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The puppet authorities can not avoid the denunciation from the whole nation and international communities for their inhumane wickedness of forcible detaining DPRK residents       3
The south Korean puppet group should stop at once the anti-DPRK smear
Pyongyang, 18th July, Juche 104(2015)
We are family members of Ri Song Chol(Age: 35), Choe Yong Ung(Age: 42) and Han Chung Il (Age: 23)-DPRK citizens who went to sea for fishing some days ago, but were wrecked in the sea and forcibly detained in south Korea.
As already reported, recently our Central Committee of the Red Cross Society repeated demands for repatriation of all 5 residents, detained in south Korea, back to our Republic where their beloved families are waiting for.
Nevertheless, neglecting the basic humanity and international practice, the south Korean authorities refused to send our family members back to their hometowns, where their families are waiting, under the absurd pretext such as "defection".
5 fishermen went to the sea together with smiles. 2 of them came back and warmly met their lovely family, but our husband and sons have not yet come back. It is enough to rend our hearts. 
South Korean authorities said that our husband and sons had "defected", but it is a sheer lie and irrational insistence.
Our husband and sons are not the ones who betray their lovely family members and moreover they have no reason why to "defect" to the cursed south Korean society.
We were born in our Republic and led true and happy life in our sweet home.
How my sons who discharged their filial duty to their parents, given birth, and my husband who pour only love and sentiment, delighted for the birth of twins could betray their parents and sons and daughters.
Being shocked and not believing, we demand south Korean authorities to let us meet our husband and sons at Panmunjom, but they denied our basic demand on various pretext like "international practice".
On earth, is this "humanity" and "international practice", south Korean authorities advocate, that they artificially divide kinship of one bloodline and forbid to meet each other.
According to international human rights treaties such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, no interference into or infringement upon the family right is permitted.
Moreover, it is the common international practice and basic humanitarian principle to save the wrecked people on the sea and send them back to their hometowns where family members are waiting.
The despicable act of south Korean authorities who forcibly detained our husband and sons leading to separation of family under the pretext of "humanitarianism" and "international practice" is a crime against humanity unpardonable in the light of international law or ethics and morality.
Our assertion is clear. The south Korean authorities forcibly detained our sons and husband to abuse them for the sinister confrontational moves against our Republic.
Otherwise why the south Korean authorities deny the families' demand to meet them face-to- face and to ask their mind. 2 returned fishermen proved that the south Korean authorities bound around their eyes after rescuing them, put them separately in solitary cells and forced them "defection" treating them like animals.
When everyone firmly declared his decision to go back home, the south Korean authorities did every means to let them remain in south Korea lying to each one that the others all "defected". How can we tolerate the inhumane maneuver of south Korean authorities who forced our husband and sons separate from their beloved family with deception and coercion?
Whenever we heard heart-breaking news that our nationals, who had been accidently adrift while fishing, were forcibly detained by the south Korean authorities with false allegation of "defectors", we would feel a surge of resentment against south Korean authorities with sympathy on the other hand for them who were forced to separate from their families.
But today such shocking tragedy fell upon us - that left us shed tears of blood. We accuse the inhumane crime of south Korean authorities who are not sending our beloved sons and husband back to their hometown and forcibly detained them.
We earnestly call you whose mission is keeping justice and human rights for your humanitarian help so that our husband and sons come back to their family.
With best regards,
From all Family members of the three DPRK fishermen who were forcibly detained by the south Korean authorities. The puppet authorities cannot avoid the denunciation from the whole nation and international communities for their inhumane wickedness of forcible detaining
(Statement of a Spokesman for the Central Committee of the Red Cross Society of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea)
14th July, 2015, Pyongyang
The puppet group committed the crime acts by forcibly detaining DPRK residents, 3 out of 5 fishermen who had been adrift in the East Sea of Korea by unexpected accidents a while ago.
It is well known that since the day when they were wrecked and drifted into the south Korean sea we have delivered several messages urging them to return the drifted ones as early as possible back to the DPRK where their families are waiting for.
Their families had also strongly demanded the face-to-face meeting with their husbands and sons.
However the puppet group refused to send back 3 of them under the unreasonable subterfuge such as "they defected".
