Monday, April 23, 2012

Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry Sunday issued the follow statement:
Prevailing on the Korean Peninsula is such emergency situation that the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors' confrontation hysteria has gone beyond a tolerance limit and should not be allowed to go on any longer.
The despicable group which has committed the worst evils went the lengths of recklessly hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK again.
It is the unanimous human nature and noble sentiment in the world to regard the cherished mental mainstay as dignity dearer than one's own life and not to tolerate any act of hurting it.
It is, at the same time, the universally accepted morality to respect the dignity of the supreme leadership of each country and nation irrespective of idea, system, religion and political view.
Traitor Lee Myung Bak, however, let loose a string of such malignant invectives that can be uttered only by a shark that the north might spend a ridiculous amount of money for the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung and that amount of fund would be enough to buy a large quantity of food. This was, indeed, a hideous provocative act of seriously hurting the noble feelings of the Korean people.
The centenary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the benefactor of the national resurrection, the great sage of mankind and the eternal President of the DPRK, is the greatest holiday of the nation in history and the great jubilee in human history.
Lee is no more than human scum of the times as he so malignantly desecrated this significant holiday, far from congratulating the compatriots in the north on it.
It is certain that he went through an ill-famed course before being reduced to human scum.
Looking back on history, it was none other than Lee who drove the inter-Korean relations into the lowest ebb though they had developed thanks to the growing desire for reunification after the publication of the June 15 joint declaration and he was the arch criminal who escalated only the tensions on the peninsula and in the region.
The group of traitors was busy with the groundless false propaganda that "the north was stockpiling food for feasts on the Day of the Sun," not content with making desperate efforts to deter the international moves for food aid to the DPRK last year. At that time we had already branded him as an underwit.
The service personnel and people of the DPRK are shaking with irrepressible resentment at the group which defamed the father of the nation whom they are holding in high esteem as the sun. They are now eagerly waiting for the issue of an order so that they may mercilessly punish the traitor.
Loud shouts of slogan "Let us beat to death the group of rat-like Lee Myung Bak" are also heard even from the women of the country known as a country of courteous people in the East from olden times.
As the Lee group is making last-ditch efforts to seek a way out in escalated confrontation with fellow countrymen, the service personnel and people unanimously hold that this group should be eradicated as early as possible for being a cancer-like entity disturbing the peace and stability in the peninsula and the region.
The situation on the peninsula is so tense that it may go beyond control due to the desperate frenzy of the traitor on the deathbed.
In view of the prevailing situation, the DPRK Foreign Ministry solemnly declares that in case something happens on the peninsula now, the responsibility will entirely rest with traitor Lee.
If any country intends to interfere in the internal affairs of the Korean nation under the pretext of being an ally or partner, patronizing the above-said human scum which wantonly violates human ethics and morality, it will not be able to escape the strikes of the extremely infuriated service personnel and people of the DPRK. -0-

Pyongyang, April 23 (KCNA) -- The special operation action group of the Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army issued the following notice Monday:
The indignation of the army and people of the DPRK at the group of rat-like Lee Myung Bak is running high.
Shouts "Destroy", "Beat to death" and "Tear to death" are ringing out on this land.
But the Lee group of traitors is still doing mischiefs, not coming to its senses.
On April 20 they toured the "Institute for Unification Studies", den of rats, in Suyu-dong, Kangbuk District, Seoul where they called for "orienting to system change in the north" if it does not give up its nuclear and missile ambitions, saying that "what is needed for the north now is not only bread but individual freedom and human rights". They have gone so impudent as to assert that "co-op farms should be disorganized and agricultural reform be effected to help improve the livelihood of the citizens in the north".
On April 19 they appeared in the puppet Scientific Institute for National Defense where they heaped praises on a few poor-looking missiles, saying they have precision and power enough to immediately strike any part of the DPRK, inviolable land. They had temerity of dare talking about "striking the supreme headquarters through office window".
Puppet Defense Minister Kim Kwan Jin and other military warmongers danced to the tune.
