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Kim Jong Un field guidance
Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, gave field guidance to the Combined Foodstuff-processing Factory under KPA Unit 534 which has been updated at the highest level.
Enjoying a panoramic view of the factory, he was very pleased to see it, saying that it looks very nice as outer walls of all its buildings are covered with tiles to meet the requirements of architectural style, its appearance has been radically face-lifted and his visit to it proved fruitful.
Looking at persimmon trees in the compound of the factory heavily laden with fruits, he said that it is a very high yield and it is fantastic to watch the updated factory. The factory which leader Kim Jong Il praised for its successful greening is distinguished, he added.
"KPA Unit 534, officials and employees of the factory and scientists and technicians of the relevant unit have successfully carried out the tasks for updating the factory given by me when visiting it in May last year and it is a proud patriotic creation made thanks to the might of the great army-people unity", he noted, and went on:
"How Kim Jong Il would have been pleased if he had seen the factory which has been updated at the highest level as he noted with so great joy that it became possible to provide more essential foodstuff to servicepersons after turning the factory which once froze and salted fishes only into a combined foodstuff-processing base. Watching the factory, I feel my heart ache at the thought of Kim Jong Il."
He went round the essential foodstuff shop, maize-processing shop, rice-polishing shop, vegetable-processing shop and instant rice shop to learn in detail about their updating.
Noting that the combined production control system for production and management which has been put on a high IT and intellectual basis is impeccable and it is nice to see the automated, unmanned and streamlined production processes, he said it is like singing and cheerful to work there.
"The modernization of all processes ranging from cereals and other things' feeding to forwarding of goods made it possible to remarkably increase the production of foodstuff and improve its quality while saving manpower and worksites have become germ- and dust-free to fully ensure hygienic safety of products", he stressed.
He saw varieties of foodstuff produced by the factory.
Saying that he had a taste of soup prepared by various methods with soybean paste produced by February 20 Factory of the KPA and he found it very delicious, he promised to taste the soybean paste produced by the combined foodstuff-processing factory in future as people say it is more delicious.
Recalling that production did not stop at the factory even a single day under the special care of Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un underscored the need for the factory to keep its production going at a high rate in line with its updating according to the standard set by the party and thus eternally add shine to the exploits Kim Jong Il performed by bringing about a radical turn in the production of essential foodstuff.
He promised with loving care to personally settle all problems arising in managing the factory including the supply of cereals and other things.
Saying that he was satisfied to visit the factory and he became high-spirited these days, he noted that this year became a year for consolidating the foundation of supply bases for the service personnel as the supply bases of the KPA including this factory have been updated, foreseeing the distant future.
The People's Army is taking the lead in developing the foodstuff-processing industry and it is the traditional mode of work for the WPK to create a typical unit and generalize it, he said, instructing all units including civilian foodstuff factories to intensify the drive for modernization following the work style of the People's Army.
Noting that it is important to have a Juche-oriented viewpoint and stand on the modernization, he called for pushing forward the modernization on the basis of high national self-esteem and ardent patriotism.
The Korean people's creative wisdom and enthusiasm are inexhaustible, he noted, calling for giving the fullest play to them and working hard with a high goal and ambition to surpass the world level.
He was accompanied by KPA Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong So, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, and Army Col. General So Hong Chan, first vice-minister of the People's Armed Forces.

Kim Jong Un Inspects Fishery Station of KPA
Pyongyang, November 19 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, gave field guidance to Fishery Station No. 18 under KPA Unit 567 which is making big fish hauls.
He shook hands with leading officials of the station one by one, saying he came to it, informed of its unprecedented big fish hauls, and he was pleased to have formed relations with the fishery station taking the lead in carrying out the party's fishery policy and appreciating the lot of efforts made by them.
"There hangs a strong smell of fishes in the compound of the station," he said, adding: "This is the precious fruition of feelings of loyalty of the officials and employees of the station to the party as they share the will and intention with the supreme commander to provide the servicepersons with fish everyday."
Watching the fishes piling up on the landing place, he said: "How pleased President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il would have been if they had seen this fantastic scenery. The big fish hauls make me think of their devoted services to the country and people."
It is our noble duty to thoroughly carry out the last instructions of the President and Kim Jong Il who worked heart and soul to turn the mountains and fields of the country into golden mountains and fields all their lives and, at the same time, make big fish hauls in the seas of the socialist homeland."
Noting that this year is a year when the history of big fish hauls began, he stressed that the People's Army is the pace-setters in creating this history.
