Wednesday, September 11, 2019

DPRK First Vice Foreign Minister Issues Statement

Pyongyang, September 9 (KCNA) -- Choe Son Hui, first  vice foreign minister of the DPRK, issued the following statement on Monday: I gave  heed to  the recent  repeated remarks  of high-ranking  U.S. officials leading the negotiations with the DPRK that they are ready for the  DPRK-U.S. working negotiation.
Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission, clarified his stand at the historic Policy Speech  in April that it is essential for  the U.S. to quit its current calculation  method and approach  us with new  one and we  will wait for a bold decision from the U.S. with patience till the end of this year.
I think  the U.S. has  since had enough  time to find  the calculation method that it can share with us. We have willingness to sit  with the U.S. side for comprehensive discussions of the issues we have so far taken up at  the time and place to be agreed late in September.
I believe  that  the U.S.  side will  come out  with a  proposal  geared to  the interests  of the  DPRK  and the  U.S.  and based  on  the calculation  method acceptable to us.
If the U.S. side fingers again the worn-out scenario which has nothing to do with the new calculation  method at the DPRK-U.S. working  negotiation to be held with so much effort, the DPRK-U.S. dealings may come to an end.

Japan Urged to Abandon Its Wild Ambition to Seize Tok Island: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, September  10 (KCNA) --  Japanese reactionaries  have gone to extremes in their wild ambition to seize Tok Island. Of  late the  Japanese defence  minister  claimed that  Tok  Island is  clearly pertaining  to  Japan  in  terms  of  history  and  international  law. His  sheer sophism provokes a side-splitting laughter.
Bellicose remarks  that  the "Self-Defense  Forces" should  be dispatched  to expel illegal  occupants and  there  is no  option but  a war  to take  back Tok Island are heard even from the Japanese Diet.
This is  an expression  of the  true nature  of brigandish Japan  obsessed by the  greed   for   territory  and   the  concentrated   revelation  of   shameless distortion of history and the wild ambition to seize Tok Island.
Japan  is   the  only  and   one  country   that  publishes  fabricated   history textbooks,  far from  giving  proper  education to  the  rising  generation, and employs every possible means  such as setting "Takeshima (Tok  Island) Day" to stoke aggression.
Japan's  distortion and  far-fetched assertion  based on  the  fascist doctrine "telling a  lie  a hundred  times makes  people  believe it  as truth"  are all  an absurd jargon and  an intolerable challenge  to the sovereignty of  the Korean nation.
Tok  Island is  part  of the  inalienable  territory of  the  Korean nation  from geographical, historical and legal points of view. This is an immovable truth of history.
Tok Island is the territory of Korea where the Korean people have reclaimed and lived before B.C.  and has nothing to do with Japan  that came into being after  A.D., evidenced  by  "History  of Koryo  Kingdom",  "Geographical  Book Attached to the True Records of  King Sejong" and Samguksagi (Chronicles of the  Three  Kingdoms)  and  other  old   documents  and  data  and  a  secret document opened  to the public in  2015 proving that  in the early  1900's the village head of  Oki Island of  Japan, when asked about  his viewpoint on Tok Island  at the  Cabinet,  said  that Ullung  Island  and  Tok Island  are  all  the islands in the East Sea of Korea.
The Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Declaration and memorandums Nos. 677 and  1033 signed  and issued by  the General  Headquarters of the  Allied Powers  during and  after  the  Second  World War  clearly  confirm  the  legal status of Tok Island as the territory of Korea.
Japan's persistent "dominium over Tok Island" cannot be construed as mere ignorance of history and laws or revelation of the temper of born impostor. It  is  the  ulterior  intention  of   the  ill-natured  Japanese  reactionaries  to provide conditions favorable to the  realization of their militaristic ambition for overseas aggression by distorting and fabricating history to their tastes.
Japan  makes no  scruple  of  distorting history  in  a bid  to  realize  its wild ambition for reinvasion.
Japan  has already  turned  into a  "country  capable  of going  to  war" and dangerous  forces of  aggression.  It is  whitewashing  and  justifying its  past crimes in  an  effort to  realize the  pipedream of  the  "Greater East  Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere".
It is making desperate efforts to hoist the  blood-stained war criminal flag at the venue of Olympic Games symbolic of peace.
Justice is sure to win. This is iron truth shown by history. All the  Koreans and  the international  community keep  close watch  at the moves of  Japan watching for  a chance for  reinvasion of  the territory where the Korean people have lived down through generations.
Japan should  be mindful that  it is precipitating  destruction and give  up its wild ambition to seize the inalienable territory of Korea.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Participants in 14th National Conference of Teachers

