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Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, had a photo session with soldiers of KPA Unit 323 honored with the Title of O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment.
Kim Jong Un guided the tactical exercise of the unit on Jan. 18 and 21 and highly appreciated it as a very successful one, promising the unit to have a photo taken with the service personnel who participated in it. He had a photo session with them, expressing expectation and belief that they would further intensify their training in the future, too, just as the anti-Japanese guerrillas did in Mt. Paektu and thus prepare themselves as a-match-for-a-hundred fighters ready for an actual war.
Present there were Ri Yong Gil, Kim Su Gil, RiPyongChol and Hwang Pyong So.
Kim Jong Il left as his legacy great exploits which guarantee the everlasting foundation and bright future of socialist Korea.
He raised the Juche idea and Songun idea as the eternal guiding ideology of Korea and as the great guiding ideology of the era of independence. Being endowed with the outstanding ideo-theoretical wisdom, he launched energetic ideo-theoretical activities from his early years, during which he systematized the revolutionary ideas of President Kim Il Sung, founding father of socialist Korea, as the integral system of idea, theory and method of Juche.
He published many works including On the Juche Idea (March 1982) to further develop the idea.
By developing and enriching the idea of giving priority to the arms, the idea of attaching importance to military affairs put forward by the President, to meet the requirements of the new era, he formulated the Songun idea and raised it as the invincible sword for accomplishing the cause of independence. Thanks to this, the Juche idea and the Songun idea became the great guiding ideology in the era of independence and the immortal Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism. This ideological and theoretical wealth is the most precious legacy bequeathed by him for the Korean people and progressive mankind.
Kim Jong Il developed the Workers’ Party of Korea into an ever-victorious guiding force, the DPRK into a powerful socialist state and the Korean People’s Army into invincible armed forces. The 50-year history of his leadership of the WPK was a period when he created a model of building a socialist ruling party.
Thanks to his energetic leadership, the WPK developed into a militant party, in which unitariness of ideology and leadership is firmly secured and the sense of organization and discipline is strong beyond comparison, into a motherly party, which takes responsibility for the destiny of the masses, into a veteran and sophisticated party, and into a party, in which inheritance of leadership is firmly secured.
In the end of the last century when socialist Korea was faced with the worst adversity on account of the collapse of socialism in several countries, the vicious schemes of the US-led imperialist allied forces to stifle it and the natural calamities that hit it for several consecutive years, he administered Songun politics in a comprehensive way, with the result that the DPRK demonstrated its might as an invincible bulwark of socialism and the KPA developed into formidable armed forces. By attaching top priority to strengthening the national defence capabilities, he strengthened the might of the KPA to the maximum through his incessant field guidance and turned the whole country into a formidable fortress by materializing on a new, higher level the policy of arming all the people and fortifying the whole land. Under his leadership Korea became a nuclear possessor, with which nuclear threat by the imperialists cut no ice, and the KPA displayed its might as an army strong in idea and faith and a-match-for hundred army which is ready both for defence and attack.
Kim Jong Il turned the whole society of Korea into a grand harmonious family with his politics of love and trust, and the whole country into a political and ideological power in which all the people are united single-mindedly.
Thus, in the DPRK everlasting cornerstone was laid for accomplishing the cause of socialism, unperturbed by any upheavals of history. It is not coincidental for the Korean people to have held Kim Jong Il in high esteem as the eternal General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and eternal Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission.
Kim Jong Il laid solidly-built foundations for building a thriving socialist country. He drew up a bright blueprint for building a thriving socialist power and created every condition to put it into reality through his devoted field guidance. By opening up the era of knowledge industry with the introduction of CNC technology into the machine-building industry, he led the effort to stoke the flames of industrial revolution of the new century across the country and make the overall national economy modern and knowledge-based.
Under his leadership in the DPRK an amazing reality was unfolded of switching over to knowledge economy; cutting-edge CNC machine tools are being mass-produced, Juche iron production system that uses no coking coal and scrap iron, a revolution in the world’s metallurgical industry, was established and modernization of the production of vinalon and introduction of DCS system of the fertilizer production through coal gasification were materialized. Many factories and enterprises including the HuichonRyonha General Machine Factory and the Taedonggang General Fruit Processing Factory were newly built or renovated as world-class ones. The DPRK is now one of the few artificial earth satellite producers and launchers in the world. Everywhere including Pyongyang across the country has been refurbished in a modern way, unfolding the prospect for the Korean people to enjoy all the benefits of socialism.
