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A group discussion was held at the centre with a focus on the 50years of the flag of the workers party of Korea. The chairman of the centre Dr. Ahmed B. Lawan presented a paper titled The workers party of Korea flag flies high. There were 53 participants at the presentation, which comprises of both staff and students of the Juche study group and other invited guest.


The paper

The paper discussed the visionary leadership of Kim Jong Il who on the 19th of June 1964 started working at the Central Committee of the Workers’ party of Korea, he burned the midnight oil in his office and by early hours of the morning he said to his officials that “our Party Flag bears the great history of revolutionary activities of the President Kim Il Sung”, and we must carry the red flag to develop the WPK into the eternal party of comrade Kim Il Sung which is his lifelong task.

With iron faith and will Kim Jong Il conducted extraordinary and energetic ideological and theoretical activities, explaining scientifically that Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary ideology, the Juche idea, is the guiding idea of the present times, the era of independence.

By putting forth the slogan “ Let the whole party go among the masses!” he made sure that the party struck its root deep among the masses and enjoy their absolute support and trust.

Ever – Victorious Banner of the Socialist Cause

Towards the end of the 80s and the early 90s of the last century several ruling parties in the socialist countries collapsed, lowering the red flags that had kept flying for decades; however, the red flag of the WPK flew higher and more powerfully.

Kim Jong Il made public such famous works as on the fundamentals of revolutionary party building, abuse of socialism are intolerable, socialism is a science, and Giving priority to ideological work is essential for accomplishing socialism.

In order to cope with the situation in which prejudice, tyranny and high – handedness of the United State posing itself as a “victor of the cold war” and “world’s only superpower,” prevailed, Kim Jong Il formulated the Songun politics as the basic political mode of socialism, and led forward the cause of the party.

The flag of the Workers’ Party of Korea under the leadership of Kim Jong Il will fly forever as an unfurled banner of the cause of socialism.

June 19 this marks the 47th anniversary when leader Kim Jong Il of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea started his work at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. On this meaningful occasion the Nigerian National Committee on the Study of Juche Idea publishes the first part of the work of the great leader Kim Jong Il “The Workers’ Party of Korea organizes and guides all the victories of our people”




Party leadership is vital to the socialist cause. The socialist cause in o has our country has developed under the leadership of our Party, and it will be brought to splendid fruition in the future, too, only under the leadership of the Party.

Party leadership is the decisive guarantee of strengthening the driving force of the socialist cause and increasing its role.

The socialist cause is a revolutionary cause which the popular masses, who have emerged as an independent driving force for the first time in human history, carry out by themselves.

The popular masses have long remained outside history, though they have made history. It is the working-class party that awakens them and organizes them into a strong driving force which shapes its destiny independently and creatively.

Under the guidance of our Party led by respected Comrade Kim Il Sung our people have become an independent driving force which develops society and the revolution dynamically as the genuine masters of their own destiny.

Our Party has always directed great efforts to building up the revolutionary ranks for the revolution and construction and, as socialist construction developed to a high level, waged a more vigorous struggle to strengthen the driving force of the revolution.

Our Party equipped all our people fully with the Juche idea, united them closely behind the leader organizationally, ideologically and morally, and thus made the revolutionary ranks a socio-political organism.

Today the Workers’ Party of Korea stands firmly in the centre of the revolutionary ranks in our country, and the masses of the people, who have withstood every manner of ordeal by sharing their destiny with the Party in the long revolutionary struggle, are united rock-firm behind the Party and the leader, sharing one mind and one will.

Our people are displaying inexhaustible creativity in socialist construction under the Party’s leadership. The great motive power of socialist construction in our country is, above all, the politico-ideological strength, conscious enthusiasm and creative activity of our people.

This comes from the leadership of the Party which educates the people to regard the socialist cause as genuinely their own undertaking.

The collective strength and mass heroism of our people, who are promoting socialist construction, is also brought into full play by the leadership of the Party which combines the interests of individuals and those of the collective and increases the power of unity and cooperation.

The creativity of our people is displayed to the full in socialist construction. This reality clearly shows the slander of the imperialists that Party leadership restricts the creativity of the people is a counterrevolution sophistry to whip up bourgeois liberalism and undermine socialism.

In the future we must continue to strengthen Party leadership and thus steadily consolidate the close revolutionary unity of our people around the Party and the leader and give full scope to the devotion and creative enthusiasm of the people in the struggle for the complete victory of the Juche revolutionary cause.

Party leadership is the fundamental condition for developing the socialist cause in accordance with a correct struggle strategy and proper tactics.

The Socialist cause is a difficult and complex undertaking which is accompanied by an acute class struggle; through it we must create new things while treading the untrodden path.

Only a correct struggle strategy and proper tactics can allow the socialist cause to follow a clear-cut direction.

And can provide ways to explore the socialist road successfully.

Strategic and tactic leadership of the socialist cause can only be given by the working-class party that can show correct ways to develop society and revolution and can organize and mobilize the broad masses.

The position and role of the party as the General Staff for the revolution which puts forward a correct strategy and proper tactics for socialist construction and organizes and leads the struggle to implement them cannot be taken by any other organization or bodies.

Of all organizations and bodies, including the organs of state power in socialist society, the working-class party alone has emerged with the mission to give political, strategic and tactical leadership to society and the revolution, and it alone is capable of fulfilling this mission.