Pyongyang,  September   7  (KCNA)  -- Kim   Jong  Un,   chairman  of  the Workers'  Party of  Korea, chairman  of  the State  Affairs  Commission of  the Democratic  People's  Republic  of  Korea  and  supreme  commander  of   the armed forces  of the DPRK,  had a photo  session with the  participants in the 14th National Conference of Teachers on Friday.
When  the Supreme  Leader  of the  Party,  state  and armed  forces  of the DPRK  arrived at  the  venue  of  the photo  session,  he  was presented  with bouquets by teachers.
Waving  back to  the enthusiastically  cheering  participants, he  extended a warm salute to them. Noting   that   teachers  are   communists,   genuine   patriots   and   career revolutionaries  who are  building  the rosy  future  of the  country,  he  called upon  the participants  to bring  about a  turn  in the  field of  education,  well aware  of  the intention  of  the  Party  to  make  the conference  held  on  an unprecedented scale an  important occasion for  the sake of a  great essential improvement in education.
Expressing expectation  and belief that the  teachers and education  officials would devote their pure conscience, wisdom  and zeal to the education of the rising generation  with a  high degree  of awareness that  they are  directly in charge of  the implementation of  the WPK's  revolutionary policy for  bringing about  a radical  turn in  Juche-oriented  development of  education and  thus fully  discharge their  responsibility  and duty  as teacher  revolutionaries,  the Supreme Leader had a photo session with the participants.
He  summoned  members  of   a  delegation  of  education  officials  of   the General Association  of  Korean Residents  in Japan  to have  a photo  session with them.
Accompanying the  Supreme Leader were  Kim Jae  Ryong, Pak Thae  Song, Jon Kwang Ho and Kim Sung Du.

Monday, September 02, 2019

Press Statement by First Vice-Foreign Minister of DPRK

Pyongyang, August 31  (KCNA) -- Choe  Son Hui, first vice-foreign  minister of the DPRK, released the following statement on Saturday: A series  of awful remarks  provoking us  is recently heard  from the  upper echelons of the U.S. administration.
U.S.   State Secretary   Pompeo   again   irritated us   by   spouting   such unreasonable words on Aug.  27 that the U.S.  "Recognized North Korea’s rogue behavior could not be ignored." What he uttered to seriously insult us by even using such phrase as "rogue behavior" is just improper language, for which the U.S.  Administration will surely regret.
Pompeo has gone so far in his language and it made the opening of the expected DPRK-U.S. working-level negotiations more difficult.  It, moreover, added to the Korean people's bad blood toward Americans.
Our expectations of dialogue with the U.S. are gradually disappearing and we are being pushed to reexamine all the measures we have taken so far. We are very curious about the background of the American top diplomat's thoughtless remarks and we will watch what calculations he has.
The U.S. had better not put any longer our patience to the test with such remarks irritating us if it doesn't want to have bitter regrets afterwards.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Inspects Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort under Construction