The situation proves that the group of traitors has long lost its reasoning power.
In the meantime, paid conservative media which had long been reduced to a waiting maid of the group of traitors, worked with blood-shot eyes to build up public opinion in favor of the rats' group.
Involved in the campaign were Dong-A Ilbo situated in the downtown Seoul as well as KBS, MBC, YTN and other media institutions.
The Lee group should have apologized for its high treasons tens of thousands of times and chosen death by itself.
This group is, however, challenging the north, grinding its teeth.
In view of the situation getting graver as the days go by, the KPA Supreme Command special operation action group issues the following notice upon authorization:
The special actions of our revolutionary armed forces will start soon to meet the reckless challenge of the group of traitors.
Those actions are an eruption of the public anger and resentment and a sacred war of all service personnel and people to protect the dignity of our supreme leadership.
Their targets are the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors, the arch criminals, and the group of rat-like elements including conservative media destroying the mainstay of the fair public opinion.
Once the above-said special actions kick off, they will reduce all the rat-like groups and the bases for provocations to ashes in three or four minutes, in much shorter time, by unprecedented peculiar means and methods of our own style.
Our revolutionary armed forces do not make an empty talk. -0-

Pyongyang, April 17 (KCNA) -- The DPRK Foreign Ministry Tuesday issued the following statement:
The U.S. and its followers committed a hostile act of violating the DPRK's right to satellite launch by abusing the United Nations Security Council again.
On April 16 the UNSC issued a statement of its president "condemning" the DPRK's satellite launch for peaceful purposes.
The DPRK took steps to show the sincerity and transparency of the satellite launch for peaceful purposes to the maximum from A to Z as an exception and aroused sympathy of broad world public.
The U.S., finding it hard to conceal the truth, after hatching all sorts of dastardly trick to prevent the peaceful nature of the DPRK's satellite launch from being confirmed objectively and persistently term it a long-range missile launch, imposed upon the UNSC its brigandish demand that the DPRK should not be allowed to launch even a satellite for peaceful purposes.
The UNSC has been abused under the pressure of high-handed and arbitrary practices of the U.S. and its catastrophic consequences have been felt still today in various parts of the world.
UNSC resolutions 1718 and 1874 which the hostile forces regard as the "ground" to take issue with the DPRK's satellite launch are a product of their high-handed policy for antagonizing and oppressing the DPRK and the height of illegality they faked up at random, disregarding even universally accepted international law.
It is the brigandish essence of these resolutions that those countries which refuse to meekly obey the U.S. should not be allowed to develop their national defence capability and to this end they should be deprived of even their right to launch satellites for peaceful purposes.
Such unreasonable double standards are possible at the UNSC because such standards are in line with the interests of those countries keen to monopolize such cutting-edge technology as satellite launch.
The present developments clearly show that the principle of equality as regards sovereignty clarified in the UN Charter is a mere high-sounding word and justice should be protected by one's own efforts.
The DPRK Foreign Ministry declares as follows in connection with the grave infringement upon the right of the sovereign state to launch satellites for peaceful purposes:
Firstly, we resolutely and totally reject the unreasonable behavior of the UNSC to violate the DPRK's legitimate right to launch satellites.
It is the unshakable principle of the army and people of the DPRK not to tolerate even the slightest element to deride and encroach upon the dignity of the nation and the sovereignty of the country.
Secondly, we will continue exercising the independent right to use space recognized by the universally accepted international laws which are above the UNSC resolutions.
We will expand and strengthen space development institutions and continue launching a variety of working satellites needed for economic development of the country including geostationary satellites under the state plan for space development.
Nothing can stand in the way of the DPRK's space development for peaceful purposes.
Thirdly, as the U.S. violated the Feb. 29 DPRK-U.S. agreement through its undisguised hostile acts, we will no longer be bound to it.
We have repeatedly clarified from the outset that we will sincerely implement the Feb. 29 agreement to the last and took practical steps to implement it as the satellite launch for peaceful purposes is an issue quite different from the agreement.