The immortal exploits Kim Jong Il achieved by devoting his whole life will shine for ever as the most valuable legacy which guarantees the triumph of the cause of Korean-style socialism and the cause of independence of mankind.

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NDC of DPRK Sends Open Letter to South Korean Side
Pyongyang, January 24 (KCNA) -- The National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK Thursday sent an open letter to the authorities, various political parties, social organizations and people of various circles of south Korea by a special order of the first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the NDC of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army.
The letter says:
The history of the territorial partition which has lasted for several decades has brought untold misfortune and pain to the Korean nation.
Foreign forces are wholly to blame for this tragic and disgraceful history of the Korean nation which started following the liberation of the country.
Firmly determined to put an end to the history of the territorial partition and national split in view of the hard reality to which the Korean nation can no longer remain a passive on-looker, the supreme leadership of the DPRK in the New Year Address clarified internally and externally realistic ways of opening a fresh phase of national reunification.
The ardent appeal sent by the NDC of the DPRK to the south Korean authorities on January 16 represents an important proposal for opening a wide avenue for improving the north-south relations.
The important proposal of the DPRK reflects the steadfast will of its army and people to improve the north-south relations by concerted efforts of the two sides, not asking about all inglorious happenings in the past.
This offer also reflects the desire and wishes of all Koreans for independent reunification, peace and prosperity of the country.
Regretfully, however, the south Korean authorities still remain unchanged in its improper attitude and negative stand towards the proposal.
What is most important for mending the inter-Korean ties is to have a proper attitude and stance towards this issue.
The issue of improving the inter-Korean ties is a prerequisite for achieving the national reconciliation and unity and the starting point to provide a shortcut to reunification.
The DPRK has already unilaterally opted for halting all acts of getting on the nerves of south Korea and slandering it.
What is also important for paving a wide avenue for mending the north-south relations is to make a bold decision to stop all hostile military acts, the biggest hurdle stoking distrust and confrontation.
The creation of atmosphere is required for repairing the inter-Korean relations but what is more important is to definitely terminate hostile military acts, the main obstacle to it.
The DPRK did not urge the south Korean authorities to stop ordinary military drills.
It urged them to halt drills for a war of aggression to be staged against their compatriots in collusion with outside forces.
The south Korean authorities should not thoughtlessly doubt, misinterpret and rashly reject our sincere, important proposal.
The north-south relations will be improved on a solid basis only when both sides take realistic measures to prevent impending nuclear disasters with concerted efforts of the Korean nation.
The denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is a goal common to the nation as it should be realized by concerted efforts of all Koreans.
The south Korean authorities should have no doubt about the DPRK's will for denuclearization.
No matter how many regimes and authorities have been replaced, the south Korean authorities should utter any word after having a proper understanding of the root cause of the nuclear issue on the peninsula.
Before finding fault with the nation's precious nuclear force for self-defence to which the DPRK had access, they should make a bold decision to stop their dangerous acts of introducing outsiders' nukes to do harm to their compatriots.
It is our determination to create an atmosphere of reconciliation and unity, completely halt hostile military acts, realize the reunion of separated families and relatives, resume the tour of Mt. Kumgang and reenergize multi-faceted north-south cooperation and exchanges.
Unshakable is the stand of the service personnel and people of the DPRK to pave a wide avenue for mending the north-south relations by concerted efforts of the Korean nation.
Improved inter-Korean relations precisely mean the independent reunification, peace and prosperity desired by all Koreans.
Kim Jong Un Visits Revolutionary Battle Site in Mt. Madu
Pyongyang, January 23 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, visited the revolutionary battle site in Mt. Madu.
The revolutionary battle site in Mt. Madu built as a secret base in the area of Anju in the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle was a base for regional leadership, an important base for military operation in the western part of Korea.