He got aboard the boat Tanphung 2-04 which anchored at the wharf, flying the flag of big fish hauls.
Watching the hold full of fishes, he said with great pleasure that he felt relieved in a moment of the fatigue pent up in the year and it is just like words of a song which says whistles of big fish hauls are coming to the wharf while holds are full of fishes.
"Being informed that the fishery field of the People's Army is making big fish hauls, I am so pleased that I find it hard to get asleep these days. How pleased the parents of the service personnel at the posts defending the country are to hear this news as I am so glad to hear about the big fish hauls", he said.
Hearing with satisfaction officials say fishes caught by this fishery station are being regularly supplied to every post of the forefront units and service personnel like them very much, he noted he was most delighted to receive such report.
Going round the freezing and salting stores full of fishes, he praised the employees for striving hard to send all fishes to soldiers. He emphasized that they could send fresh fishes to them only through proper freezing and storing.
Learning that the women working in the fish processing shop are family members of the fishermen, he praised them for turning out as one in the drive for implementing the party's fishery policy. He added that the employees of the station and their families are all faithful implementers of the party's fishery policy and patriots.
Pointing out that the Fishery Station No. 18 of KPA Unit 567 is a typical unit in the drive for implementing the ideas of the party and upholding its policy, he underscored the need for the whole country including the civilian fisheries to earnestly follow its example.
The fisheries have an important role to play for improving the people's living standard and it is the reserve for solving the problem of food to make a more effective use of the seas, he said, underlining the need to bolster up the fisheries at any cost.
Saying that an important guarantee for making big fish hauls lies in putting the fisheries on a scientific and modern basis through the positive application of cutting-edge science and technology and advanced fishing methods, he emphasized the need for the fisheries to intensify the drive for breaking through the cutting-edge science and technology like other fields of the national economy.
He said that it is necessary to conduct a scientific and technological search for fishing grounds in conformity with the ever-changing fishing conditions and seasons, quickly occupy main fishing grounds and net more fishes through intensive fishing operations and thus honor without fail the fishing plan for this year set forth by the party.
He called for channeling big efforts into the supply service for fishermen in order to provide them with good living conditions including labor protection goods, food, essential foodstuff, non-staple food and fuel and thus let them fulfill their duty in a responsible manner free from any worries while conducting fishing operations in the pelagic sea.
He spared time to watch a performance given by members of the art group of the station at its cultural hall.
He praised members of the art group for staging a splendid performance high in its ideological and artistic values as it dealt with the feelings of the employees who are faithful followers, defenders and implementers of the party's fishery policy.
He gave thanks of the supreme commander of the KPA to the station for fully displaying the indomitable mental power to carry out the party's order at any cost irrespective of rain or shine. Then he had a photo session with the employees and their families.

He was accompanied by Hwang Pyong So, So Hong Chan, Yun Tong Hyon, Ri Pyong Chol, Pak Jong Chon, Kim Yang Gon, O Il Jong, Han Kwang Sang, Pak Myong Chol, Ri Jae Il and Kim Yo Jong.

Kim Jong Un Inspects Factory
Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army (KPA), inspected the February 20 Factory of the KPA which has turned into a model of foodstuff factories in the country.
In May last year when visiting the factory, he set forth the task for updating it as required by the new century and took benevolent measures for it.
Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un toured the production control room, sci-tech dissemination room, combined processing workshop and other places of the factory to learn in detail about its modernization.
He expressed great satisfaction over the fact that a work to put all production processes of the factory on an automated, unmanned, germ-free and dust-free basis was successfully carried out, true to the intention of the party.
What pleased him in particular is the perfect establishment of integrated control system over production and management activities such as production of goods, quality control and administration, he said, adding that the factory is the best in the country in terms of scale and intelligent and IT level.
The modernization of canned meat, bean paste and soy, butter and other production processes removed manual labor in all the processes from raw material feeding to packing, remarkably raising the productivity with less manpower. And it helped thoroughly ensure the hygienic safety of products and improve their color, flavor and quality, he noted.
The afforestation of the factory is admirable and its cultured ways in production and life has been established on a high level, he said, praising it as a model factory in the era of the WPK, a factory excellent both in interior and exterior.
Saying that the factory has turned into a model for accelerating the technical updating of the country's foodstuff industry, he urged other foodstuff factories to regard it as an icon and standard one in their technical improvement.
Stressing the importance to properly set the criterion of modernization, he said that the modernization expected by the party is not the one based on other countries' efforts and technology or import of their equipment but the one depending on domestic forces and technology.