No sooner had the DPRK's plan for satellite launch been announced than the U.S. suspended the process for the provision of food pursuant to the DPRK-U.S. agreement under that pretext. This time, the U.S. spearheaded the hostile act of encroaching upon the DPRK's legitimate right to launch satellites by abusing the position as president of the UNSC.
The U.S. finally reneged on its promise that "it respects the sovereignty of the DPRK and has no hostile intent toward it" in practice, totally violating the Feb. 29 agreement.
We have thus become able to take necessary retaliatory measures, free from the agreement. The U.S. will be held wholly accountable for all the ensuing consequences.
Peace is very dear for us but the dignity of the nation and the sovereignty of the country are dearer for us.

Kim Jong Un Calls for Holding Kim Jong Il in High Esteem as General Secretary of WPK Forever

Pyongyang, April 19 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Thursday carried "Let Us Hold Great Comrade Kim Jong Il in High Esteem as General Secretary of Our Party Forever and Successfully Accomplish the Revolutionary Cause of Juche", a talk the dear respected Kim Jong Un had with leading officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) on April 6.
In the talk Kim Jong Un said that the Fourth Conference of the WPK is to be held amid great expectation and concern of the people at home and abroad in the run-up to the significant Day of the Sun marking the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung.
Kim Jong Un called for making the Conference serve as a turning point in providing an important landmark in upholding leader Kim Jong Il as eternal leader of the WPK together with Kim Il Sung and successfully realizing their ideas and cause.
 He stressed the need to hold Kim Jong Il in high esteem as general secretary of the WPK forever.
Doing so is a principled requirement for holding fast to his idea and line and victoriously advancing our revolutionary cause, Kim Jong Un noted, adding:
 This is by no means a symbolic meaning. This means invariably having Kim Jong Il at the post of general secretary of the WPK and carrying out the party building and activities in line his idea and intention.
 The idea and line of Kim Jong Il serve as eternal guidelines of our party and revolution and an ever-victorious banner whose validity and vitality have been proven in the revolutionary practice. The victorious advance and completion of our revolutionary cause is unthinkable without his idea and line.
Only when Kim Jong Il is held in high esteem as general secretary of the WPK forever, will it be possible to dynamically advance the revolution and construction and successfully accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche as in the past.
At the Party Conference we are going to declare internally and externally that the WPK is the glorious party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un said, adding:
The WPK is the party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il as it holds them in high esteem as eternal leaders.
 The guiding idea of the WPK is the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
The Workers' Party of Korea is a glorious party that has Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as its guiding idea and struggles for their realization.
To model the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is the supreme programme of the WPK. This is a revolutionary succession to the modeling of the whole society on Kimilsungism and represents its development to a new higher stage.
We should wage a more dynamic struggle to model the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism just as we waged a strenuous struggle under the wise guidance of Kim Jong Il, regarding the modeling of the whole society on Kimilsungism as the party's supreme programme.
 No matter what difficult and huge revolutionary duty we may face, we are sure to triumph as there are outstanding leaders, eternal sun of Juche, the invincible WPK, the people intensely loyal to the party and the leader as well as the strong revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu.
 We should hold Kim Jong Il in high esteem as the eternal leader of our party and people and glorify his revolutionary career and undying revolutionary feats for all ages.
 Kim Jong Il was a great leader, matchless patriot and kind-hearted leader of the people, the leader who devoted his all to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of its people with absolute loyalty to the President and warm love for the country and its people.
 His life was the most brilliant life of a peerlessly great man who performed undying feats for the party, the revolution, the country and the people true to the noble intention of the President.
 We should carry out all work for holding Kim Jong Il in high esteem for all ages and perpetuating the memory of the leader with pure conscience and moral obligation.
 To develop the WPK into the eternal party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il means holding fast to Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as the guiding idea of the WPK and conducting the party building and activities just as was thought and intended by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
 What is important for strengthening the WPK as the eternal party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is to more thoroughly establish the party's monolithic leadership system.