There existed secret camps in Mts. Madu, Sang, Jon and Thukmaek in places favorable in terms of nature and geography and various revolutionary organizations were formed according to the operational plan of President Kim Il Sung. As a result, there appeared a reliable revolutionary fortress for making full preparations for all-people resistance and conducting an operation for a final attack for national liberation.
After looking round the room for the education in trees bearing slogans, Kim Jong Un watched trees bearing slogans outside.
The area of Anju where the revolutionary battle site is located was an important operational area for greeting the great event of national liberation, he noted, adding the fact that Kim Il Sung built a secret base there clearly proves that he was a peerlessly great man possessed of far-sighted wisdom.
He pointed out that the revolutionary battle site in Mt. Madu bears witness to the immortal exploits performed by Kim Il Sung for accomplishing the historic cause of national liberation and the indomitable fighting spirit of the Korean people who ushered in a new era of the national liberation struggle in colonies, holding him in high esteem as the center of unity and leadership.
It is the unshakable will and determination of the WPK to always uphold, carry forward and develop the revolutionary traditions established by Kim Il Sung and complete the Korean revolution, Kim Jong Un stressed.
He had a photo session with the employees of the revolutionary battle site, expressing great expectation and belief that they would successfully fulfill their honorable duty.
The revolutionary battle sites are eternal treasures of the Korean revolution more precious than anything else and important bases for equipping the members of the party, working people, service personnel and youth and students with the revolutionary traditions of the WPK, he noted, setting forth important tasks which would serve as guidelines for managing and operating them and intensifying the education through them. He was accompanied by Hwang Pyong So, Ma Won Chun, Kim Yong Chol and Pak Jong Chon.
Kim Jong Un Guides Tactical Exercise of KPA Unit 323
Pyongyang, January 23 (KCNA) -- Supreme commander of the Korean People's Army (KPA) Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, visited a tactical drill ground of KPA Unit 323 honored with the Title of O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment and guided the exercise.
After receiving a report on the plan for the exercise at the observation post, he gave an order to start the exercise. Soldiers showed him their admirable actions of occupying the "enemy's position" at a lightning speed, giving it no time to come to itself. After watching them strike and destroy the enemy's installations at a lightning speed by performing their combat mission independently and proactively despite adverse conditions, he said that he came to realize that they were good at day-to-day trainings.
He highly praised them for conducting the most successful exercise under very unfavorable conditions in terms of nature, geography and climate. He said that the exercise could prove successful as officers commanded the "battle" while performing difficult duties in the van of soldiers.
He once again highly praised the commanding officers and officers of the staff of the unit for acquiring capabilities to skillfully organize and command all forms of modern operations and battles and soldiers for being well versed in battle methods for satisfactorily performing their combat duty. He sent thanks to the unit on behalf of KPA supreme commander.
He set forth important tasks to be fulfilled by the KPA to organize and conduct drills under the simulated conditions of an actual war. He was accompanied by Ri Yong Gil, Kim Su Gil, Ri Pyong Chol, Kim Yong Chol, Pak Jong Chon and Hwang Pyong So.
Kim Jong Un Sends Vehicles to State Academy of Sciences
Pyongyang, January 23 (KCNA) -- Supreme leader Kim Jong Un sent vehicles to the State Academy of Sciences as gifts.
The gifts reflect his deep trust and great expectation that the scientists and technicians will uphold the party's policies with bigger scientific and technical achievements and make positive contributions to the prosperity and development of the country.
A ceremony of conveying the gifts took place on Tuesday.
Speeches were made to renew their determination at the end of the ceremony.
The speakers said that immensely profound is the loving care shown by Kim Jong Un for the scientists and technicians, who open a shortcut to building knowledge-based economy, projecting them as precious treasures of the country.
They said that officials, scientists and technicians would ride the excellent "steed" provided to them by the party, remaining true to Kim Jong Un's idea of attaching importance to science and his leadership, and thus successfully perform their role as vanguard and propellant in the building of a thriving nation.
Present at the ceremony were Choe Thae Bok, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, and President Jang Chol and other officials, scientists, technicians and employees of the Academy.