Noting that the factory was remodeled to meet the requirements of the age of knowledge-based economy by effectively utilizing domestic sci-tech forces, he gave thanks in the name of the WPK Central Committee to the scientists and technicians of Kim Chaek University of Technology, Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering, Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry, Hamhung University of Chemical Engineering and other relevant units for their positive contribution to updating the factory.
Then, he went round the modernly-built cultural hall for workers at the factory and enjoyed a performance given by its art group.
Noting that he was pleased to see the modernized factory but he was more pleased to feel the ideological and moral qualities of its workers thoroughly armed with the Juche idea, he said that he got strong courage and energy while reading their mind to share their destiny with the party and hardened his belief that he could cheerfully overcome any difficulties as there is the creditable working class.
He had a photo session with the employees of the factory as he promised during his May visit to do when it would be updated on the level expected by the party.
Accompanying him were Choe Ryong Hae, Hwang Pyong So, So Hong Chan, Han Kwang Sang and Ri Jae Il.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Visits Central Tree Nursery
Pyongyang, November 11 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, gave field guidance to the Central Tree Nursery and set forth vital tasks for turning the whole country into a thick woodland and greenery.
He went round a mosaic depicting leader Kim Jong Il, newly built in the compound of the Central Tree Nursery, and then a room dedicated to the history of the nursery, recollecting the day when he visited it in company with Kim Jong Il in October 2011.
Kim Jong Un noted that Kim Jong Il, who had paid deep attention to the afforestation of the country all his life, left such modern sapling production base as the nursery as a legacy, thus laying a solid foundation for turning the whole country into a thick woodland and greenery.
Then he toured sapling greenhouse, sapling field and other parts of the nursery to learn in detail about how it has implemented the behests of Kim Jong Il.
He expressed great satisfaction over the achievements made by the officials and employees of the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection and the Central Tree Nursery to strictly implement Kim Jong Il's on-site instructions.
He instructed the nursery to turn out more saplings by expanding its sapling production base, perfect the tree planting and rearing method suited to the features of the country and grow saplings not only for timber forest but also for gardening.
It is also needed to push ahead with the work to introduce the advanced science and technology such as acclimating good species of saplings from other countries, he said.
After touring the nursery, supreme leader Kim Jong Un set forth the highly important tasks for turning the whole country into a thick woodland and greenery.
He said that the forest resources of the country shrank in bulk during the Arduous March, the forced march and the state of forest denudation is very serious.
Stressing that there is no space now to step back, leaving bare mountains as they are, he ardently called on the entire party and army and all the people to turn out in a general mobilization for recovering them, deeming this campaign a war with nature as the whole country rose from the debris during the post-war reconstruction.
He said: Since afforestation assumes a protracted nature, we should constantly push ahead with the work to plant and protect trees under a far-sighted plan, bearing deep in mind the aphorism of leader Kim Jong Il that we should live not merely for today but for tomorrow.
He stressed the need to conduct throughout society such mass movement as a movement for wining the titles of socialist patriotic woods and model-forest county.
The work for planting and protecting trees, our noble duty and a supreme patriotic work for the future of the country and its eternal prosperity, should be conducted in a mass campaign, he said, again calling for displaying the army-people coordinated operation’s might to turn the whole country into a thick woodland.
He was accompanied by Choe Ryong Hae, Choe Thae Bok, O Su Yong, Han Kwang Sang and Ri Jae Il.

NPCK Spokesman Denounces Hoguk Drills in S. Korea
Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the National Peace Committee of Korea (NPCK) Thursday made public a statement in denunciation of the largest-ever 2014 Hoguk drills kicked off by the south Korean puppet group on Monday.
The statement said that the Hoguk drills more bellicose than ever before are an intolerable mockery at all Koreans and the international community desirous of the improved inter-Korean relations and peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and an unpardonable grave provocation to the DPRK. It went on:
The DPRK has made every possible effort for national reconciliation and unity and improvement of the north-south relations despite the complicated situation.
Contrary to this, the south Korean puppet group fired bullets and shells at the DPRK's warship and service personnel on a routine patrol duty in the hotspot waters in the West Sea and the area along the Military Demarcation Line. It hurled human scum into ceaseless leaflet scattering operations hurting the dignity and social system of the DPRK, driving the north-south relations to an extreme phase of confrontation.