 All the party members, servicepersons of the People's Army and other people should uphold the party's ideology and leadership with faith and conscience, rally as firm as an iron wall around the Party Central Committee in thinking and purpose and sense of moral obligation and share their destiny with the party in good or grim days.
 We should strengthen the single-minded unity of the WPK and the revolutionary ranks in every way and thoroughly defend it.
 Single-minded unity is the most valuable revolutionary legacy bequeathed to us by Kim Jong Il and mainstay of the Korean revolution. The single-minded unity in which the leader, the party and the masses are united on the basis of great idea, warm loving care and feelings is the greatest treasure more valuable than hundreds of millions of tons of gold.
 It is essential to deeply respect the people, prioritize their interests and look after their life as their real mothers would do.
 Believing in the people as in Heaven was the maxim of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. True to their noble intention all the work should be conducted with priority given to the demands and interests of the people while boundlessly respecting them.
It is necessary to make the noble and beautiful traits of helping and leading each other forward pervade the whole country and thus make society a great harmonious family in which all its members are united in single mind.
 Kim Jong Un said:
The heroic deeds performed by Pak Thae Son, former miner of the Kumgol Mine, by laying down his valuable life for the collective and comrades and by Ri Chang Son who was a farmer of the Ohyon Co-op Farm of Yonan County are beautiful deeds which can be found only among the people in our era who were raised by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. They set examples for everybody to follow.
 Songun represents our independence, dignity and life. A country with weak military might can not defend its sovereignty and right to existence but will become plaything and fall victim to the imperialists in the long run. This is a hard fact. So we should consistently hold fast to the work of bolstering the military might.
 The might of Songun represents the might of the People's Army and what is essential in strengthening the military might is to strengthen the People's Army.
 The People's Army should become standard-bearers and a shock brigade not only in defending the country but in carrying out the party's plan for building a thriving nation as the driving force of the revolution. It should also become pace-setters in creating and disseminating Songun culture in the new century.
 The traits of attaching importance to military affairs should be established throughout society and an all-people, nationwide defence system should be consolidated to turn the whole country into an impregnable fortress.
We should bring about a decisive turn in improving the standard of people's living and building an economic power.
We should put forward the people who have trusted in and followed the party only as the happiest people in the world by making the precious assets, which Kim Jong Il provided with much effort, pay off. This was his ardent wish and is the firm determination and will of our party.
 We should wage an unflinching offensive in response to the flames of Hamnam and rapidly develop vanguard economic sectors and basic industrial fields and thus lay a firm foundation for the economic development and increase production in all domains of the national economy.
 Priority should be given to power, coal and metal industries and railway transport. Only then will it be possible to reenergize the national economy and stabilize and improve the people's living standard.
 We should build a knowledge-based economic power in response to the flames of the industrial revolution in the new century.
 We should struggle with a high aim and ideal as intended by Kim Jong Il who used to instruct to look at the world with one's feet planted on one's own land, and thus beat the world in all aspects. In the spirit of exploration and creation displayed by workers in Ryonha who brought about drastic progress in CNC machine tools production, a drive should be waged to push back the frontiers of the latest science and technology to put the country's overall technological equipment on the level of world standard and improve the economic structure to meet the requirements of the era of the knowledge-based economy.
 Efforts should be given to land management to turn the country into a land of bliss.
 Kim Jong Un called for focusing all the issues arising in the economy on the Cabinet and establishing strict discipline and order of solving them under the unified command of the Cabinet.
Being the headquarters responsible for the country's economy, the Cabinet should set a goal and work out strategy for economic development on a scientific and realistic basis under a long-term plan and push forward on its own initiative the work to control, guide and manage overall economic affairs in a unified manner.
 All fields and units should solve all the problems related to the economic undertakings under a full agreement with the Cabinet and thoroughly carry out the Cabinet's decisions and instructions for carrying out the party's economic policy.
 Steady revolutionary turn should be effected in all the fields of the cultural construction including education, public health, literature and arts and sports and efforts should be made to glorify our country as a developed and highly civilized socialist country.