For that circumstance we repeatedly requested to send us the life facts of fishermen who allegedly defected as soon as possible, demanding the practical arrangements for a meeting with their families in Pamunjom.
The request is clearly a fare deed either in the view of the demands from the fishermen and victim families or in consideration of the international prevalence that offer humanitarian aids to the victims of sea wreckage and send them back to their hometown.
Nevertheless the south Korean authorities persistently ignored our fare requests by spinning sophistries of so-called "international practice".
Their refusal of repatriation of remaining 3 fishermen has been continued even in July 14th when the families came to Pamunjom and demanded for the meeting with their unreturned family members, yelling they do not want to be the separated families, the tragic result of the national division.
The hearts of the families were lacerated and it was none other than evil follies which can never be pardoned.
The Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross Society bitterly denounces the puppet group, branding their once-again-repeated inhumane wickedness as the serious infringement of the DPRK's sovereignty and violation of human rights of DPRK citizens and also as another critical venom provocation.
Our humanitarian spirit and compatriotism was well shown in the past when, whatever their reasons were, we sent back the south Korean fishermen and their ships drifted to our sea and even persuaded those who implored to live in the DPRK to return back to their hometown where their families and relatives living.
On the contrary the puppet group forcibly detained our residents and played an illegal game of defection, rejecting our requests for their life details and the family meeting, which is none other than anti-human rights, hooliganic deeds.
Their inhumane commitment even resulted in the heart-sore scene of the family members demanding for the personal meeting with their husband and sons in Panmunjom, who finally fainted away crying with their shocking pains of family separation.
Nobody can imagine and everybody must feel wrong and enraged that a beloved family should have to be physically separated so suddenly in this peace but not war time. Now the puppets are loudly clamoring the so-called "self defection" of the drifted fishermen so as to smooth down the denunciation in and abroad against their criminal acts of the forced detention, but nothing might be helpful for them to hide the truth of their anti-national and anti- humanitarian barbarity that abandoned even the primary of humanity.
Widely convinced is that they already organized a "Joint Investigation Team" recruited from Intelligence Agency and several Departments such as Departments of Unification, Army and Police, which desperately tried to surrender the drifted DPRK residents by means of threats and deception, with the purpose to use them as hostage for their anti-DPRK smear campaign.
For this case of detainees, they bound their eyes with blind and caged them separately and then telling a lie each of them that "The others already appealed to stay in south"; it was to create mistrust and hostility between them, a dirty trick to force them to defect.
The recent puppets' heinous game of defection is another tool of their wicked anti-DPRK confrontation campaign which is getting more reckless on daily order and at the same time is their intended and planned provocative maneuver to justify their false assertion of "regime instability", to undermine the high dignity of the DPRK and to doom the north-south relationship.
The reality clearly demonstrates the vileness of the puppets who do not hesitate to commit even the inhumane crimes for their confrontation and plots game to be achieved. The puppet groups who are taking advantage of Red Cross humanitarianism for their foul political purpose and physically separating families now dare to talk about "human rights issue", "humanitarianism" and meeting of separated families and relatives.
This is the culmination of shame, the height of impudence and intolerable derision and insult to the public opinions requesting the improvement of north-south relations. Our soldiers and people are feeling indignant with the puppets' crime which was repeated again, full of retaliation spirit to mercilessly punish them who run amuck for their crazy fratricidal confrontation.
The puppet groups should be well convinced of the fatal aftermath resulted by their provocative acts, stops their anti-DPRK smear campaign with which they bring earlier their doom day by themselves and sends back our residents unconditionally and without any delay.
All members of the Korean nation and international communities who love justice and value the human dignity will raise their voice of condemnation and should not tolerate the puppets criminal acts to forcible detain the DPRK residents and use them as hostage for their anti-DPRK smear campaign.
The south Korean puppet group should stop at once the anti-DPRK smear campaign and send back the illegally detained DPRK citizens without condition
Pyongyang July 15, Juche 104(2015)
Shortly ago, the south Korean puppet group refused to send back three of our citizens under absurd pretext, despite our repeated demand to repatriate all five of our residents who were adrift in the East Sea of Korea by accident. Such crime against humanity is arousing our people's indignation.