Meanwhile, the south Korean regime is going all the more frantic in its moves to unleash a war against the north as evidenced by the introduction of PAC 3 from the U.S. and the staging of a drill to counter the north's new type sub by use of a U.S. sub, talking about Kill Chain and the building of a missile shield.
The Hoguk kicked off by the south Korean warmongers under such situation is aimed at rounding off the preparations for a nuclear war against the north together with their American master and pushing the tensions to an extreme pitch to start a war at any cost.
It is also designed to justify the criminal indefinite extension of the transfer of the right to wartime operation control and south Korea's involvement in the U.S. building of its missile shield and boost the morale of the south Korean puppet army that sagged due to its worst military discipline and corruption in a bid to use it as a shock brigade in a war against the north and tide over its serious ruling crisis through a security row.
No matter how noisily the puppet chief executive is crying out for "the north's dismantlement of nukes" and talking about the "Northeast Asian peace and cooperation" in the international arena after reducing south Korea to a theater of war drills, no one would lend an ear to her. She will only become a laughing stock of the world.
Those who are fond of playing with fire are bound to perish in the flames kindled by themselves.

KPA Front Command Gives Warning to S. Korean Military
Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- The Front Command of the Korean People's Army (KPA) issued the following report on Saturday:
Recently the south Korean puppet military warmongers have gone extremely reckless in making provocations in the area of the Military Demarcation Line, timing to coincide with the Hoguk-14 war maneuvers kicked off in south Korea to invade the DPRK.
From mid-October they began warning broadcast with vulgar words while firing bullets toward our servicepersons on their routine patrol duty in our side's area north of the MDL. Even, they let armed rascals occupy positions and take firing posture to intentionally get on our servicepersons' nerves.
On November 14 alone, they made rough warning broadcast for scores of times toward our soldiers patrolling the north's area along the MDL in the western and central fronts.
Earlier, they did not hesitate to fire 12.7mm machineguns and 5.56mm automatic rifles in the eastern front.
The patrolling in the north's area of the MDL belongs to our legitimate right.
The south Korean puppet military warmongers should be mindful that such reckless military provocations in the area of MDL may invite unforeseeable retaliation strikes, which will immediately lead to a great war of justice for national reunification.
The KPA Front Command, upon authorization, gravely warns the south Korean puppet military warmongers to stop the reckless military provocations in the whole front at once.
If they continue the military provocation despite our warning, they will have to pay at the cost of their blood.

S. Korea Accused of Pushing Inter-Korean Relations to
Uncontrollable Phase of Catastrophe
Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- The north-south high-level contact has failed to take place though it had been high on the agenda amid great expectation and concern of all Koreans.
This being a stark reality, the south Korean authorities are obliged to buckle down to putting the situation under control, feeling heavy remorse for it, though belatedly.
Nevertheless, they are misleading the public opinion at home and abroad by creating the impression that the prevailing situation was created by the north's act of reneging on the bilateral agreement, bereft of elementary face.
They are behaving so ridiculously as to urge the north to retract "unreasonable preconditions" and "change its attitude."
What merits a more serious attention is the fact that they are pushing the overall inter-Korean relations to a more uncontrollable phase of catastrophe, getting more frantic in their anti-DPRK confrontation racket.
In this connection, the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK was authorized to clarify the truth about the prevailing situation and issue a statement reiterating its principled stand internally and externally on Saturday.
The north-south high-level contact was another patriotic step taken and whose preparations were made progress thanks to the noble intention of the sagacious supreme leadership of the DPRK to turn a lane for mending the inter-Korean relations into a wide avenue and make a new history of the relations, the statement noted, and continued:
It was thanks to this step taken into consideration of not only the present destiny of all Koreans but their future hope that the sports team of the DPRK took part in the Asian Games and a highest-level delegation of the DPRK visited Inchon on October 4, reaching a historic agreement.
In the consequent period, too, the DPRK made every sincere effort to rev up the hard-won precious atmosphere of mending the relations.
The south Korean authorities, however, opted for pushing the inter-Korean relations to a more deplorable phase.
On Oct. 25 they began scattering leaflets hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and insulting its inviolable social system in all areas along the Military Demarcation Line including the western and central sectors of the front.
They escalated the intrusion of their naval warships into the territorial waters of the DPRK under the pretext of defending the "northern limit line" in the waters of the West Sea of Korea.
From mid-October they began airing vulgar warning programs and recklessly firing bullets at servicepersons of the Korean People's Army on their routine patrol duty in the north's side area north of the Military Demarcation Line.