RodongSinmun Thursday carried "Let Us Hold Great Comrade Kim Jong Il in High Esteem as General Secretary of Our Party Forever and Successfully Accomplish the Revolutionary Cause of Juche", a talk the dear respected Kim Jong Un had with leading officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) on April 6.
In the talk Kim Jong Un said that the Fourth Conference of the WPK is to be held amid great expectation and concern of the people at home and abroad in the run-up to the significant Day of the Sun marking the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong Un called for making the Conference serve as a turning point in providing an important landmark in upholding leader Kim Jong Il as eternal leader of the WPK together with Kim Il Sung and successfully realizing their ideas and cause.  He stressed the need to hold Kim Jong Il in high esteem as general secretary of the WPK forever.
Doing so is a principled requirement for holding fast to his idea and line and victoriously advancing our revolutionary cause, Kim Jong Un noted, adding:  This is by no means a symbolic meaning. This means invariably having Kim Jong Il at the post of general secretary of the WPK and carrying out the party building and activities in line his idea and intention.
 The idea and line of Kim Jong Il serve as eternal guidelines of our party and revolution and an ever-victorious banner whose validity and vitality have been proven in the revolutionary practice. The victorious advance and completion of our revolutionary cause is unthinkable without his idea and line. Only when Kim Jong Il is held in high esteem as general secretary of the WPK forever, will it be possible to dynamically advance the revolution and construction and successfully accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche as in the past.
At the Party Conference we are going to declare internally and externally that the WPK is the glorious party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un said, adding: The WPK is the party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il as it holds them in high esteem as eternal leaders.  The guiding idea of the WPK is the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
The Workers' Party of Korea is a glorious party that has Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as its guiding idea and struggles for their realization. To model the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is the supreme programme of the WPK. This is a revolutionary succession to the modeling of the whole society on Kimilsungism and represents its development to a new higher stage.
We should wage a more dynamic struggle to model the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism just as we waged a strenuous struggle under the wise guidance of Kim Jong Il, regarding the modeling of the whole society on Kimilsungism as the party's supreme programme.
 No matter what difficult and huge revolutionary duty we may face, we are sure to triumph as there are outstanding leaders, eternal sun of Juche, the invincible WPK, the people intensely loyal to the party and the leader as well as the strong revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu.  We should hold Kim Jong Il in high esteem as the eternal leader of our party and people and glorify his revolutionary career and undying revolutionary feats for all ages.
 Kim Jong Il was a great leader, matchless patriot and kind-hearted leader of the people, the leader who devoted his all to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of its people with absolute loyalty to the President and warm love for the country and its people. His life was the most brilliant life of a peerlessly great man who performed undying feats for the party, the revolution, the country and the people true to the noble intention of the President.
 We should carry out all work for holding Kim Jong Il in high esteem for all ages and perpetuating the memory of the leader with pure conscience and moral obligation.  To develop the WPK into the eternal party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il means holding fast to Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as the guiding idea of the WPK and conducting the party building and activities just as was thought and intended by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
 What is important for strengthening the WPK as the eternal party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is to more thoroughly establish the party's monolithic leadership system.  All the party members, servicepersons of the People's Army and other people should uphold the party's ideology and leadership with faith and conscience, rally as firm as an iron wall around the Party Central Committee in thinking and purpose and sense of moral obligation and share their destiny with the party in good or grim days.  We should strengthen the single-minded unity of the WPK and the revolutionary ranks in every way and thoroughly defend it.
 Single-minded unity is the most valuable revolutionary legacy bequeathed to us by Kim Jong Il and mainstay of the Korean revolution. The single-minded unity in which the leader, the party and the masses are united on the basis of great idea, warm loving care and feelings is the greatest treasure more valuable than hundreds of millions of tons of gold. It is essential to deeply respect the people, prioritize their interests and look after their life as their real mothers would do.
 Believing in the people as in Heaven was the maxim of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. True to their noble intention all the work should be conducted with priority given to the demands and interests of the people while boundlessly respecting them. It is necessary to make the noble and beautiful traits of helping and leading each other forward pervade the whole country and thus make society a great harmonious family in which all its members are united in single mind.
