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Pyongyang, February 22 (KCNA) -- The Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, the Korean Anti-Nuke Peace Committee and the National Peace Committee of Korea on Wednesday issued a joint statement as regards the fact that the south Korean authorities are going to hold a "nuclear security summit" in Seoul.
The statement said:
The south Korean puppet authorities are busy preparing to hold the "summit" in Seoul in late March.
The "summit" will be one more childish farce whereby the U.S. and the puppet group seek to escalate the anti-DPRK nuclear racket.
It is astonishing that a meeting dealing with the issue of nuclear security is to be convened in south Korea, a nuclear advance base for the U.S. and the world's largest nuclear powder magazine.
Worse still, the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group have planned to stage Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises in south Korea from late February to April with involvement of huge latest nuclear war equipment enough to conduct a full nuclear war.
Calling for "nuclear security" and the like under such situation of anti-DPRK nuclear war games is a mockery and insult to the public at home and abroad.
The DPRK organizations scathingly condemn the scheme of the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group to hold "nuclear security summit" in Seoul as an unpardonable crime detrimental to the desire of all Koreans and the world people for peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and as an intolerable grave provocation to the DPRK.
This scheme is a foolish trick aimed to incite the "theory of nuclear threat from the north" on the point of collapse, justify the nuclear war moves against the DPRK and divert elsewhere the public attention to win in the forthcoming elections.
The Lee Myung Bak group, which has become as good as dead after being isolated by south Koreans, tries to refurbish its image by holding a "summit" with help of the U.S. But such attempt will result only in more clearly revealing the group's colors as the special-class nuclear war servant for its American master.
The "summit", nothing but a replica of the anti-DPRK nuclear racket kicked up by the U.S. and the south Korean puppet group, will be a shame of humankind and bring only disgrace and blemish to history.
Their escalated anti-DPRK nuclear campaign will only lay a more stumbling block to the settlement of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.
We will never overlook such nuclear confab doing harm to the dignified DPRK and rendering the situation of the peninsula and region more strained but decisively smash the anti-DPRK nuclear racket by disturbers and wreckers of peace with the invincible might of Songun.

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK in a statement Monday denounced the U.S. and south Korea for starting the provocative Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises defying repeated warnings of the DPRK and neighboring countries. The big exercises for aggression against the DPRK are escalating the tensions in and around the Korean Peninsula beyond a danger line, the statement said, and went on:
Involved in the drills are U.S. troops present in south Korea and huge reinforcements from the U.S. mainland and the Pacific region along with offensive means. South Korea has already been put on a wartime posture, fanning up hysteria for war against the DPRK.
The warmongering drills have been scheduled at a time when the hard-won DPRK-U.S. talks were under way reflecting the unanimous desire of the Korean people and countries around Korea for the peace and security of the Korean Peninsula. Herein lie the brigandish arrogance and sinister attempt of the U.S.
After publishing a new defense strategy in January which envisaged giving priority to Asia-Pacific region, the U.S. has extensively increased the number and intensity of the joint military exercises in south Korea. This clearly proves that the main target of the new strategy is the DPRK and countries around it.
The U.S. strategic attempt is not only to stifle the DPRK but to put its neighboring countries under military siege and contain them in a bid to realize its wild ambition for world domination which faced serious challenge.
It seems that the U.S. thinks it can exploit the DPRK for carrying out its strategy for reinforcing military forces in Northeast Asia under the pretext of the situation of the Korean Peninsula. This is an insult to the DPRK.
The reckless war drills targeting the army and people of the DPRK, who are in the mourning period, amount to a grave provocation.
War has never been notified in advance.
The DPRK has long kept to the road of Songun in anticipation of the situation as now. It would be a mistake if one tries to rattle or test the DPRK by force.
The DPRK is fully ready for both dialogue and war.
The U.S. would be well advised to be aware that it would be left with no space for holding military exercises on the Korean Peninsula if it provokes the DPRK in an unlawful manner.