The south Korean authorities who vociferated about the mending of the inter-Korean relations and high-level contact started the large-scale Hoguk-14 drills on November 10, making a total war against the north an established fact.
The reality goes to prove that they are aborting the north-south high-level contact, denying any process to mend the relations and kicking up reckless political and military confrontation rackets.
This is the truth of the present bedeviled north-south relations for which the south Korean authorities are wholly to blame.
The Policy Department of the NDC of the DPRK once again clarified a series of its principled stand in reflection of the will of its army and people enraged by the truth about the south Korean authorities' reckless behavior.
Firstly, it is our stand that the south Korean authorities can never expect any improvement of the north-south relations and any dialogue and contact as long as they persist in their vicious anti-DPRK confrontation rackets.
The present chief executive of south Korea uttered there is a dialogue even in the battle field.
It is sheer sophism as she revealed her shameless intention to negotiate with the north while inciting distrust, hostility and confrontation.
Nothing is more foolish than knocking at the door of dialogue and calling for contact while escalating the nuclear blackmail against the north by frequently introducing nuclear strike means from the U.S. into south Korea by land, sea and air.
The DPRK has so far stressed more than once that war maneuvers cannot go with dialogue.
If the south Korean authorities truly want improved relations and dialogue, they should make a policy decision to halt the anti-DPRK leaflet scattering operations, to begin with.
If they do not pursue a sinister aim in their lip-service to improved relations and dialogue, they should not resort to all sorts of unjustifiable provocations on the ground and in the seas and the air.
It is the DPRK's assertion that if they are to opt for improved relations and dialogue, they should create a corresponding atmosphere and take an attitude as a dialogue partner.
Secondly, it is our stand that they should boldly discard all bad habits of having reneged on the inter-Korean agreements for several generations before talking about someone's "observation of the agreements".
The inter-Korean agreements are the gains common to the nation attained irrespective of ideology, social system, ideal and religious belief without exception and the historic tasks of the nation to be fulfilled without fail.
Accordingly, no one is entitled to breach all agreements of the north and the south, big and small, which they pledged to implement before the nation.
However, the south Korean authorities have bedeviled the inter-Korean relations by deliberately trampling down and scrapping the hard-won bilateral agreements.
At the north-south high-level contact made at the outset of the year the present south Korean chief executive let her confidants agree with the north to halt slandering each other. They were so crafty as to request it to "believe in the will of the president" and claim that "it would be clear if it followed the development."
The south Korean authorities had better learn the habit of honestly fulfilling the agreements reached before paying lip-service to "improved relations" and "confidence-building."
If they truly want improved relations and dialogue, they should make such bold decision as abandoning the bad habit of deliberately reneging on the hard-won national agreements. This is our stance.
Thirdly, the south Korean authorities including the present chief executive should behave in such a manner as to be helpful to the national reconciliation and unity if they truly want improved relations. This is our stand.
A wicked chief executive is bound to pursue an evil policy as an adage says muddy spring will have muddy streams.
It is the unanimous comment of the world people that they know no such wicked lady as the present south Korean chief executive. She knows nothing but letting loose reckless remarks escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen in the north wherever she goes without thinking over the consequences to be entailed by them.
Her confrontation hysteria is accompanied by evildoings of authorities under her.
This is evidenced by the behavior of Jong Hong Won who held the post of "prime minister" again after being forsaken by the angered public for his ill-fame. Ryu Kil Jae, "minister of Unification," is also laying bare his true colors as a despicable confrontation maniac though he uttered so many good words at the negotiating table before us.
The present chief executive of Chongwadae, before anyone else, had better stop recklessly wagging her tongue and all the south Korean authorities should halt their reckless confrontation rows if they have even an iota of sincerity for improving the north-south ties.
This is our principled stand and assertion.
The south Korean authorities would be well advised to bear deep in mind the noble intention of the supreme leadership of the DPRK to make a new history of improving the relations between the north and the south so that they may not regret later, the statement stressed.

Friday, November 21, 2014

FM Spokesman Rejects UN "Human Rights Resolution" against DPRK
Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry Thursday issued the following statement in denunciation of the UN "resolution on human rights" against the DPRK:
The United States perpetrated such grave politically-motivated provocation as railroading the "resolution on human rights" against the DPRK through the meeting of the Third Committee of the 69th UN General Assembly on Nov. 18 by instigating the EU and Japan and setting in motion hand-raising machines through highhanded practice and political and economic pressure.