It is a basic humanitarian principle and international practice to rescue people from maritime accidents and send them back home.
However, instead of sending our citizens back home to their beloved families, the puppet group is trying to use them in their dirty acts of confrontation against the DPRK.
This is clearly proved by the fact that the group of traitors had forcibly detained three of our fishermen, talking nonsense such as "defection and "free will".
It is widely known that each time our citizens went adrift in the south Korean waters by accident, the puppet group worked out, without fail, despicable plots of forcibly detaining them under absurd pretext of "defection."
Such being the case, the DPRK government has demanded the south Korean puppets to send back all our citizens at once and give identities of the three fishermen who were said to have shown "willingness to defect". It has also strongly requested to organize a face-to-face interview between the fishermen and their families.
There is no single reason for the puppet group to refuse our demands if they did not pursue ulterior purpose or have something to hide.
This proves that the so-called "defection", uttered by the puppets is nothing but a sheer lie and another anti-DPRK conspiratorial racket.
The National Reconciliation Council bitterly denounces the puppet group's forcible detention as intentional and premeditated provocation escalating confrontation with the DPRK and unethical human rights abuse adding to the mental and physical sufferings of our fishermen and their families.
Out of humanitarianism and compatriotism, the DPRK has always sent back all south Korean citizens who came into our territory illegally and even persuaded some of them to go back home, though they were eager to remain in our country. It is a humanitarian obligation for both the north and the south, given the current tragic situation of national division.
The puppet group is persistently blocking the repatriation of our citizens with its trite methods such as "defection", a heinous plot to tarnish the image of the dignified DPRK and worsen the tragedy resulting from division.
No elsewhere on earth could be found such a group of villains who do not hesitate to commit such treacherous and inhuman crime aimed at confrontation with and plot against fellow countrymen.
The puppet group love to talk about "reunion of separated families". But it is none other than the puppet group of traitors who are giving birth to many more separated families, as in this case by forcibly detaining our citizens.
In the past, the puppet group persistently interrupted the settlement on humanitarian matters whenever chances were made, by aggravating the situation with military provocation and war maneuvers.
It is the culmination of shamelessness of such human rights criminals to talk about "human rights" of others and "pain of separated families". It is also an intolerable challenge and mockery at the desire of our whole nation who wishes for national reconciliation and unity and the improvement of inter-Korean relations.
The confrontational and inhuman acts of the puppet group is deepening the mistrust between the fellow countrymen and driving the inter-Korean relations to a catastrophic crisis.
If the puppet group chooses to cling to the anti-DPRK smear campaigns in pursuance of confrontation of systems, it will only hasten its disgraceful destruction.
It should stop at once the smear campaign and send back all the DPRK's residents unconditionally, clearing understanding that the repatriation issue is not only an issue of human rights and humanitarianism but also an acute issue which may seriously affect the north-south relations.
We will never remain a passive on-looker to this but take a strong counter-measure.
If the puppet group refuses to comply with our just demand, it will be held wholly accountable for the ensuing catastrophic consequences.

To: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Pyongyang, 18th July, Juche 104(2015)
Dear Sir/Madame,
We are Chon Myong Hui, Hong Chang Ae and Han Hyok living in Chongjin City of North Hamgyong Province and Anju City of South Phyongan Province, DPRK respectively. We have lost our loving sons and husband out of the blue.
Our sons and husband went to sea full of joy determining to greet the upcoming election of deputies to local People's Power Organs with success in fishery, thereby repaying the gratefulness of motherland. But they were forcibly detained by the south Korean authorities after being adrift in the East Sea of Korea on 4th July 2015 and have not returned home until today.
The south Korean authorities have only returned two out of five fishermen on board and refuse to send back our sons and husband to their homes where beloved families are waiting, claiming that they have expressed their will to "defect" to south Korea.
This is utterly absurd fabrication and constitutes an act of undisguised abduction.
The Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross Society repeatedly urged for the immediate repatriation of our sons and husband who were drifted, but the south Korean authorities have ignored it claiming "respect of their will".
Furthermore they rejected our earnest request to have face-to-face interview with the fishermen to confirm their will talking nonsense of "international practice".