Pyongyang, February 25 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea issued Saturday the following statement:
The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors has embarked upon the road of kicking off again DPRK-targeted Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises in league with the brigandish U.S. imperialists, defying strong domestic and foreign public protest and condemnation.
Huge troops of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces and their strike means have already been deployed in south Korea and in its vicinity and huge forces of the three services of the puppet army have been put on a wartime posture.
Key Resolve and Foal Eagle are unpardonable war hysteria kicked up by the hooligans to desecrate our mourning period and an unpardonable infringement upon our sovereignty and dignity.
This is, at the same time, a blatant challenge to peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and an undisguised act of disturbing them.
The on-going development goes to prove that the Lee group which is more dead than alive, forsaken by the times, is still resorting to the last-ditch moves for war, backed by its American master.
In view of the prevailing situation, the National Defence Commission of the DPRK clarifies the following principled stand internally and externally:
First. Our army and people will foil the moves of the group of traitors to the nation and warmongers at home and abroad for a new war with a sacred war of our own style.
We have so far made every possible effort to avert a war and defend peace with a high degree of patience and magnanimity.
The Lee group and the warmongers at home and abroad are, however, unhesitatingly plunging to the road of an adventurous war, dreaming of "Egyptian style change" and "Libyan style victory", ignorant of who their rival is.
War maneuvers staged against the belligerent party are, in essence, a silent declaration of a war.
The declaration of the war is bound to be accompanied by a corresponding physical retaliation.
Now that a war has been declared against us, the army and people are firmly determined to counter it with a sacred war of our own style and protect the security of the nation and the peace of the country.
The target of this war is the Lee group and hordes of warmongers at home and abroad.
The Lee group is hordes of traitors for all ages as it is rubbing salt into the wound of the compatriots grieving over the great loss to the nation through a renewed saber-rattling, not content with the high treason it had already committed during that period.
The U.S. imperialists are the sworn enemy keen to launch another war of aggression to impose "American style political mode" upon us, not content with the painful tragedy of division forced upon our nation, the tragedy that has lasted for more than half a century.
The sacred war will make a clean sweep of the Lee group and those warmongers from this land by the war mode of our own style, our strong striking means unknown to the world.
Second. The just struggle of the people in the south and overseas compatriots will be further intensified to bring down the Lee regime under the motto of peace against war.
The Lee group is nothing but human scum which had been forsaken by all Koreans already long ago.
"Myung Bak, quit" and "Let's judge the Lee Myung Bak regime and set up a new government for national reconciliation." This is the shout of the political and social circles in south Korea and the mind-set there.
The Lee regime is little short of a ship in distress which began sinking in face of the stormy waves of the angry public.
We admonished the group enough to make it understand and set an example in the four years of its office and showed it through an actual battle what our strike that turned waters into a sea in flames.
This being a hard reality, the Lee regime is still persisting in sycophancy, submission and treachery, failing to come to its senses.
That is why we branded the group of traitors as the one which should not be let to go scot-free.
In response to the mind-set in the south, our army and people will encourage and firmly back the people in the south and overseas compatriots in their nation-wide struggle to bring down the Lee regime in the idea of attaching importance to the nation and putting it above anything else and from a patriotic stand.
Third. Our army and people will show the U.S. imperialist warmongers hell-bent on war of aggression and intervention what their arms and real war are like.
It is the U.S. imperialist aggressors who are chiefly to blame for having driven into a phase of war the unstable situation on the peninsula where neither war nor peace has persisted for such a long period. It is again those warmongers who have staged ceaseless provocative war maneuvers in south Korea and in its vicinity, pursuant to their scenarios for a war of aggression against the north to confirm their feasibility.
In view of the intensified moves of the U.S. imperialists to ignite a war against the DPRK, they will shatter reckless military provocations, arms build-up and war maneuvers with increased posture to fight a resolute battle against the U.S. and launch a struggle of high intensify to drive out of this land the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces, the main hurdle lying in the way of achieving peace and security on the peninsula.
They will always keep the bases of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces and centers for their military operations against the DPRK within striking range and wipe them out at a single blow, should they provoke us.
Nuclear weapons are not the monopoly of the U.S. We have war means more powerful than the U.S. nukes and ultra-modern striking equipment which no one has ever possessed.
The U.S. is sadly mistaken if it thinks it is safe as its mainland is far away across the ocean.
There is no limit to the striking intensity and range of our army and people to wipe out the aggressors.
It is their unchangeable stand to show the enemy what their arms and real war are like.
The ongoing struggle to bury the group of traitors and warmongers at home and abroad is a patriotic struggle on which the destiny of the nation in the new century of Juche year hinges.
No force on earth can overpower the single-mindedly united army and people of the DPRK.
Under the leadership of the peerless brilliant commander of Mt. Paektu they will usher in a new era of national reconciliation and peace and prosperity proudly and forcefully, shattering every war move of the enemy. -0-

