년단조직들의 역할을 높이고 소년단사업에 대한 지도를 개선하여야 합니다.
소년단조직들은 위대한 대원수님들의 영광스러운 청소년시절을 따라배우는 운동과 5대교양사업을 실속있게 벌리며 소년단조직을 당에 끝없이 충직한 혁명적인 소년조직으로 꾸려나가야 합니다.
소년단조직들은 소년단원들에게 집단주의정신, 자립성과 창발성을 키워주기 위한 사업에 힘을 넣어 그들모두를 사회주의강국을 떠메고나갈 앞날의 주인공들로 튼튼히 준비시켜야 합니다.
청년동맹은 조직생활의 첫걸음을 떼는 소년단원들을 옳게 이끌어주어야 무거운 책임을 지니고있습니다.
청년동맹에서는 소년단사업에 대한 지도를 소년단원들의 준비정도와 심리적특성에 맞게 짜고들어 진행하며 특히 소년단지도원들과 분단지도원들을 도와주어 그들이 높은 책임성과 실무능력을 가지고 소년단사업을 끊임없이 개선해나가도록 하여야 합니다.
청년동맹에서는 소년단열성자대렬을 꾸리도록 하고 그들이 소년단사업을 독자적으로, 창발적으로 해나가며 학습과 생활에서 소년단원들의 본보기가 되도록 이끌어주어야 합니다.
전체 당원들과 근로자들이 소년단원들을 나라의 보배로 귀중히 여기고 사랑하며 모두가 교양자, 학부형이 되여 소년단원들의 교육교양에 깊은 관심을 돌려야 합니다.그리하여 모든 소년단원들이 전사회적인 관심과 떠받들림속에 나라의 역군으로 훌륭히 자라나도록 하여야 합니다.
각급 당조직들은 소년단사업을 나라와 민족의 운명, 혁명의 전도와 관련되는 중대한 문제로 여기고 소년단사업을 당적으로 적극 떠밀어주어야 합니다.
조선소년단원들의 앞날은 끝없이 양양하며 소년단원들의 앞길에는 《세상에 부럼없어라》의 노래소리가 높이 울려퍼질 사회주의강국이 약속되여있습니다.
소년단원들의 아름다운 풍모와 씩씩하고 명랑한 모습에서 주체혁명의 밝은 래일을 내다보고있는 우리 당은 소년단원들을 위해서라면 무엇도 아끼지 않을것이며 소년단원들의 행복에 넘친 웃음과 창창한 미래를 끝까지 지켜줄것입니다.
나는 모든 소년단원들이 조선소년단기를 높이 휘날리며 당을 따라 곧바로 힘차게 나아감으로써 우리 당과 전체 인민의 기대에 훌륭히 보답하리라는것을 굳게 믿습니다.

우리의 믿음직한 교대자이며 강대한 우리 조국, 사회주의조선의 미래인 소년단원들의 앞길에 행복과 영광이 있으라!