State investment in the education should be increased and modernization of the education be realized. The level of the secondary general education should be drastically raised and university education be strengthened to bring up talented world-level scientists and technicians who would be responsible for the drive for building a thriving socialist nation.
 It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of socialist healthcare system and create and disseminate more masterpieces of the times. Sports should be popularized to make the hot sports wind sweep across the country.
We should make the people create the noble and highly civilized socialist culture as well as enjoy them, thereby injecting vitality and enthusiasm into the whole society.
 In order to bring about a decisive turn in building a thriving socialist nation just as was intended and desired by Kim Jong Il it is necessary to increase the function and role of the party organizations before anything else and officials should fulfill their responsibilities and roles as commanding members of the revolution.
The officials should become true and able persons like Kim Chaek who successfully carried out any tasks, upholding Kim Il Sung. They should stand in the van of the ranks, become scouts blazing a trail and play the role of a locomotive in leading the masses in the field.
 Officials exist for the people, not vice versa.
The officials should learn from Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il's view on the people and share weal and woe with them while sharing meal with them, and work harder and harder for them.
We should accomplish the historic cause of national reunification true to the life-long intention and behests of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
We should conduct positive external activities and contribute to the cause of global independence true to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il's strategy and plan for external activities.
Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are always with us and encourage us. We should bear this in mind and work with redoubled efforts and successfully materialize their plan and desire and thus glorify the new century of the Juche revolution as a century of victory and glory. -0-

Kim Jong Un Speaks at Military Parade

Pyongyang, April 15 (KCNA) - The dear respected Kim Jong Un made a congratulatory speech at the military parade celebrating the centenary of the birth of Generalissimo Kim Il Sung.
In his speech Kim Jong Un said that the military parade is a great festival of victors which was provided according to the noble intention of leader Kim Jong Il and on his direct initiative to glorify forever the feats Kim Il Sung performed in the army building and demonstrate the might of the socialist power before the world.
Kim Il Sung, who directed primary efforts to strengthening the revolutionary armed forces in the whole period of his protracted revolutionary activities, worked such military miracle in the 20th century as defeating the most ferocious two imperialisms in one generation, trained the Korean People's Army into a match-for-a hundred revolutionary army, put all the people under arms and turned the whole country into a fortress, providing a strong military guarantee for the sovereignty of the country and the eternal prosperity of the nation, he noted.
Kim Jong Il, who regarded it as his lifelong mission to carry forward and accomplish the Songun revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered by Kim Il Sung, ushered in the greatest heyday of the development of the Korean revolutionary armed forces with his extraordinary wisdom, outstanding commanding art and matchless grit, he said, and went on:
The Korean revolutionary armed forces have fully demonstrated the might of the powerful revolutionary army distinct in its revolutionary nature and strong in its militant spirit and might under the care of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
The military and technical superiority is no longer a monopoly of the imperialists and gone are the days when the enemies could threaten and blackmail against the DPRK with A bombs.
The far-reaching strategy and final victory of the Korean revolution lie in advancing straight along the road of independence, the road of Songun and the path of socialism indicated by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
It is the firm resolution of the Workers' Party of Korea to enable our people, the best people in the world who have remained loyal to the party, overcoming all difficulties, to live, without tightening their belts any longer, and fully enjoy wealth and prosperity under socialism.
The WPK and the DPRK government will join hands with anyone who truly wants the reunification of the country and the peace and prosperity of the nation and make responsible and patient efforts to accomplish the historic cause of national reunification.
The sun's flag of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il will fly forever before the ranks of the Korean revolution demonstrating victory and glory only and will always encourage us to win fresh victories, he concluded. -0-

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Brilliant Commander of Songun Revolution


Kim Jong Il, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, was endowed with unexcelled military stratagem and unparalleled courage.