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kim Jong Il Will Live for All Eternity
Kim Jong Il, leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, passed away on December 17, 2011. By his death, the world lost the most outstanding man.
He was the greatest of great men, both in name and in practice.
Kim Jong Il was, first of all, a great ideologist and theoretician.
He enriched and developed in a comprehensive way the Juche idea and the Songun idea authored by Kim Il Sung, founding-father of socialist Korea and pioneer of the cause of independence of mankind. He published a great number of works covering all spheres of social life–political, economic, military and cultural–thus ceaselessly developing the Juche idea in depth. Now, the Juche idea shines more brightly as the banner of the cause of mankind for independence.
When the cause of socialism was undergoing trials after the collapse of socialism in several countries, he wrote such important works as Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable and Socialism Is a Science, proving that socialism is the invariable ideal of humanity.
In the late 1990s when anti-socialist offensive of the imperialist allied forces was focused on socialist Korea, Kim Jong Il put forward Songun politics as the basic mode of socialist politics by developing in depth the Songun idea that struck its root in the Juche idea. This provided a powerful ideological and theoretical weapon with which the progressive peoples of the world could advance the socialist cause winning victory after victory under any circumstances and conditions.
Kim Jong Il was a master of leadership.
He ushered in the heyday of prosperity unprecedented in the history of the Korean nation.
In the second half of the 1990s when Korea faced manifold hardships caused by the extreme economic blockade and military stifling manoeuvres of the US-led imperialist allied forces and by consecutive natural disasters, he safeguarded socialism holding higher the banner of Songun, opening a new era of building a prosperous and powerful socialist country. Korea, thanks to his grand plan and his energetic leadership, could become a manufacturer and launcher of artificial earth satellite and a nuclear state. He kindled the flames of an industrial revolution of the new century to ensure that miraculous successes were achieved in all sectors of Korea’s economy.
Kim Jong Il opened a radiant vista for Korea’s reunification.
Grandiose June 15 reunification era, whose principle is By Our Nation Itself, was opened as the outcome of the adoption of the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration (June 2000) and October 4 Declaration (October 2007). It is a steadfast aspiration of the entire Korean nation to implement these declarations to the letter and achieve the independent reunification of their country by their concerted efforts, whatever the situation.
Kim Jong Il pressed ahead with the cause of global independence holding aloft the banner of anti-imperialist independence. He saw to it that the Pyongyang Declaration Let Us Defend and Advance the Cause of Socialism was made public in April 1992 to make it possible to bring about a fresh upswing in the world socialist movement, and he gave an active encouragement and support to the struggle of the peoples in different countries aspiring after socialism and independence. His energetic foreign activities conducted on the principles of independence, peace and friendship made a great contribution to building a new, independent world and defending peace and stability of the world.
Kim Jong Il was the benevolent father of people.
Regarding politics as an undertaking to bring love for people into full bloom in its purpose, Kim Jong Il devoted his all for people’s happiness. He spared nothing if it was for people’s lives and health, and had many structures built for them.
He cherished people’s happiness as his biggest wish, and worked hard for its realization. He made a continuous forced march for on-site guidance for his people to lead an affluent life with nothing to envy in the world. His on-site guidance was a forced march of legendary superintensity that continued, rain or shine. He passed away on the train on his way for on-site guidance by a sudden attack of illness caused by mental and physical exertions.
History has never witnessed such a great man, who sacrificed himself heart and soul only for the people.
Vishwanath, director-general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea, pointed out that leader Kim Jong Il was a man sent by heaven for the service of humanity, and that such a great man might be born only once in some centuries.
Kim Jong Il will live for all eternity in the hearts of the Korean people and the progressive peoples of the world. 

Report on Kim Jong Il's Contribution to National Security and Regional Peace:
Foreign Ministry Institute

The Institute for Disarmament and Peace of the DPRK Foreign Ministry released a report on Leader Kim Jong Il's immortal contribution to security and peace in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia on Wednesday on the occasion of his 70th birth anniversary.
 The full text of the report is as follows:
Leader Kim Jong Il’s was the life of a patriot and champion of peace dedicated to the country and its independent and peaceful reunification.
 With his outstanding ideas and leadership, Kim Jong Il, endowed with deep love for the country and the nation, opened up a new era of reunification, June 15 reunification era, at the turn of a new century and brought national reunification within hailing distance, thereby making an immense contribution to the efforts aimed at securing peace and security in Northeast Asia and the world.
 The international community still cherishes the happy memory of the meaningful days; the days which were inaugurated with the historic inter-Korean summit, first of its kind since the national division; a series of events that followed the DPRK-U.S. Joint Communique, the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration and discussion of talks for the declaration of the end of the Korean War and instilled hope into the heart of the mankind longing for national reunification and regional peace.
 All these signal events were precious results of the June 15 era of independent reunification Kim Jong Il ushered in, pursuing Songun politics and fully guaranteeing the security of the Korean Peninsula.
 The Institute for Disarmament and Peace of the DPRK Foreign Ministry hereby releases this report on the occasion of the 70th birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il by summing up historical research chronicles which relate only to the part of what he contributed towards ensuring the security of the Korean Peninsula and peace in Northeast Asia in his immortal exploits for national reunification.