Pyongyang, August 31 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and  supreme commander of the armed forces  of the  DPRK,  gave  field  guidance to  the  construction  site  of  the  Yangdok County Hot Spring Resort.
Making rounds of  various places of the  construction site of the hot  spring resort  for  a  long time,  Supreme  Leader  of  the  Party,  state  and  armed forces Kim Jong Un said  with satisfaction that the characteristics of nature and topography  were well  preserved and  a  peculiar resort  was formed  in good harmony  with the  surrounding environment  as planned  by the Party and  the   section  and  arrangement  are   practical  and  every   building  is impeccable in view of architectural beauty.
Saying that the sphere of a  new cultural and emotional life in which skiing ground  is  combined  with  hot-spring  recreation  ground  was  created,  he noted  with  pleasure  that the  Yangdok  County  Hot  Spring  Resort  is  the edifice  in  which the  people-first  principle-based  architectural  idea of  the Party is fully  embodied and everything serves the  people and their demand is  met,  and  if  the  resort  is  once  completed,  it  will  become  a  cultural recreation ground for the people that a lot of people love to visit.
Pointing  out that  we  should  inscribe the  proud  picture  of  Korean-style socialist system even  in such small-sized edifices  and help the people more deeply  cherish  a  great  pride  and  patriotism  through  the  daily-changing appearance  of  the  prosperous and  highly  civilized  country,  he  earnestly called  for   giving  the   people  the   Yangdok  County   Hot  Spring   Resort completed  on  the  highest  level   as  a  gift  by  doing  the  finishing  work qualitatively and tactfully.
Saying that it is necessary  to start the operation in December this  year by making full  preparations for the  operation of the  hot-spring recreation  and medical treatment facilities and taking a thorough step for supply of sporting goods to the skiing  ground, he repeatedly stressed the need  to qualitatively complete the project  and for the relevant  domain to make full preparations for the service  so that the people  who visit the resort  may not feel a  slight inconvenience.
Enjoying a bird's-eye  view of the construction site,  he said that he  visited the resort  under  construction after  a gap  of four  months, but  he did  not know  where  he stood  as  it  underwent  a  dramatic change,  that  solider-builders  finished a  project  as large  as  the building  of  a  city at  lightning speed.  Noting  that  it  is  quite  right  to  entrust  the  unit  which  has   the strongest fighting  capacity in  the People's Army  with construction,  he said that the  unit  carries out  the construction  like  the specialized  construction unit and it is, indeed, a mighty unit.
Noting  that the  plan of  the  Party has  been carried  out by  the  People's Army which accepts the Party's plan  and intention as the absolute truth and always  carries  them  out unconditionally  and  devotedly,  he  said  that  he regards  it  as his  greatest  joy  and  pride  to pave  the  road  of  revolution together with such army.
Saying that  all the builders including  the provincial people,  shock brigade members  and  railway  workers,  and   officials  and  workers  in  charge  of supplying  construction  materials have  taken  particular  trouble,  he  asked commanding officers of  the unit to  convey his satisfaction and  greetings to all the builders and encouraged them.
He was accompanied by Choe Ryong Hae, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK, first vice-chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK.
Also accompanying him were Kim Yo  Jong, Jo Yong Won, Hyon Song Wol, Ma Won Chun and  other senior officials of the Party  Central Committee and the State Affairs Commission.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Successful Test-fire of Newly Developed Super-large Multiple Rocket Launcher Held under Guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Pyongyang, August 25 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman  of the State Affairs Commission of  the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and  supreme commander of the armed forces of the  DPRK,  guided  the  test-fire  of  newly  developed  super-large  multiple rocket launcher on Saturday.
The Supreme Leader of the Party, state and armed forces learnt about the development of the super-large multiple rocket launcher system and issued an order to start the test-fire.
The test-fire proved that all the tactical and technological specifications of the system correctly reached the preset indexes.
He gave high  appreciation, saying that it  is, indeed, a great  weapon, our young national  defence scientists  are so clever  as to  conceive out of  their own  heads  and design  and  complete  the  weapon  system at  one  go-off although they have never seen it, and they have performed a great work.
What made him happy  today is that a contingent of young and  promising talents who will shoulder  upon the rapid development of the Juche-oriented defence industry grow in the course of the development of the new weapon, he noted,  saying with  pride that they  are precious  treasure and  wealth of the country  which cannot be  bartered for anything  and the  Juche-oriented defence industry will steadily be  developed by the talented national defence scientists and technicians faithful to the Party.
Each Juche weapon developed and completed by us reflects the greatness of  the  Workers'  Party  of  Korea  which  provided  powerful  war  deterrent capable of firmly defending Korean-style  socialism with the responsibility for the destiny and  future of the  country and the people  and the noble  loyalty of our national defence  scientists who have unsparingly devoted their  blood and sweats of patriotism true to the leadership of the Party, he said.
Saying August  24 is,  indeed, an unforgettable  good day,  and that  three years ago today  we succeeded even in the  underwater test-fire of strategic submarine ballistic missile  which only a few countries  have in the world, he together with his  dear comrades-in-arms recollected the  unforgettable days of  developing  and  completing  strategic  weapons while  braving  manifold trials.
An important  mission  our defense  industry takes  up  is to  contribute to increasing national defence  capabilities in every way so as  to safeguard the Party,  revolution, country  and  people,  guarantee  the final  victory  of  the revolution and lead  and promote the building of  a powerful socialist nation, he said, underscoring the need to  push ahead with an indomitable offensive campaign to  put our  strength onto  the level  desired by  us to  continue to step up the  development of Korean-style strategic  and tactical weapons for resolutely  frustrating   the  ever-mounting   military   threats  and   pressure offensive of the hostile forces.
He was  accompanied by  senior  officials of  the Party  Central Committee and the field  of national defence science including  Ri Pyong Chol, Kim  Jong Sik, Jang Chang Ha, Jon Il Ho and Jong Sung Il to guide the test-fire.