The "resolution" is peppered with malignant accusations based on such conspiratorial document as the "report of the Commission of Inquiry" on human rights situation in the DPRK, a collection of lies and fabrications called "testimonies" made by a handful of "defectors from the north" who fled or were lured after committing crimes in the DPRK.
The history of the UN does not know such precedence as adopting a "resolution" of its General Assembly based on a "report" hastily worked out without any dialogue with the country concerned and any visit to it.
The U.S. barely managed to garner votes necessary for adopting the "resolution" by whipping together hand-raising machines but not a few countries confessed that they voted for it under the threat of the U.S. and Japan to halt economic aid, not because of human rights issue. This clearly proves that the "resolution" was a political fraud.
Some countries of the EU and Japan acted servants for adopting the "resolution," disclosing themselves that their much touted "efforts for human rights" were not for a genuine improvement of human rights but for the pursuance of the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK and sycophancy towards it.
This time the DPRK clarified its will to have wide-ranging cooperation in the field of human rights and readiness to actively promote human rights dialogue and exchange. However, the hostile forces finally denied cooperation and chose the way of confrontation.
This behavior revealed that the call of the followers of the U.S. for human rights dialogue was hypocritical and closed themselves the door of not only human rights dialogue but other dialogues and exchange and cooperation.
The U.S. kicked off its "human rights" offensive against the DPRK in real earnest in a bid to invent a pretext for armed intervention by terming the DPRK a "tundra of human rights abuses" in the international arena.
History vividly remembers the Yugoslav War unleashed by the U.S. in 1999 under the pretext of "protecting human rights and a minority".
A dangerous precedent is in the making to politicize and internationalize the human rights issue of an individual country and use it for toppling its social system.
The prevailing serious situation in which international law is violated by high-handed practices goes to more clearly prove the DPRK's constant view that human rights precisely mean national sovereignty.
The DPRK bitterly denounces and categorically rejects the railroading of the recent "resolution" manipulated by the U.S. in an attempt to topple the socialist system centered on the popular masses, the system chosen by the Korean people and which they regard as dearer than their own lives, as the most striking manifestation of the hostile policy towards the DPRK.
Now that the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK compels the latter not to exercise restraint any longer in conducting a new nuclear test, its war deterrence will grow stronger unlimitedly to cope with the armed intervention of the U.S.
The principal architect of the above-said "resolution" and its servants will be held wholly responsible for all the consequences to be entailed by its adoption.

KCNA Slams US for Orchestrating Adoption
of "Human Rights Resolution" against DPRK
Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- The U.S. human rights racket against the DPRK is inching close to an extreme phase which should not be overlooked any longer.
The "human rights resolution" against the DPRK was railroaded through the meeting of the Third Committee of the 69th UN General Assembly through high-handed practices and pressure at the instigation of the U.S.
The U.S. orchestrated railroading of the "resolution" is lashing the army and people of the DPRK into great fury as it is the most vivid manifestation of the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK aimed to bring down the man-centred socialist system which was chosen by the Korean people and which they consider as dearer than their own lives.
The U.S., regarding the "human rights issue" and the nuclear issue as the two mainstays of its policy to stifle the DPRK, is perpetrating grave politically-motivated provocations to realize the "regime change" in the DPRK at any cost under the pretext of "human rights".
Lurking behind the scenario of the EU and Japan which sponsored the "resolution" is the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK aimed to bring down its social system by force of arms.
The "resolution" (A/C.3/69/L.28.Rev.1) submitted by some countries of the EU and Japan has no relevance with the promotion of genuine human rights as it is a product of the political and military confrontation and plot against the DPRK. The "resolution" is only based on the fabricated "testimonies" of "defectors from the north", who committed crimes and fled the country abandoning even their beloved ones including their parents, brothers and sisters alike. As such, it is no more than a compilation full of groundless political accusations and contradictions and has no qualification and credibility to be recognized as an official document of the United Nations.
The U.S. started the "human rights" offensive against the DPRK at the UN in real earnest which is aimed to create the impression that the DPRK is "a tundra of human rights" and thus invent an excuse of armed intervention.
We cannot but take a serious note of the fact that the U.S. let its followers label the DPRK "human rights abuser" in the "resolution".
A dangerous precedent is being made to politicize and internationalize the human rights of individual countries and use it for bringing down their social systems.
The international community still vividly remembers the Yugoslav war ignited by the U.S. in 1999 under the pretext of "protection of human rights and minority."