1. Laying the keystone for security on the Korean Peninsula

 National reunification and security are issues of utmost importance for the Korean nation that has suffered from national division and constant threat of war for more than half a century.
 Reunification and security of the Korean Peninsula are direcltly inter-related.
 Any way of thinking and attempt to achieve reunification by forcing the social system of one side upon the other would trigger confrontation and lead to a war in the long run.
 The past history of inter-Korean relations is showing that the theory of "unification of systems" itself is one of the root causes which gravely threaten the security of the Korean Peninsula by feeding distrust and triggering tension.
 It was all the more evident through the theory of "unification by prevailing over communism" sought by military dictatorial governments of south Korea. The theory of "unification of systems" advocated by the south Korean "civilian government" in the 1990s had also deepened distrust between the north and the south and wreaked havoc with the situation of the Korean Peninsula.
 Leader Kim Jong Il unfolded the great Songun politics and opened up the June 15 era of reunification. Through this, he delivered a decisive blow to the attempts of hostile forces to stifle the DPRK as well as to the theory of "unification of systems" and opened up the future of independent and peaceful reunification of the country. Herein lie the immortal exploits for national reunification performed by him, who had made contribution to ensuring the security of the Korean Peninsula.
 He decisively smashed the pressure and threats of the U.S. and its followers against the DPRK, secured a firm guarantee for defending security of the Korean Peninsula and provided the general principles for national reunification.
 In his historic work "Let us Carry Out the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung's Instructions for National Reunification" on August 4, 1997, Kim Jong Il formulated the great reunification legacies of President Kim Il Sung--Three Principles of National Reunification, 10-Point Programme of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation and the Proposal for Founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo--into the Three Charters for National Reunification and, thus, provided all Koreans with undying banner to be upheld in the efforts to reunify the country.
 The core and goal of the Three Charters for National Reunification, as clarified by Kim Jong Il, is to establish an independent unified state on the Korean Peninsula by federal formula.
 Reunification by federal formula is not only reasonable but also just and fair reunification formula because it doesn't presuppose supremacy or interest of one side only. So, this formula serves as the best way for ensuring security of the Korean Peninsula.
 Kim Jong Il opened up the June 15 era of reunification based on the three charters with his prominent leadership ability and strong power of execution.
 The inter-Korean summit, the first of its kind in the history of national division that lasted more than half a century, was held in June 2000, resulting in the adoption of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.
 The north and the south, through June 15 Joint Declaration, came to agree at the highest level on the way of reunification which would ensure security of the Korean Peninsula based on the idea of "By our nation itself".
 This made it possible for the inter-Korean relations to develop on the basis of co-existence and co-prosperity, and a new chapter recorded as the "June 15 era of reunification" could go down in history.
 As the inter-Korean relations turned and moved towards reconciliation and unity, it became possible to agree on lots of measures to build up trust and ensure security, things that had looked impossible in the past.
 The second inter-Korean summit, held on October 4, 2007, resulted in the adoption of the "Declaration for the Development of the North-South Relations and Peace and Prosperity". This Declaration stipulated that a large portion of the disputed waters in the West Sea, where the risk of accidental clash was high, should be turned into a peace zone and that the two sides of Korea should cooperate with each other in encouraging parties concerned to declare the end of the Korean War.  This is a good example of showing that the June 15 reunification era made not a small contribution to ensuring security on the Korean Peninsula.
 The anti-DPRK confrontation fanatics took power in south Korea and advocated the old theory of "unification of systems", driving the inter-Korean relations into the biggest catastrophe ever in history. The present situation goes to prove that only the June 15 reunification era can bring earlier national reunification and safeguard national security. 
 The June 15 reunification era is a golden legacy of securing security on the Korean Peninsula Leader Kim Jong Il left for the entire Korean nation.

2. Contribution towards Ensuring Peace in Northeast Asia

 Northeast Asia is of more importance than any other regions in ensuring global peace and security.
 World War I which broke out in the 20th century began and ended in Europe. But World War II began in Europe and ended in Northeast Asia. This can be called a historical phenomenon indicating a gradual shift of strategic gravity of the world.
 As we enter into the 21st century, strategic gravity of Northeast Asia is more striking and accelerated in its shift. Economic gravity is now on the move to the Asia-Pacific region. This also caused military and strategic importance to be moved into Northeast Asia.
 What is also moved into Northeast Asia is the Cold War structure between the East and the West which once divided Europe, and there is a symptom that this Cold War structure would reappear as a "new Cold War" structure of dividing Northeast Asia into two.
 Northeast Asia, far from having such a multilateral security regime at a regional level as can be found in Europe and Southeast Asia, only has in place the vestige of the cold war that exists in the form of U.S.-south Korea military alliance and U.S.-Japan military alliance. As the days go by, those military alliances are causing a threat to regional security and global peace.
 As long as a force with its eye on global domination does exist in this world, it is a par for the course that there would be a limit to the build-up of trust between the countries, and the danger of conflict would never cease to hang over.
 Such being the situation, Northeast Asia does need to have a buffer zone which is capable of dividing physically big powers confronting with each other. Buffer zone is to draw the line between those involved in the disputes in regions. This approach of establishing a buffer zone is recognized as an effective method of ensuring peace through years of international practices.
  The Korean Peninsula is in a delicate and odd geographical position of being sandwiched between big powers, a position which is sensitive enough to bring the neighboring big powers to a fight or prevent them from doing it. If the Korean Peninsula is reunified and stands neutral and independent, it can hold in check possible conflicts between neighboring big powers. But, to the contrary, if it opts to remain divided and seek a confrontational approach, it would feed the excuse of a fight to big powers and get itself drawn into that fight. This is what we call the delicate position of the Korean Peninsula. History shows that if and when the inter-Korean relations remain tense, neighboring big countries also remain tense in their own relations and heightened their own military showdowns.
 It is from such a delicate position of the Korean Peninsula that the world expected that the peninsula, situated in the middle of Northeast Asia, would be a buffer zone between big powers.
 What Kim Jong Il opened as the June 15 era of reunification made it possible to bring a new phase in ensuring security of the Korean Peninsula and peace of Northeast Asia.
  In the past, people in neighboring and some other countries of the world took an ambivalent approach towards this formula of federal reunification. They said this formula is a good one for Korea's reunification, but they remained skeptical over the possible realization of it, saying it would be difficult to do so unless the north and the south agreed on it.
 Kim Jong Il agreed with the south Korean side, through June 15 North-South Joint Declaration, on the way of reunification which would guarantee security of both the north and the south of the Korean Peninsula, thus instilling a new hope and faith for national reunification into the people at home and abroad.
  If federal reunification is achieved, our country would naturally be a national unified state which is independent, peace-loving and neutral. This would make it possible for the Korean Peninsula to become a bulwark for ensuring peace in Northeast Asia enabling it to play a role of buffer zone between big powers.
  The Inter-Korean Joint Declaration holds a great significance in ensuring peace in Northeast Asia and the rest of the world. This constitutes one of the reasons of why this Declaration has received full support and welcome from all countries of the world, and UN and other international organizations, let alone from the entire Korean nation.
 The June 15 era of reunification proved that if the inter-Korean relations were improved, it would set a tone for the overall atmosphere of the region and would eventually go a long way towards providing an atmosphere of global detente.
 Just after the June 15 Joint Declaration was made public, a special envoy of Kim Jong Il visited Washington and met the U.S. President first ever in the history of DPRK-U.S. relations, and a subsequent DPRK-U.S. Joint Communique was announced. Following that, the U.S. Secretary of State visited Pyongyang.
 The Japanese Prime Minister visited Pyongyang and a DPRK-Japan Summit was held for the first time in the history of their relations, and a subsequent DPRK-Japan Declaration was adopted. The West, which had not recognized DPRK for dozens of years, established diplomatic relations with DPRK all at once. This all had happened in the June 15 era of reunification.
 Especially, six-way talks was held first time with the participation of the countries from Northeast Asia and an important regional agreement, i.e., the September 19 Joint Statement, was reached.
The June 15 era of reunification showed that only when the inter-Korean relations were oriented towards co-existence and co-prosperity it would help defend security on the Korean Peninsula. That era also showed that neighboring countries are accepting such developments with a good grace.
 The situation of the Korean Peninsula is now on the brink of war due to the present south Korean authorities and the U.S. capitalized on this to deploy its military force massively into Northeast Asia. Such situation is producing evidence that national reunification is holding a clinching significance in guaranting security of the region.
 A dark cloud of cold war was hanging over Northeast Asia. Just at this time, Kim Jong Il held aloft the banner of Songun and brought to us the June 15 era of reunification. Through this, he provided a sure guarantee for peace and security in Northeast Asia. Herein lie his immortal feats for national reunification.