 Kim Jong Un said:
The heroic deeds performed by Pak Thae Son, former miner of the Kumgol Mine, by laying down his valuable life for the collective and comrades and by Ri Chang Son who was a farmer of the Ohyon Co-op Farm of Yonan County are beautiful deeds which can be found only among the people in our era who were raised by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. They set examples for everybody to follow.
 Songun represents our independence, dignity and life. A country with weak military might can not defend its sovereignty and right to existence but will become plaything and fall victim to the imperialists in the long run. This is a hard fact. So we should consistently hold fast to the work of bolstering the military might.
 The might of Songun represents the might of the People's Army and what is essential in strengthening the military might is to strengthen the People's Army.
 The People's Army should become standard-bearers and a shock brigade not only in defending the country but in carrying out the party's plan for building a thriving nation as the driving force of the revolution. It should also become pace-setters in creating and disseminating Songun culture in the new century.
 The traits of attaching importance to military affairs should be established throughout society and an all-people, nationwide defence system should be consolidated to turn the whole country into an impregnable fortress. We should bring about a decisive turn in improving the standard of people's living and building an economic power.
We should put forward the people who have trusted in and followed the party only as the happiest people in the world by making the precious assets, which Kim Jong Il provided with much effort, pay off. This was his ardent wish and is the firm determination and will of our party.
 We should wage an unflinching offensive in response to the flames of Hamnam and rapidly develop vanguard economic sectors and basic industrial fields and thus lay a firm foundation for the economic development and increase production in all domains of the national economy. Priority should be given to power, coal and metal industries and railway transport. Only then will it be possible to reenergize the national economy and stabilize and improve the people's living standard.  We should build a knowledge-based economic power in response to the flames of the industrial revolution in the new century.
 We should struggle with a high aim and ideal as intended by Kim Jong Il who used to instruct to look at the world with one's feet planted on one's own land, and thus beat the world in all aspects. In the spirit of exploration and creation displayed by workers in Ryonha who brought about drastic progress in CNC machine tools production, a drive should be waged to push back the frontiers of the latest science and technology to put the country's overall technological equipment on the level of world standard and improve the economic structure to meet the requirements of the era of the knowledge-based economy.
 Efforts should be given to land management to turn the country into a land of bliss.  Kim Jong Un called for focusing all the issues arising in the economy on the Cabinet and establishing strict discipline and order of solving them under the unified command of the Cabinet. Being the headquarters responsible for the country's economy, the Cabinet should set a goal and work out strategy for economic development on a scientific and realistic basis under a long-term plan and push forward on its own initiative the work to control, guide and manage overall economic affairs in a unified manner.
 All fields and units should solve all the problems related to the economic undertakings under a full agreement with the Cabinet and thoroughly carry out the Cabinet's decisions and instructions for carrying out the party's economic policy. Steady revolutionary turn should be effected in all the fields of the cultural construction including education, public health, literature and arts and sports and efforts should be made to glorify our country as a developed and highly civilized socialist country.
State investment in the education should be increased and modernization of the education be realized. The level of the secondary general education should be drastically raised and university education be strengthened to bring up talented world-level scientists and technicians who would be responsible for the drive for building a thriving socialist nation. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of socialist healthcare system and create and disseminate more masterpieces of the times. Sports should be popularized to make the hot sports wind sweep across the country.
We should make the people create the noble and highly civilized socialist culture as well as enjoy them, thereby injecting vitality and enthusiasm into the whole society. In order to bring about a decisive turn in building a thriving socialist nation just as was intended and desired by Kim Jong Il it is necessary to increase the function and role of the party organizations before anything else and officials should fulfill their responsibilities and roles as commanding members of the revolution.
The officials should become true and able persons like Kim Chaek who successfully carried out any tasks, upholding Kim Il Sung. They should stand in the van of the ranks, become scouts blazing a trail and play the role of a locomotive in leading the masses in the field.
 Officials exist for the people, not vice versa.
The officials should learn from Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il's view on the people and share weal and woe with them while sharing meal with them, and work harder and harder for them. We should accomplish the historic cause of national reunification true to the life-long intention and behests of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
We should conduct positive external activities and contribute to the cause of global independence true to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il's strategy and plan for external activities. Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are always with us and encourage us. We should bear this in mind and work with redoubled efforts and successfully materialize their plan and desire and thus glorify the new century of the Juche revolution as a century of victory and glory.