Experiencing the grave situation where even a crime of the strong is regarded as a good deed and a good deed of the weak is censured as an evil one, the Korean people have keenly realized once again the truth that human rights precisely means national sovereignty and it is guaranteed by powerful deterrence.
It is the Northeast Asian region with the Korean Peninsula as a center where the interests of the big powers are intertwined and clash.
Had the DPRK been weak in its sovereignty and failed to protect it, it would have already experienced not just the "color revolution" or what happened in the Mideast but its people would not have escaped horrible misfortune and disaster.
The U.S. hostile action makes it hard for the DPRK to exercise any restraint any longer in conducting a new nuclear test.
It is crystal clear that under the prevailing situation the DPRK's war deterrence will be bolstered up unlimitedly to cope with the U.S. armed intervention.
The U.S., the principal architect of the farce for adopting the recent "resolution", and its servants will be held wholly responsible for all the consequences to be entailed by it.

If the U.S. policy-makers have their senses, they had better make a cool judgment of the reality and a political decision conforming with the trend of the situation.
Kim Jong Il’s Exploits in Party Building
In the whole period of leading the WPK he raised as the principal task its strengthening into the party of Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), its founder, both in name and reality, and put it into effect.
He formulated the revolutionary idea, Juche idea, authored by Kim Il Sung as the only guiding ideology of the WPK, and proclaimed the modelling of the whole society on the Juche idea as its highest programme.
Thanks to his guidance, the WPK has developed into a body ideologically pure, organizationally integrated and unified in action, into a body in which the monolithic ideological system and monolithic leadership system of the leader are firmly established.
In those days, owing to the manoeuvres of modern revisionists, the authority of the leaders was undermined in the ruling parties in several socialist countries, and the socialist movement of the world was undergoing twists and turns. However, the WPK consolidated as firm as a rock its organizational and ideological unity and cohesion with Kim Il Sung at the centre true to his cause of party building, and this was a valuable fruit of Kim Jong Il’s thoroughgoing outlook on the leader, unparalled insight, principled and resolute political decision and seasoned leadership ability.
Kim Jong Il built the WPK into a party which had formed an integral whole with the masses of the people, bears full responsibility for people’s destiny and faithfully serves them.
Raising the strengthening of the blood-sealed ties between the WPK and the people and the consolidation of its mass foundation as an important principle in its building and a matter that has bearing on its very existence, he saw to it that all its organizations and officials thoroughly implemented its mass line and always went among the people to live and work as their servants.
True to his benevolent politics and all-embracing politics, the WPK successfully achieved the single-hearted unity of the leader, the Party and the masses for the first time in history in the midst of worldwide political upheavals, turned the whole society into a great harmonious socialist family, and displayed the might of an invincible party which leads to victory the cause of socialist construction enjoying the absolute support and trust of the broad sections of the masses at all times.
Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into a powerful political force that leads the revolutionary cause of Songun.
He was on the road of Songun-based revolutionary leadership with Kim Il Sung in his early years and was deeply interested in the development of the Korean People’s Army. He realized definite leadership of the WPK over the army and led the latter to carry out the line of modelling itself on the Juche idea.
Noteworthy is that he formulated Songun politics as the main mode of socialist politics in the 1990s as demanded by the changed environment and the developing situation, and further developed the WPK into a political organization that leads the Songun revolution.
Having identified Songun as the lifeline of the Party and the revolution and solved all the problems based on the principle of giving precedence to military affairs, he raised the KPA as the main force for the socialist cause and led it energetically to the successful fulfilment of its mission and role as the standard-bearer of the Songun revolution as he continued the long march of Songun.
He ensured that all Party members learned from the political and ideological traits of the service personnel and the revolutionary and militant working spirit, the method of Party’s political work in the army and its living examples of cooperation between military and political officers were popularized among Party organizations and its officials, thus markedly improving the spirit of the revolution, organization, discipline and unity of the WPK and enhancing its leading authority and role in the revolution and construction.
Kim Jong Il led the service personnel and people of the DPRK to acquire formidable spiritual strength so that they could bring about an epoch-making changes and miracles in implementing the cause of the WPK, the cause of building a thriving socialist country.
Having turned Party work definitely into work with people, work with their thoughts and feelings, in his early years, he led the WPK to hold fast to people’s thinking as the key in the revolution and construction, raised the political and ideological work as the first process of all undertakings to enhance in every way the revolutionary zeal and creative activeness of the masses and, by relying on them, vigorously advanced the gigantic historic cause of transforming nature, society and man as required by the Juche idea.