3. Great Exploits that Will Be Everlasting in the World

 The Korean nation started its movement for the country's reunification at the very day when it was divided. Since then, it has undergone through a myriad of turns and twists year after year.
 It experienced confrontations over policies between reunification and division, which all came out of the moves pursued by separatists at home and abroad. The same is truth in case of confrontations between the formula of federal reunification and the theory of "unification of systems".
 As the struggle for national reunification drags on and a generation changes, we also found some people in south Korea and some other countries who lost their hopes for reunification. Some even thought that reunification is as far off as the Moon.
 But, all the fellow countrymen and the world people, getting along in the June 15 reunification era, came to have firm confidence that it is quite possible to achieve the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula and so there is practical possibility of ensuring a lasting peace in Northeast Asia.
 Even today, exacerbating confrontation between the north and the south drives the situation of the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war. However, our army and people remain optimistic about the prospect of national reunification and are full of confidence to drive out confrontation maniacs and safeguard security in the peninsula. All this is attributable to treasured sword of Songun and inter-Korean declarations provided by Kim Jong Il.
 It is important to steadily defend and enrich the valuable reunification achievements of Kim Jong Il, who made an immortal contribution to the prosperity of the nation and global peace. Herein lies a sure guarantee for finally ensuring national reunification and security of the Korean Peninsula all together.
 What is important is to implement to the letter the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and its action programme, the October 4 Declaration, which were all provided by Kim Jong Il.
 Those two declarations are a symbol of the June 15 reunification era and beacon of reunification and peace.
 First of all, we should base ourselves on the idea of "By our nation itself" in getting all of our efforts oriented towards the national reunification which would help secure security on the Korean Peninsula. The level of mutual confidence between the north and the south should be restored to the same level as it was in the June 15 reunification era without any delay by thoroughly demolishing the temporarily revived specter of "unification of systems".
 The first step in establishing the lasting peace regime throughout the Korean Peninsula is to turn the West Sea of Korea, where the risk of clash is high, into the area of peace as stipulated in the October 4 Declaration.
 Implementation of the inter-Korean declarations is in full accord with the interests of all countries that show concern over peace in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.
 Neighboring and other countries concerned are worried about the present bedeviled relations between the north and the south of Korea. They all could hardly refrain from recalling the time, with a fond and nostalgic memory, when the inter-Korean declarations were adopted and implemented, a time when everybody felt safe and sound and got benefit from the adoption and implementation of the above declarations.
 Now only a handful of people refuse to implement those declarations in the Korean Peninsula. Immediately after the present south Korean authorities took office, they spoke ill of the June 15 reunification era, defiling it as "lost 10 years". But, they are now standing before the court of judgment for their crimes.
 If a country truly wants to see the provision of security in the Korean Peninsula, it should squarely see that the only way to do it is to implement the declarations that would lead to improved relations between the north and the south and, further, to peace and security in Northeast Asia, instead of lending its ear to the sophism of the south Korean authorities.
 If a country keeps its distance from mentioning the implementation of the inter-Korean declarations while talking about the need to improve the inter-Korean relations, this would rather be viewed as an unconstructive attitude of taking sides with the present south Korean authorities which remain dead set against the declarations. At present, the U.S. often talks that it wants to see the improved relations between the north and the south, but it still bypasses any chance of expressing its stand towards the implementation of those declarations, only to keep us doubtful about its willingness. This is a typical example of an unconstructive attitude by a certain country towards the inter-Korean declarations.
 The stand towards the inter-Korean declarations is an acid test which will determine who stands for or against security of the Korean Peninsula and peace in Northeast Asia.
 The cause of national reunification started by President Kim Il Sung and advanced victoriously by Kim Jong Il is truly entering into a new historical turning point.
 Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of our Party, State and Army, now stands at the helm of our people in their general march to brilliantly accomplish the cause of national reunification, true to the behests of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
 The movement of national reunification is sure to emerge victorious as there are the Dear Respected Kim Jong Un and the great idea of independent and peaceful reunification that guides all Koreans with the idea of "By our nation itself".
 The immortal exploits of Kim Jong Il for national reunification will remain long in the history of a reunified country.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Open Questionnaire of the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK 

Pyongyang, February 2 (KCNA) -- The Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Thursday issued the following open questionnaire to the south Korean authorities. 