Friday, August 23, 2019

DPRK Foreign Ministry Denounces S. Korean Authorities

Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) --
A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea issued the following press statement on Thursday:
Dangerous and unusual military moves are now on the horizon, which would trigger a new cold war on the Korean peninsula and in the region.
One such move is the introduction yet again by the south Korean authorities of "F-35A" stealth fighters from the United States shortly after
the end of joint military exercises, despite our repeated warnings.
This act of continuously introducing the cutting-edge lethal equipment is a grave provocation that has openly denied the joint declarations and the
military agreement between the north and the south of Korea, and as such, it only serves to graphically reveal again the hypocrisy and double-dealing conduct of the south Korean authorities who are noisily talking about making "efforts to do things more useful yet less harmful to dialogue."
Escalating hostile military moves by the United States and the south Korean authorities are reducing the dynamics of dialogue for building a
lasting and durable peace on the Korean peninsula, and this compels us to
weigh a realistic way of turning our attention more to strengthening the
physical deterrence.
Furthermore, the reality - that the United States has recently test-fired the
intermediate-range cruise missile and plans to deploy a large quantity of
offensive military equipment such as "F-35" stealth fighters and "F-16V"
fighters in Japan and other surrounding areas of the Korean peninsula, thus adding to the regional arms race and confrontation - calls for our greatest vigilance.
We have underlined time and again that the joint military exercises and the build-up of armed forces in south Korea are dangerous acts detrimental to peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.
We remain unchanged in our position to resolve all issues in a peaceful
manner through dialogue and negotiation. However, dialogue accompanied by military threats is of no interest to us. 

Situation on Korean Peninsula Can Never Be Tool for Meeting Japan's Interests:

KCNA Commentary Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) --
Very noticeable under the present situation is the military move of Japan. The Japan Defense Minister recently described the DPRK's legitimate military measures for self-defence as sort of "threats" and called for further beefing up Japan's missile defence system.
He also voiced his invariable stand for the deployment of Aegis Ashore despite strong rebuff at home and abroad.
This act expressly aggravating the regional situation vividly shows the crafty aim of the Japanese reactionaries to use the present stalemate on the Korean peninsula as a good opportunity for arms buildup.
It is a trite method used by the island country to deliberately strain the situation and use it as a pretext for openly pushing forward the moves for becoming a military power under the signboard of "defence".
Persistently spreading the story of the "threats from north Korea" in the past, Japan abused it for realizing its militarist ambition and found pleasure in faulting others.
It was none other than the Japanese reactionaries who were most displeased with the recent trend toward peace created on the Korean peninsula and the region and hindered every positive move.
They are now going sly to destroy the atmosphere of dialogue, incite the feelings of "insecurity" while branding the measures taken by the DPRK for bolstering up its military capability for self-defence as "violation of the UN Security Council resolutions" and a "serious task".
But with no sleight of hand can Japan cover up its true nature as a disturber of regional peace and a chieftain of the strained tension.
The Japan Defence Ministry announced on August 16 that it officially decided to introduce F-35B equipped with the capabilities for short-distance lift and vertical landing.
This aims at their practical use not only in the Air "Self-defence Force" (SDF) but on Izmo, the largest warship of the Maritime SDF. Therefore, the SDF's possession of a carrier, which does not comply with the principle of exclusive defence, has become an established fact. Earlier, the Ministry announced that the largest-ever 5.3 trillion yen will be included in the rough budget estimate for next year.
Commenting on Japan's reckless military buildup, the south Korean MBC said that "Japan plans to squander 245 billion USD as defence expenditure for the upcoming five years. This means 50 billion USD a year, much greater than that of Britain and France.
The scale of Japan's naval forces is reported to be larger than the combination of those of France and Britain. It is so huge unbecoming for a state that has a constitution banning a war." Japan should clearly bear in mind the grave consequences to be entailed by its moves of trying to strain the regional situation and use it as a pretext for realizing their wild ambition.
The situation on the Korean peninsula can never be a tool serving Japan's interests.

Exclusion of Korean Children from Free Education System Is Serious Political Issue:

KCNA Commentary Pyongyang, August 21 (KCNA) --
Japan's mean nature has been revealed in the world's eyes once again. It is going to exclude the facilities for upbringing children of foreign schools including the schools of Koreans in Japan from the system of free infant education and upbringing that was introduced in May.
This intolerable act of national discrimination is an unprecedented fascist one aimed to stamp out the national identity of the Koreans in Japan.
It is a widely known fact that the Japanese reactionaries have long maneuvered in a mean way by stopping the disbursement of educational aid funds and excluding Korean high schools from the system of free education for high school students with a purpose to stamp out national education, lifeline of the movement of Koreans in Japan. But it is the first time they have stretched the dark tentacles even to innocent kindergarten children.
 Due to such vicious moves of the Japanese politicians, parents of children attending Korean schools are only left to face extremely unfair and heavy financial burdens of paying more consumption tax only to be excluded from the "free infant education and upbringing" that relies on the tax.
This is a revelation of the sordid intention to pressure the economic life of Koreans in Japan on purpose, undermine the national education of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and, furthermore, take Koreans in Japan away from the homeland and Chongryon.
The national education of Koreans in Japan is an inviolable national right as it is quite just in view of the historical background of the Koreans in Japan and the universally acknowledged principle on the education of overseas citizens.
The international convention on abolishing all forms of racial discrimination adopted in UN in 1965 also termed any forms of discrimination, rejection and restriction on the excuses of family line and nationality racial discrimination, and branded organizations encouraging such acts and those affiliated to it as international criminals.
The Japanese reactionaries are a group of morally depraved and lawless ruffians who do not bother to trample elementary humanitarianism and humanity in order to meet their dirty political purpose.
The issue of excluding Korean children from the system of free education and upbringing is an issue related to the stand and attitude toward overseas citizens of sovereign states and, furthermore, a serious political issue related to the attitude of the Japanese authorities to the DPRK, before a simple financial issue of giving monetary support to the parents of Korean children.
The criminal state Japan calls for dialogue in front but behind the scene, it grinds its teeth to do harm to the DPRK and Chongryon. This is Japan's true nature.
The Korean people and the international community now hardly repress the towering grudge at the Japanese authorities following in the footsteps of the brigandish Japanese imperialists who committed the unethical crimes of ruthlessly encroaching upon the right to existence and the right to development of Koreans in Japan, to say nothing of their inviolable right to national education during the colonial fascist rule over Korea in the last century.
The Japanese reactionaries must ponder over the catastrophic consequences from their dirty anti-DPRK and anti-Chongryon moves, and stop the reckless farce.