In the mid-1990s he made public Giving Priority to Ideological Work Is Essential for Accomplishing Socialism, Socialism Is a Science and other works and kindled more fiercely the flames of ideological revolution to make the service personnel and people cherish a conviction in the sure victory of socialism. It provided a powerful guarantee for win victory defending socialism and building a thriving country.
Thanks to the far-sighted leadership of Kim Jong Il who devoted primary efforts to the strengthening of the ideological position in the revolution and construction, the service personnel and people of the DPRK, with indomitable mental strength, could completely change the looks of the country, accelerate putting the national economy on a modern and informatic footing and ushered in a heyday in developing the country’s science and technology and building socialist culture under difficult conditions.
The exploits Kim Jong Il performed for building the WPK will shine forever together with socialist Korea which is winning victory after victory.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Women in the DPRK: Yesterday and Today
For centuries patriarchy had prevailed in Korea. Subjected to subhuman treatment in feudal society, they had to experience contempt and humiliation. They could not participate in the social life even though they had talent and abilities.
In the first half of the 20th century, when their country was under military occupation by Japanese imperialism, their plight was more miserable. Fettered by the feudal yoke, they now became members of a ruined nation. Two hundred thousands of them were commandeered to serve the Japanese imperialist soldiers as sexual slaves in the name of “comfort women.”
Korea’s liberation (August 15, 1945) brought about a fundamental change in their fate.
Having achieved the country’s liberation through 20-year revolutionary struggle against Japanese imperialism, Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) made public the Law on Sex Equality on July 30, 1946, which stipulates that women have equal rights with men in all the political, economic and cultural realms. This put an end to the miserable fate of the Korean women.
They now became dignified masters of their country and society, enjoying equal rights with men.
In the whole period of leading the revolution and construction, Kim Il Sung maintained that women, who account 50% of the country’s population, were a driving force of the revolution that turns the other wheel of the revolution, and that a new society cannot be built if they were neglected and if their strength was not motivated. He ensured that women were enlisted in every undertaking.
In the early 1970s he set freeing them from the heavy burden of household chores as one of the three major tasks of the technical revolution in the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). This one fact alone is enough to show how closely he was concerned with the burden women had to bear.
Chairman Kim Jong Il (1942-2011), carrying forward the President’s intention, made strenuous efforts to improve the women’s station in life.
To raise their dignity to the highest level possible and ensure that a social climate of respecting them prevail across the country, he made public many works, including Women Are a Powerful Force That Propels the Revolution and Construction and Let Us Add Lustre to the Proud Tradition of the Juche-oriented Korean Women’s Movement in the Campaign for Building a Thriving Country.
In July 2009, he visited a textile mill, congratulated the women workers there on the anniversary of the publication of the Law on Sex Equality and posed for a souvenir photograph with them.
Under the deep care of the country’s leader and thanks to the policies of the state, many women lead a dignified life as patriots, heroines and vanguards of their times. Among them are soldiers, who are defending their country with rifles in their hands, scientists, who are devoting their all to scientific research, a world marathon champion, footballers and other famous sportspersons, and women of labour feats at factories and farms. Many are working actively for the state and society as senior officials at factories and other industrial enterprises and cooperative farms and even as Deputies (MPs) to the Supreme People’s Assembly.
Their dignity and pride have now reached the highest level under the care of Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the country.
Greeting March 8, international women’s day, Kim Jong Un ensures that various national-level functions are held every year to congratulate the women. He ensured that November 16 was instituted as Mothers’ Day, thus elevating the women’s dignity.
He inspected the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill in Pyongyang, on several occasions and inquired into the living conditions of its women workers. Then he initiated building a new dormitory for them. Thanks to his meticulous care the dormitory, equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, beauty saloon, shops, clinic and library that satisfy the workers’ needs in living and a park for relaxation, recreation and sports, was built within six months. It is now called a “workers’ hotel” and “workers’ palace.” A state banquet was arranged at the dormitory for the workers in celebration of May Day.
He once called on a woman worker, who had over fulfilled her yearly production quota every year over the previous ten years, and gave his blessing to the future of her and her husband. The ordinary worker has now become a well-known Labour Hero and a Deputy to the Supreme People’s Assembly.
The chair of the Women’s International Democratic Federation said, “In the DPRK the rights of women are being provided on the highest level. They are truly blessed women as they are leading an independent and creative life with equal rights with men and a worthwhile life as masters of the state and society.”