The south Korean puppet group is crying out for resuming north-south dialogue and mending ties from the outset of the new year. 

Lately it has so gone shameless as to urge the DPRK to come out for contact at an early date, saying it keeps the door of dialogue open. 

It went the lengths of warning that the north should not miss the window of opportunity and time has come for it to respond. 

Behind the scene, the group has been keen on discussing the schedule for Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises targeted against the DPRK and hatching whole gamut of anti-DPRK confrontation plots, claiming that it can not give up the fundamentals of the theory of adherence to the principle. 

What should not be overlooked is that it is abetted by its American master who keeps asserting that the improvement of the north-south relations should precede and "sincerity" of the north as for the dismantlement of nuclear program should be confirmed before anything else. 

Under the prevailing situation the Policy Department of the DPRK NDC solemnly urges the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors to clearly answer following open questions reflecting the will of the army and people of the DPRK as the group loudly trumpets about resumption of north-south dialogue and improvement of relations. 

1. Is the south Korean group ready to deeply repent of its heinous crimes concerning the great loss to the Korean nation and make apologies for them? 

Fresh in the memory of the army and people of the DPRK are crimes committed by the Lee group when the nation was grieving over the great loss to it. 

The Lee group only took the lead in hurting the people in the DPRK when the nation and other people of the world were sharing the biggest grief. 

The DPRK's announcement that it would never deal with the south Korean authorities was attributable to the group's hideous wrongdoings. 

Far from drawing a proper lesson from its wrongdoings, the group mocked at the army and people who shed tears of grief and sorrow and dared to fabricate a lie concerning the passing of leader Kim Jong Il, thus adding to its crimes in its anti-DPRK smear campaign. 

Can the DPRK sit with hooligans intent on sordid acts unimaginable by human brain, betes noires bereft of any intellectual awareness and elementary ethics and morality? 

National dialogue and contact can bear expected fruit only when they are based on humanity. 

The south Korean authorities should punish traitor Lee and his riff-raffs in the name of the nation if they truly hope for resuming dialogue and contact with the DPRK and improving relations with it. They should admit their crimes and apologize with the feelings of deep remorse and also give assurances that they would never try to hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and do harm to its sacred system and single-minded unity. 

2. Do the authorities have an intention to make public at home and abroad their willingness to implement the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, its practical program? 

The two historic declarations were a patriotic heritage left by Kim Jong Il, matchless patriot and outstanding leader of the nation. They constitute an undying programme for national reunification. 

Stand and attitude to the declarations are a touchstone distinguishing patriotism from treachery and reunification from division. 

It is exactly the Lee group which marred overnight the historical achievements of national reconciliation, peace and prosperity that were brought about by the declarations, denying their truth. 

Even at this moment traitor Lee is thinking about realizing "no nukes, opening and 3 000 dollars", oft-repeating "theory of principle", scenario for confrontation, being holed up in Chongwadae. 

We would like to question if they think we can sit with the group of traitors keen on obstructing what nation wants to do and laying stumbling blocks only in the way of reunification while pushing the north-south relations to an uncontrollable catastrophe? 

Genuine dialogue and contact are guaranteed by implementation of the two historic declarations, gains common to the nation. 

If the south Korean authorities truly stand for holding dialogue and mended ties, they should ostracize the Lee group as it made up its mind to deny and scrap the two declarations. They should push under the carpet the "theory of principle" and "no nukes, opening and 3 000 dollars", a product of confrontation with fellow countrymen, and make public internally and externally their willingness to implement the two declarations under any circumstances. 

3. Can Lee group promise the world it can no longer hurt the DPRK over "Cheonan" warship case and Yonphyong Island shelling incident? 

The frayed north-south ties are attributable to the Lee group which deliberately linked the "Cheonan" warship sinking case with the DPRK and shifted the blame for Yonphyong Island shelling incident on to the DPRK as part of its escalated campaign for confrontation with the DPRK. 

The army and people of the DPRK clarified more than once the truth regarding the case enough to be understandable by the Lee group by means of an open letter worked out by the inspection group of the National Defence Commission. 

Not only broad south Koreans but big powers including the U.S. are becoming increasingly assertive in branding the story of "north's involvement" in "Cheonan" case as a sheer fabrication of the Lee group. 

Even Donald Gregg, former U.S. ambassador in Seoul, who brags his knowledge of south Korea said in an official appearance that he does not count on the "story of the north's involvement in the warship sinking case." 

But Lee group, basing itself on lies, is abusing the "Cheonan" case in hurting the fellow countrymen in the north. 

As for Yonphyong Island shelling incident, it occurred as the puppet military warmongers fired into the territorial waters of the DPRK side first in an attempt to maintain the bogus "northern limit line", defying the repeated warnings of its army. 