Born in Mt. Paektu, the base of the armed struggle of the Korean people to liberate the country from the Japanese military occupation (1905-1945), he spent his childhood amid the roar of gunfire of the sacred anti-Japanese war. In the days of the Fatherland Liberation War of the Korean people against the aggression of the United States (1950-1953, the Korean war) when he was around ten years old he learned the military beside the table for mapping out plans of operation at the Headquarters. These circumstances enabled him to acquire the viewpoint of giving importance to military affairs and deep knowledge of it from his early days.
He made public many works while studying at Kim Il Sung University (1960-1964) and not a few of them are related to the military affairs.
On August 25, 1960 he inspected the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army, which signifies the start of his Songun-based leadership, and has pursued Songun politics since the end of the 1960s. Already in those years he demonstrated his wisdom and stratagem, and courage and pluck befitting a brilliant commander. When the touch-and-go situations were created on the Korean peninsula owing to the Pueblo (a US armed spy ship) Incident in January 1968, the EC-121 (a US spy aircraft) Incident in April 1969 and the Panmunjom Incident in August 1976, the United States could not escape defeats. All these were thanks to his unexcelled military stratagem and unparalleled courage.
The world public realized more keenly his matchless courage as the brilliant commander, when the United States forced upon Korea a “special inspection” clamouring about its “nuclear issue” while resuming the Team Spirit joint military exercise, a nuclear test war the largest of its kind unprecedented in history, in March 1993. At that time he issued the order of the Supreme Commander declaring the state of semi-war to the whole country, which was followed by the statement of the DPRK government on its withdrawal from the NPT. by the successive thunderbolt-like declarations the United States could not but resign itself to the negotiations with Korea and sign the DPRK-USA Joint Statement (June 1993) and DPRK-USA Agreed Framework (October 1994) aimed at peacefully settling the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula.
When Korea announced to the world that it would launch its second artificial earth satellite Kwangmyongsong No. 2 in April 2009 the United States, Japan, south Korea and other enemy forces made much fuss about it. The Japanese government even adopted the “interception of the satellite” as its national policy and by all means tried to prevent Korea from launching its satellite by deploying warships. At this critical time Korea declared that Japan’s “interception of the satellite” would mean a war, stressing that if Japan would make attempts to intercept its satellite, it would shower a fire of revenge not only on interception means already deployed but also on main targets in Japan. Those who fussed about the “interception” shut their mouths and Korea launched the satellite as scheduled.
Kim Jong Il led the socialist cause of Korea and the cause of global independence against imperialism to victory with Songun politics as a basic political mode of socialism.
In the closing years of the 20th century socialism collapsed one after another in several countries, and the US-led imperialist allied forces, raving about the “end of socialism,” directed the spearhead of attack toward Korea who unflinchingly held fast to the banner of socialism. To cope with it, Kim Jong Il held higher the banner of Songun to defend the destiny of the country and people and socialism, and to secure the peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the world.
He ensured that the political and ideological, military and technological strength of the army was intensified in every possible way by giving ceaseless inspections at the units of the People’s Army. He also put forward the line of economic construction on giving priority to the defence industry.
As a result, the atmosphere of giving importance to military affairs has been created throughout society and the work of arming all the people and fortifying the whole country impregnably realized at a higher level. It has also possessed reliable nuclear deterrent in order to cope with the US’s tenacious nuclear threat and blackmail.
Korea has remarkably strengthened the national power as a whole on the basis of its powerful military capacity. It holds supremacy of CNC technology, the cutting-edge technology in the machine-building industry, and has established the system of producing iron, fertilizer and vinalon relying on its domestic resources. The appearance of land has been changed beyond recognition through the large-scale land realignment and tideland reclamation. Korea, already occupying the position of a political and military power, is now striving to become an economic giant.
The reality of Korea which registers one victory after another by upholding the banner of Songun greatly encourages the countries and people of the world which aspire after independence and oppose imperialism and gives strong impetus to the implementation of the cause of making the world independent. With Songun Korea’s world profile increasing remarkably, West European and many other countries that had long shunned themselves from it or disregarded it, established diplomatic relations with it. Many political figures, including former US presidents, paid visits to Korea.
     Kim Jong Il was a peerless commander in the Songun era.