Our sons promised that they would return home as soon as possible with shipload of fish and asked us to take care of our health, and my husband also left home with the promise of soonest return while patting the reddish cheeks of his cute children who were in sweat sleep. How can these people abandon their parents, beloved wife and children?
We strongly believe in our sons and my husband, our flesh and blood. They are proud DPRK citizens who would throw themselves into the sea rather than betray their motherland and "defect." They have never hesitated to donate blood and flesh for their parents and wife and children; how can such people turn to be scum abandoning their beloved ones.
We are in a deep sorrow at the thought of our sons and husband unjustly separated from us, and shudder with uncontrollable anger and hatred for the south Korean authorities, who are devils disguised themselves as human being, It is basic humanitarian principle and international practice to rescue victims of sudden accident and send them back home.
That is why our Republic has recently persuaded and sent back south Koreans who had illegally entered our territory to their homes where their beloved ones are waiting, though they wanted to remain in our country.
The south Korean authorities are none other than modern villain under the guise of "humanitarianism" as they detained our fishermen in solitary cells and forced them "defection" and separation of families instead of sending them back home where their parents and wife and children are waiting.
For our nation, who suffers from national division for over half a century, nothing can suppress or compensate the pain and sorrow of separated families: the south Korean authorities who have created yet another separated family of 21st century amount to human butchers that can never coexist under the same sky.
We will fight resolutely and indict to the whole world the criminal acts against humanity of such devils until our beloved sons return into the embrace of parents and enjoy happiness, and until our pretty children enjoy cute tricks with their father.
The outrageous acts of south Korean authorities who attempt to separate parents and sons and deprive twin children of their father deserve unanimous denunciation and punishment from the entire humankind and international community who love justice and truth.
Convinced that your good office, as a recognized international organization with its mission to observe the performance of international law on human rights, will help us to have our sons and husband detained in south Korea back to their homes, we send this letter attached with the Indictment of Family members and the Statement of Spokesman for the Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross Society.
Letter to ICRC
On 18th July, Juche 104(2015)
The Letter to the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Name of Families of three DPRK victims
Dear Sir,
We are Chon Myong Hui, Hong Chang Ae and Han Hyok, the families of Ri Song Chol(male, 35), Choe Yong Ung(male, 42) and Han Chung Il (male, 23), the citizens of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, who were drifted away and recently seized by the south Koran authorities forcibly.
On June 22nd, our husband and sons sailed out into the sea for fishing and unexpectedly drifted away in the East Sea Korea.
But instead of sending them back to their families soon after their relief, the south Korean authorities are insisting on their "defect" and not letting them return to their home where their families are waiting every minute and second.
Moreover, they have rejected under the excuse of "international custom" our earnest request to ensure that we could meet our husband and sons face to face to confirm their "defect".
Among the five men who went out to the sea with the smile and promise to come back with the flag of full load of fish, only two came back to their home country and three of our husband and sons were left behind. This fact is tearing our hearts to millions of pieces.
This is the most ridiculous thing of all. Where on earth can we find such foul savages who are taking the drifted fishermen away from their loving families rather than sending them back to their home villages?! The south Korean authorities are attempting to separate fathers from their lovely children who are waiting for them day by day.
They are plotting to cut the children from their fathers who have looked after them with all of their hearts. The south Koreans authorities are urging us to believe that our husband and sons had defected, but we can say for sure that they would never say to let them remain in the cursed south Korea, abandoning their parents, and wives and children who are their heart and soul.
If it is true that they really defected from us, why the south Korean authorities did not arrange the open meeting with their family members when they came to Panmunjom.
According to the testimonies of the two returned fishermen, the south Korean authorities detained them all blindfolded in separate rooms and persistently attempted to induce and press them to the defect under ill treatment.
This verifies that the insistence of the south Korean authorities upon the defect is nothing but the red-faced lie and complete fraud. Even at this moment when we are thinking of our husband and two sons who must be crying bitterly, feeling lonely and being treated roughly in the gangland of south Korea, our hearts are burst with grief and anger.
Our husband and sons were out to the sea for fishing and unfortunately flew down to south Korea, but the south Korean authorities detained these civilians by force and treated them as criminals. This despicable and outrageous bestial behavior of the south Korean authorities cannot be accepted.