KCNA Commentary Urges S. Korea to Drop Stand Submissive toward U.S.

Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) --
The south Korean authorities are in trouble now under the pressure from the U.S. for increased "funds for defense" ahead of the 11th negotiations on the "special agreement on sharing the expenses for defense funds".
Keeping pressurizing south Korea to fulfill its obligation to contribute to military defense offered by the U.S. forces, the U.S. speaks loudly about its ally's promise to pay more money and the start of the negotiations for increased payment to the U.S.
The U.S. State Department recently emphasized that the increased "funds for defense" has been one of issues that the U.S. has pushed forward in a bid to make it an established fact even before the start of the negotiations. What matters is that the south Korean authorities are showing a leaning toward accepting the U.S. gangster-like demand, while talking about "correct standard" and "improvement of supply method" regarding the "defense funds".
This is a truly senseless act. As known, the presence of the U.S. forces in south Korea is pursuant to the U.S. strategic purpose to perpetuate the country's division and put the world under its control. The south Koreans have long strongly demanded the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from south Korea as the forces commit only crimes like murder and robbery.
But a long line of the past south Korean rulers went mean, offering nearly one trillion won of funds as the upkeep for the U.S. forces every year, far from taking out the root cause that destroys the regional security and imposes only disaster on the people.
It was under this patronage that the U.S. has grown greedier enough to choose south Korea as the first target of its plan for drastic increase in the defense funds out of the countries and regions in which its forces are stationed.
And such insulting words are openly heard from the U.S. that it is much easier to get defense funds from south Korea than to collect an apartment rent.
The U.S. gangster-like act of considering south Korea as a target of plunder and a faithful servant for meeting its greedy interests is an inevitable result produced by the south Korean authorities' servile policy submitting to the U.S. Concession to aggression-minded outsiders instead of standing up against them will bring tremendous misfortune, pain and disaster to the people.
The south Korean authorities must drop the shameful submissive stand toward the U.S.

Japanese Authorities' Crackdown on Korean Children in Japan under Fire

Pyongyang, August 19 (KCNA) --
The Committee for Aiding Overseas Compatriots of the DPRK issued a statement on Monday to denounce Japan which is dead set again on the policy of oppressing and obliterating the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and Koreans in Japan though it had called for "dialogue with the DPRK without precondition".
As already reported, the Japanese authorities will put into practice the measure of free expenses for all 3-5 year-old children at infant education and childcare facilities, including kindergartens and nurseries, from October 1, according to the "law on support to upbringing children" with "free infant education and child upbringing" as its content adopted at the Diet on May 10.
The statement said that what matters is that the Japanese authorities openly express their intention to exclude the infant classes of Korean schools from the support system and work hard to do it. It went on: Lurking behind the Japanese reactionaries' moves to exclude the infant classes of Korean schools from the support system for infant education and child upbringing is their cunning and wicked politically-motivated attempt to frustrate the national education for Koreans in Japan and cast a dark shadow on the future development of the Korean community in Japan. As clear as noonday is the ulterior motive of the Japanese reactionaries who are hell-bent on their moves to enforce the unprecedented discriminatory policy against infants and preschool children of Koreans in Japan.
Their purpose is to tear the rising generations of Koreans in Japan away from the DPRK and Chongryon and assimilate and naturalize them in order to stamp out the Korean community in Japan. In view of historical and moral obligation and duty, the Japanese authorities should include the infant classes of Korean schools in the support system ahead of others.
But they openly discriminate against the infants in the prime of learning mother tongue and exclude them from the system, indifferent to reflection on their past crimes and moral obligation for them, under the pretext that they are Koreans residing in Japan. This is the most mean and shameless crime which can be committed only by political dwarfs of the island nation.
The DPRK will never remain a passive onlooker to the Japanese reactionaries' ever-cunning and ever-vicious poor and slush moves to crack down and obliterate Chongryon and Koreans in Japan