The group should have drawn a due lesson from the cross-fire. 

But the Lee group is reviling the DPRK's self-defensive step as a "military provocation", reminding one of a thief crying "Stop the thief!" 

It seems to have come to the knowledge of the incoherence between the two incidents touted by it as it now talks about discussing the matters at the dialogue. 

Do the army and people of the DPRK really have to sit face to face with these brazen-faced villains, who master in orchestrating the farce? 

If the south Korean authorities so much want dialogue and contact, they should apologize to the nation for having kicked up anti-DPRK racket while peddling the "story of the north's involvement" in the warship case and for having branded the DPRK's self-defensive measure as a "military provocation". They should promise before the world they would punish those responsible for the farce and stop the evil habit of groundlessly hurting others. 

4. Can the south Korean authorities make a policy decision to stop big joint military exercises targeted against the DPRK? 

The big joint military exercises the Lee group has staged in and around south Korea in collusion with the U.S. imperialists are without exception aggression war moves aimed to militarily blackmail and stifle the DPRK. 

War and dialogue are incompatible. 

It does not make sense to sit face to face with enemy carrying a dagger by the belt and talk about peace. 

If the group has a true willingness to hold dialogue and improve relations, it should drop the dagger and create favorable atmosphere, to begin with. 

This was the reason why the DPRK took the resolute measures of suspending the valuable dialogues and contacts whenever there held war exercises in and around south Korea. 

Lately, the Lee group is sending puppet military warmongers to the U.S. to discuss the schedule of Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises slated for late February and signing operational plans worked out to cope with "military provocation" from the DPRK, talking about "dialogue''. 

The group is paying lip-service to dialogue while whetting a sword to hurt the fellow countrymen behind the scene. 

What should not be overlooked is that the group plans staging aggression war exercises at a time when the people in the DPRK still grieve over the greatest loss to the nation. 

The smokescreen of dialogue and veil of improved ties are too thin, we think. 

The south Korean authorities should clarify their stand at the crossroads of peace or war and dialogue or confrontation. 

If they truly stand for dialogue, they should make a decision to stop all war exercises, away from the idea of flunkeyism and dependence on outsiders. 

5. Are they ready to drop wrong view on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and practically work for it? 

Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula encompasses the whole territory of the north and south of Korea. 

The nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula cropped up as the puppet authorities and the U.S. sneaked nuclear weapons into south Korea pursuant to the U.S. clandestine nuclear policy of neither denying nor confirming. 

The DPRK has more to say than the puppet authorities and the U.S. as regards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. 

Problem is that the Lee group is working fool to destroy the nuclear deterrent which fellow countrymen in the north have built to cope with the outsiders' nuclear threat. The group is siding with its master's call for "the north's dismantlement of nuclear program". 

Explicitly speaking, the DPRK's nuclear deterrent is a just and self-defensive one to defend the nation from the U.S. nuclear threat, not a deterrent to hurt the nation. 

History proves that the destiny of the country and nation can not be defended unless nukes are responded with nukes and missiles with missiles. 

But for the U.S. nuclear threat, the DPRK would not have felt the need to keep even a single nuclear weapon. 

However, the Lee group introduced "extended nuclear deterrence" into south Korea while becoming the first in echoing the U.S. talk about "north's dismantlement of nuclear program" and someone' s "sincerity" even though it was not aware of the meaning of the "principle of simultaneous actions." 

Does the DPRK have to sit at a negotiating table with the group of traitors who threaten the fellow countrymen with the U.S. nuclear weapons, being accustomed to flunkeyism, submission and dependence on outsiders? 

The south Korean authorities should have the common knowledge of the nuclear issue on the peninsula with a proper stand and do what they should do, free from the master's nuclear umbrella, before talking about dialogue. 

To this end, it is necessary for them to promise the nation that it would buckle down to dismantling nuclear weapons in the south before impudently crying out for "north's dismantlement of nuclear weapons". 

6. Are they going to keep vicious anti-DPRK smear psychological campaign? 

Psychological campaign is, in fact, a war action. 

Intensified psychological campaign may lead the acute north-south relations to the point of explosion. 

The army and people of the DPRK clarified their stand to the matter more than once. 

The Lee group, however, is taking lightly the DPRK's patience and countermeasures now in the making. 

Since the nation faced the greatest loss, the group has mobilized not only human scum but special agents of the puppet military, escalating different kinds of psychological warfare hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and slandering its system. 

The group even dreams in vain of inducing "contingency" and "regime change". 

Can the group become the dialogue partner of the DPRK? 

They should stop psychological warfare and punish those involved in it and honor all the north-south military agreements that were reached in the course of implementing the historic June 15 joint declaration if they are true in their willingness for dialogue and improvement of relations. 

If the Lee group persists in describing anti-DPRK psychological warfare as "civilian deed" and "people's sentiment", it would deteriorate the north-south relations. The enraged revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK may deluge the psychological centers and strongholds with fire any moment. The group should bear this deep in mind. 

7. Does the group have willingness to resume and keep going north-south cooperation and exchange in the direction of promoting nation's peace, prosperity and common interests? 

North-south cooperation and exchange are a nationwide undertaking for nation's common interests and prosperity. 

They guarantee national reconciliation, unity, peace, prosperity and reunification. 