Furthermore, the south Korean authorities detained the country fellow by force to use them for their dirty political purpose and hurt the painful hearts of their families. We cannot forgive this brutal act of the south Korean authorities.
If I close my eyes, I can still remember my husband, who promised with his twin children in his arms to buy them the nice toys when he's back from the sea, marking his return date on the calendar and kissing them in the cheeks.
And what the still vivid in our eyes are the faces of our sons who told us to wait with no worries and left with smiles and promises to be back safely.
Why should we, the innocent people, be forced the out-of-the-blue-sky separation with our dear husband and sons even in peace time, not in a war time? The more we think of it, the more we feel shocked and shuddery. We are appealing in earnest to the International Committee of the Red Cross and the international communities with the mandate of humanity.
Please make public to the whole world the non-humanitarian atrocities of the south Korean authorities who have separated our families by force, rather than alleviating the suffering of our country fellowmen who are shedding tears over the national division of more than half a century. It is said that the most unbearable pain of all is the pain of being parted from the beloved families.
We are looking forward to your active support to let our beloved sons and precious husband be back to us as early as possible. Please find attached the letter of accusation under the joint signature of our families and the statement of the spokesman for the Red Cross Society of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Sincerely Yours,
From All Members of Families of three DPRK Citizens who were detained by south Korean authorities by force.

This "sacred" topic for North and South Koreans is in the epicenter of international attention again. There was a time when the northerners were more initiative on this issue, and the southerners were apprehensive about" communization" from the North. Now, in a radical shift of the economic power factor in favor of South Korea, according to many experts, North Korea is concerned more about self-preservation than about global projects of reunification.  
However, in recent years this problem has sounded very loudly again. This time Seoul is playing a leading part. Interested readers remember that one of the stated priorities of South Korea's current government has been the task of creating trust between North and South. However, three years later, analysts decided that this target has been replaced in practice by the policy of forcing the union through the acceleration of "collapse and regime change" in North Korea. Today, most of the discussion in South Korea centers has the topic what and how Seoul should do after the reunification: how to repair the destroyed economy, which principles (South Korean or international) should guide the legal aspect of the "attached" territories and how to carry out justice against the "criminal" leadership of the current North Korea. Many researchers think this statement to be, at least, a premature attempt to "cook a hare before catching him". However, this is the reality of the current discourse of the South Korean political elite.

Back in March, 2014 the President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, being in Dresden, said in a keynote speech, where on the background of seemingly attractive proposals for Pyongyang the 
idea of reunification was gradually carried out and was based on "the German version", so the reunification of Korea by absorption of the North by the South (and in the Korean language version of the speech the term "absorption" was clearly stated). Dresden itself, which is located in the absorbed the German Democratic Republic, was chosen to host a keynote speech by Park Geun-hye for a reason.
Another confirmation of this phenomenon is the global "Eurasian initiative", announced by the President of South Korea, Ms. Park Geun-hye in November 2013. Obviously, this initiative is a new mega project, which is designed for a much wider area than just East Asia.
However, the analysis of the "Eurasian initiative" through the prism of this article's topic makes it clear that the second main goal of this concept is the target - "Let's achieve peace and prosperity of Eurasia by the opening up and nuclear disarmament of North Korea."
According to the Speaker of the South Korean government, "the main purpose of the mega project is the creation of "a giant wave" of peace and prosperity in Eurasian societies, which will arise in Europe, Southwest Asia and the Middle East as a reason for the restructuring, opening up and renunciation of nuclear weapons by North Korea as well as the improvement of human rights in the North. We can use the Eurasian countries as a lever to persuade North Korea. However, if Pyongyang refuses, we will increase the pressure on North Korea - this is where the line of Eurasian prosperity breaks out - to connect the Eurasian line with North Korea by force. Can Pyongyang stop the "locomotive" of Eurasian society which is the fundamental revolution of world history?
It is not surprising that in Pyongyang, this proposal was met negatively. In September 2014, at the UN General Assembly in New York, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Korea, Lee Soo-young, gave a detailed response to the "peace" initiative of the South, recalling the concept of reunification of Korea formulated by Kim Il Sung - a union based on the creation of "the Federal Republic of Korea."