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Guides Test-fire of New Weapon Again

Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman  of the State Affairs Commission of  the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and  supreme commander of the armed forces  of the DPRK, guided the test-fire of new weapon again on Friday morning.
Juche shells were fired in the presence of the Supreme Leader. The national defense scientists showed a perfect result in the test-fire, too, and helped cement bigger confidence in this weapon system.
He  said that  our  reliable scientists  in  the field  of  the national  defense science developed  in the  shortest span  of time  the major  military striking means the Party  planned recently and showed  the mysterious and amazing success rates, adding  with great satisfaction that one  can imagine the level of development of the national defense science and technology and it vividly proved  that  the  material  and  technological  foundations  for the  national defense industry are being perfected at a high level.
Our party has  strictly maintained the principles  of self-reliance and Juche in national defence  building, and recently set forth  a strategic policy on the direction of the development of the Juche-oriented national defence building based on  our own  science, technology and  strength to  meet the needs  of the developing situation, he  said, stressing the need to keep  channeling all-state efforts into,  taking deep care  of and rendering unreserved  support to the  sacred   national  defence  building   so  as  to   reliably  guarantee  the sovereignty and security of the country and the happy future of the people.
He  said it  is  our Party's  goal  of defence  building  to  possess invincible military capabilities  no one  dare provoke and  to keep  bolstering them.  He said  that step-by-step  objectives for  implementing  this goal  have  already been delivered as a  policy task, calling on the  fields of the national defence scientific  research  and the  munitions  industry  to  make  all-out efforts  to perfectly  uphold the  Party's line  on  national defence  building with  loyalty under the slogan "leap higher and faster".
He said  everyone  should remember  that it  is the  Party's core  plan and fixed  will  for  defence  building to  possess  such  a  powerful  force  strong enough to discourage any  forces from daring to provoke us  and to leave all others  vulnerable to  our  Juche weapons  of  absolute  power even  though there comes the situation where physical strengths clash with each other.
He appealed  to the fields  of national defence  scientific research  and the munitions  industry  to  cherish  unchanged  loyalty  for  the  Party  and  the revolution and make redoubled efforts for the sacred activities for increasing the national defence capabilities in every way.
Accompanying him   were   the leading   officials of   the Party   Central
Committee and the field of national defence science to guide  the test-fire.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Orders to Promote Military Ranks of National Defense Research Scientists

Pyongyang, August 13  (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un,  chairman of the Central Military  Commission  of the  Workers'  Party  of  Korea  (WPK),  on Aug.  12 issued Order No.  008 to promote the military  ranks of scientists in  the field of national defense  science research who have  made great contributions to bolstering up the military capabilities for self-defence.
He said in  the order that  in hearty response to  the decision made at  the historic Seventh Congress of the WPK and the spirit of the 8th Conference of Munitions  Industry, our  reliable  scientists in  the field  of  national defence science research, who are firmly equipped with the WPK's revolutionary idea, performed feats to be specially  recorded by developing and completing new powerful weapon systems one  after another which are of key importance  in defending  the  Party,   the  revolution,  the   country  and  the  people   and guaranteeing  the victorious  advance  of  the revolutionary  cause  of  Juche with matchless military strength.
He,  in  the   name  of  the  Party   and  government,  highly   praised  the scientists in  the field of  national defence science  research for  providing an epoch-making   turning   point   in   bolstering   up   the   country's   military capabilities for self-defense and successfully implementing the strategic  plan and intention of  the Party by  settling highly difficult technological  problems of  the  ultra-modern  national  defense   science  with  indomitable  spiritual strength and remarkable creative  power and by researching and developing new  weapon  systems  with  our  own  efforts,  wisdom  and  technology. He issued the order to award a higher military rank to 103 scientists.