Typical projects were Kaesong Industrial Zone and tour of Mt. Kumgang. 

Traitor Lee, however, put a brake on the cooperation regarding the Kaesong Industrial Zone throughout past four years in office, saying it "benefits the north only". As for tour of Mt. Kumgang, Lee suspended it under the pretext of the death of a tourist who met death due to her own mistake. 

The Lee group tried to give impression that the north-south cooperation and exchange benefited the army of the DPRK and helped it have access to nuclear deterrent. 

"Probe of truth, measures for the prevention of recurrence and provision of personal safety" are pretexts cooked up by the group to drop a bar on cooperation and exchange. 

The army and people of the DPRK have so far lived without cooperation and exchange with the puppet group of south Korea and they will be better off in the future without them. The DPRK also has emerged a full-fledged military power possessed of a powerful nuclear deterrent without them. 

How can the Lee group ignorant of the value of exchange and cooperation become the dialogue partner of the DPRK? 

The DPRK will never be taken in by a small amount of "nutritious food" for children. 

The south Korean authorities should repent of having quenched the desire and wishes of the nation for exchange and cooperation, before talking about dialogue. They should voice their willingness to resume exchange and cooperation and keep them going in the direction of promoting national peace, prosperity and common interests. 

8. Can the present south Korean authorities meet our principled demand for replacing the present armistice system by a peace-keeping mechanism? 

It is long since the situation in Korea has already reached a war phase due to such unstable state of neither peace nor war. 

The trend of this situation is attributable to the continuation of the armistice system, a leftover of the Cold War, and the existence of the belligerent relations though half a century has passed since the ceasefire. 

The U.S. is entirely to blame for this fact as it has persistently worked to ignite a war of aggression against the north on the basis of its scenario for the permanent presence of its aggressor forces in south Korea in actuality, while paying lip-service to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. 

Greater responsibility for this situation rests with the Lee group who has created the above-said phase, clinging to the coattail of its master, while getting hell-bent on sycophancy towards the U.S. and confrontation with compatriots. 

It is none other than the Lee group that is busy with diplomacy aimed to get assurances from the U.S. for invariable "military assistance and security guarantee" including the permanent presence of its imperialist aggressor forces as soon as it announced its military strategy which calls for attaching importance to Asia-Pacific. 

It is again traitor Lee that is obstructing by hook or by crook the DPRK-U.S. highest military contact which the former has already started for the purpose of defusing the tension on the peninsula and building a peace-keeping mechanism. 

It is only Lee who is swimming against the trend of the times at a time when all Koreans are waging a struggle to frustrate reckless military provocations of the bellicose forces at home and abroad and their arms build-up, war exercises, etc. holding loft the slogan of peace against war. 

If the Lee group truly stands for dialogue, it should take the lead in driving out of this land the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces, the main hurdle lying in building a peace-keeping mechanism on the peninsula, to begin with, and express the will to unconditionally respond to the DPRK's just stand to replace the present armistice system by a peace-keeping mechanism. 

9. Can the south Korean authorities make a decision to abolish at once the "Security Law" and other evil laws against the nation and reunification? 

SL is the most draconic law designed to suppress the independent desire of the people in the south and block the improvement of the north-south relations. 

By invoking this evil law which should have been scrapped, Lee incriminates those who travel their own country and land and meet with their compatriots. 

He is punishing on charge of violation of this law even those fair-minded people who visited the bier of the father of the nation and expressed sorrow over his passing. 

As long as such evil laws as SL remain in force, it is impossible for the north and the south to meet for dialogue nor is it possible to achieve a substantial improvement in the relations and succeed in anything helpful to all Koreans. 

What matters is that Lee lends a deaf ear to the desire and wishes of the public for the repeal of all these draconic laws. 

SL is a product of the Yusin dictatorial system and a poisonous plant which should have been rooted out already long ago with the end of the Cold War. 

If the south Korean authorities truly wish dialogue, they should swear before the nation that they will eliminate the Lee group keen to maintain those laws and abrogate those laws to their last vestige. 

The Lee group had better stop recklessly talking about inter-Korean dialogue and the improved relations, properly understanding its position, and look back itself on whether it is entitled to be a dialogue partner. 

The people of various circles in south Korea have already set this year as a "year for settling accounts" with the present puppet authorities and are becoming increasingly assertive that "they should fully settle accounts with traitor Lee and his gentries through a stern judgment," saying that they should never be allowed to step down of their own accord or "die natural deaths". 

It is the demand of people of various circles in south Korea to see the group's "outdated political pattern-outdated system" abolished and "new political pattern-new system" established instead. It is the mind-set in south Korea that there should appear "a government for national reconciliation" without traitor Lee. 

The situation has reached such phase that even "Grand National Party" which Lee regarded as his own house posted on Internet even an animation file showing people pulling down the ugly looking statue of the traitor, shouting "Myung Bak, go away". 

It is long since his group of traitors has already been reduced to a living dead as it has gone against the trend of the times and the people's desire. 

The service personnel and people of the DPRK will never deal with the Lee group forsaken by the people for the above-said crimes. 

Proceeding from the stand of national independence and the stance of giving priority to the nation, all of them will achieve national reconciliation and unity and foil every move of the warmongers at home and abroad for war and glorify new 100-year history of Juche era as a history of national reunification. -0-