Pyongyang, January 17 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, guided the concert of the Military Band of the KPA.
Put on the stage were such numbers as wind-instrument music "We Will Follow You Only", "Song of the Korean People's Army", "Song of National Defence", "Song of Coast Artillerymen", "July 27 March" and "Ode to the Motherland", wind-instrument music for the brasses "Victors", clarinet quartet " Soldiers' Worthwhile Days" and foreign music "Waves of River Amur".
Through its performance the band successfully represented the unshakable faith and will of the powerful revolutionary Paektusan army to uphold Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un as the unitary center of the unity and leadership and accomplish with arms the revolutionary cause of Juche started in Mt. Paektu.
It fully reflected the invincible spirit of the heroic KPA winning victory after victory, flying the red flag of the WPK as their foremost army colors with solemn yet cheerful melodies strong in appeal and high in militant spirit. Kim Jong Un waved back to the cheers of the performers, congratulating on their successful presentation. He expressed great satisfaction over their revolutionary and militant concert. He highly praised the creators and musicians of the KPA military band, saying it gave him great strength in the new year.
Very good numbers were chosen for the concert and they were successfully arranged, he said, adding that they represented well wind-instrument music "Ode to the Motherland" as it impressively dealt with the noble idea of Kim Jong Il's patriotism through exquisite artistic representation and rich sound, in particular.
He extended thanks to them for their successful presentation perfect in its ideological content and artistry and full of militant spirit. He promised to send the band musical instruments and vehicles necessary for its artistic creation and performing activities. Saying revolutionary and militant military music is symbolic of the KPA, he noted that the band plays a great role in demonstrating the mental strength and spirit of the service personnel and establishing military climate in the KPA.
He underscored the need for the band to sing and play more loudly military music full of militant spirit so as to instill conviction of victory in the revolution and optimism, bitter hatred against the enemies and fighting will to wipe them out into all service personnel and people. He indicated tasks and ways for further developing the Korean-style military music.
He expressed belief and expectation that the creators and musicians of the band would as ever conduct creative and performing activities in a more revolutionary and militant manner, deeply aware of the honorable duties assigned to them by the party, and thus develop it into a world-class military band and dynamically encourage the service personnel and people in their all-out worthwhile advance toward a final victory in the drive for the building of a thriving socialist nation and a great battle for national reunification.
Among the audience were Choe Ryong Hae, Ri Yong Gil, Kim Su Gil, Ryom Chol Song, Choe Hwi, Hwang Pyong So and other senior officials of the party and the army.
Pyongyang, January 20 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army (KPA) Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, guided a night exercise of air-borne units of the KPA.
After receiving a report on the plan of the exercise from a commanding officer, he gave an order to start the exercise.
Transport planes appeared in the sky above the drill ground, dropping paratroopers like hail.
The paratroopers showed the supreme commander their admirable actions of accurately landing on the designated points and occupying the "enemy's position" at one go by satisfactorily applying the combat ways and methods they cultivated in their day-to-day trainings.  A-match-for-a hundred fighters who have undergone trainings day and night successfully carried out the order given by the supreme commander.
Noting that the exercise was very successful, he highly praised the combatants and airmen for successfully performing their difficult duties even under unfavorable night conditions. He met the combatants who successfully conducted the drill of landing on the designated points requiring admirable pluck and high technique and encouraged them.
He gave important instructions to raise a stronger wind of training just as the anti-Japanese guerrillas did in Mt. Paektu, underscoring the need for the KPA to put spurs to rounding off the combat preparedness, the main task for bolstering up the military capabilities of the KPA.
A war against the enemy is fought in the worst conditions, he said, underlining the need for the soldiers to conduct training under the simulated conditions of a real war with high ideological awareness in order to satisfactorily perform their combat duties under any circumstances and conditions.
He was accompanied by Choe Ryong Hae, Ri Yong Gil, Jang Jong Nam, Pyon In Son, Kim Kyok Sik, Kim Su Gil, Ri Pyong Chol, Pak Jong Chon and Hwang Pyong So.