Today, this debate between the officials of the two Koreas continues to gain momentum.
High-ranking South Korean officials constantly voice confidence in the inevitable reunification of Korea in the near future, under the terms of South Korea. The South Korean Reunification Minister, Ryu Gil-jae, speaking in Washington, D.C. at the end of 2014, stated: "... for the reunification of Korea, we need 'three wheels': one of them - improvement of inter-Korean relations; the second - formation of a consensus on reunification within South Korean society (because, as the minister admits, now, for many South Koreans, especially young people, the reunification is not the highest priority). "
But the most important 'wheel' is working closely with the international community, since its participation, and especially that of the United States in the preparation of reunification is necessary and even essential. It is thanks to their support that the reunification of Germany became possible. "I am convinced that if the United States will firmly support and assist in the reunification of Korea, our dreams of the reunification of Korea will become a reality."
North Korean scientists also gave their response. In the February, 2015 report by the Institute for Disarmament and Peace of the Foreign Ministry of North Korea, the necessity of an objective evaluation of the realities that exist on the Korean peninsula is emphasized. And today they are such that "for 70 years, the two Koreas have been developing along different trajectories determined by opposing ideologies and political systems. At the same time, neither of the Korean sides is willing to give up their own ideology and political system. Therefore, the desire of one party to impose its system on the other is sure to lead to war and the involvement of neighboring states in it. Given the characteristics of the military capabilities of both the Koreas and their neighbors, the result of attempts to implement such a scenario would be a "catastrophic Armageddon", with which the tragic consequences of the Korean War of the 1950s, the current military conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine would pale by comparison".
On the basis of the conducted analysis the North Korean author concludes that the coexistence of the two systems is the only realistic way for the reunification of Korea. The differences between the systems are not an "Achilles heel", but rather the reason for the necessity of their coexistence. If the two Korean sides were to reunite in one state and begin to respect the unique features of their respective political systems, then the inter-Korean cooperation could develop smoothly and achieving the ultimate goal of reunification would cease to be an issue.
At the same time, Pyongyang is convinced, that in the course of the integration process the two Korean sides "should not blindly copy the experience of other countries, but form the structure corresponding to the realities and specifics of Korea. then there will be no need to use other people's brains, seek permission from external forces or their approval of our decision on how to merge."
Here, we believe it is appropriate to pause and give the reader an opportunity to assess the current approaches of both Koreas to the actual problem.
Alexander Vorontsov, PhD in History, Head of the Korea and Mongolia Department at the Institute of Oriental Studies RAN, exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook". First appeared: and-pyongyang-today/

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Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) --A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK Tuesday gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA as regards the fact that the U.S. is deliberately linking the conclusion of the agreement on the nuclear issue of Iran with the DPRK:
The U.S. is talking this and that over the nuclear issue of the DPRK in the wake of the conclusion of the agreement on the nuclear issue of Iran.
A spokesperson of the U.S. Department of State said on July 14 that "Washington is ready for dialogue with Pyongyang if discussion is made on the nuclear issue of north Korea and it helps put it on a concrete and full-fledge stage of nuclear disarmament."
A U.S. under secretary of State uttered on July 16 that it was his hope thatthe conclusion of the agreement with Iran would help the DPRK rethink of its nuclear issue.
Iran's nuclear agreement is the achievement made by its protracted efforts to have its independent right to nuclear activities recognized and sanctions lifted.
But the situation of the DPRK is quite different from it.
The DPRK is the nuclear weapons state both in name and reality and it has interests as a nuclear weapons state.
The DPRK is not interested at all in the dialogue to discuss the issue of making it freeze or dismantle its nukes unilaterally first.
The nuclear deterrence of the DPRK is not a plaything to be put on the negotiating table as it is the essential means to protect its sovereignty and vital rights from the U.S. nuclear threat and hostile policy which have lasted for more than half a century.
It is illogical to compare Iran's nuclear agreement with the situation of the DPRK which is exposed to constant provocative military hostile acts and the biggest nuclear threat of the U.S. including its ceaseless large-scale joint military exercises.
The DPRK remains unchanged in the mission of its nuclear force as long as the U.S. continues pursuing its hostile policy toward the former.