In every period and at every stage of the revolution and construction work our Party has laid down a Juche line and Juche policies to suit the desires of our people and the actual situation in our country and implemented them by mobilizing the entire people thereby developing socialist construction along a straight road and bringing about amazing miracles and changes.

In the future too, we will at all times strengthen the strategic and tactical leadership of the Party, the General Staff for the revolution, and thus develop the socialist cause unwaveringly along a victorious road.

The Party’s leadership is indispensable if revolutionary principles are to be adhered to consistently and implemented thoroughly in the whole course of developing the socialist cause.

The history of the revolutionary struggle shows that when revolutionary principles are face of any difficulty and ordeal, but that when they are abandoned the socialist cause will deteriorate and collapse.

Adherence to revolutionary principles in the building of socialism means supporting and meeting the fundamental demand of the working class and masses for independence, as well as all their interests, to the end.

In the course of building socialism the circumstances and conditions of the struggle may change, but the fundamental demand and position of the masses of the people to realize their independence cannot change.

If the socialist cause is to be carried to fulfillment, one must at all times adhere to the revolutionary principle of supporting and realizing the independence of the masses.

The demand for independence, as well as the interests, of the masses can be firmly supported and realized through the leadership of the working-class party alone. The working class embodies independence at the highest level and struggles more staunchly to realize the demand for independence, as well as the interests, of the masses than any other class or social section.

The working class and its party have no demands and interests other than those of the people, and the mission of the working-class party is precisely to defend and meet the demands and interests of the masses.

It is due to the revolutionary leadership of our Party that the revolutionary principles reflecting the fundamental demand and position of the working class and masses are maintained invariably in socialist construction in our country.

Our Party established the socialist system and has consolidated and developed it to meet the demand for independence, as well as the interests, of the, masses and developed the revolution and construction work in keeping with the essential nature of the socialist-communist cause.

The more the imperialists have intensified their counter-revolutionary and anti-socialist offensives to stifle the independent interests of the masses, the more resolutely our Party has defended and implemented revolutionary principles.

The revolutionary principles of the working-class party in socialist construction are expressed mainly in its response to the imperialist’ anti-socialist manoeuvres.

The imperialists’ counterrevolutionary moves to disrupt and destroy the socialist cause can be frustrated only through a principled struggle by the working-class party.

Facts show that the counterrevolutionary offensive of the imperialists does not work where the party adheres to revolutionary principles and that socialism is weakened where the party ignores or forsakes these principles.

Thanks to the guidance of our Party which has consistently and resolutely adhered to revolutionary principles in the whole course of the revolutionary struggle, our people have been able to advance dynamically along the road of revolution under the banner of socialism even when the situation has been unprecedentedly complex and acute because of the US-led imperialists’ concentrated offensive.

Thanks to our Party’s principles struggle, all the imperialists’ acts of sabotage and destruction have been thoroughly frustrated and the socialist cause firmly safeguarded.

Even in the present situation in which unexpected, complicated events have been taking place within the communist movement, our revolution has won victory after victory without being guilty of the slightest deviation.

Proceeding from the fundamental requirements of socialist construction and from the experience gained and the lesson learned in the revolutionary struggle, we should resolutely follow and implement revolutionary principles, socialist principles, in state and public activities under the Party’s guidance.

It is the invariable will of our Party and people to fulfill the cause of socialism and communism by strengthening the Party and enhancing its leadership role.

The Party’s revolutionary leadership is necessary not only for the successful promotion of socialist construction but also for the building and development of a communist society.

Even in communist society the people’s demand for independence will continue to increase. This demand can be realized only through a conscious and organized struggle by the popular masses under the political guidance of a guiding force such as the party.

We should strengthen our Party still further and continuously enhance the Party’s leadership role in keeping with the current requirements of socialist construction and the long-term requirements of the developing socialist society.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rodong Sinmun Demands End to Separatist Moves of S. Korean Authorities

Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA)

It is the solemn requirement or the reality to put an end to the moves of the south Korean authorities for confrontation with the DPRK, says Rodong Sinmun Monday in a bylined article.

To improve the relations between the north and the south of Korea is an important way for defusing the confrontation and tension on the Korean Peninsula and solving the issue of reunification by peaceful means, the article says, adding:

It is the consistent will of the DPRK to pave a wide avenue for peace and reunification and national prosperity by averting the danger of war in the peninsula by the concerted efforts of the Korean nation on the basis of the historic June 1 5 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration and putting an end to the history of confrontation between fellow countrymen.

The long history of national division clearly shows that there is nothing but continued division and terrible war disaster for the north and the south to get from escalation of distrust and confrontation.

Moreover, the Koreans keenly realized again in the last three years since the emergence of the present south Korean conservative authorities that confrontation can never be a solution to the issue of the north-south relations and this will only bring armed conflict and war.

Dialog e between the north and the south is an important matter related to the destiny of the nation and the prospect of national reunification, and it is for common interests and prosperity of both sides. If the south Korean authorities persistently check the resumption of north-south dialogue, putting up unreasonable preconditions which can never work on the DPRK, the deteriorated inter-Korean relations will never be improved. The ruling forces of south Korea should, above all, take proper attitude and stand toward the dialogue.

Those separatists who are set to stand in the way of the dialogue for an indefinite period will never evade a stern punishment by history and the nation.

Rodong Sinmun on Korean-style Socialism

Pyongyang, May 1-6 (KCNA)

Korean-style socialism is the road leading to making the Korean revolution ever-victorious The Korean people will never step back even an inch from this road.

Rodong Sinmun Monday says this in a jointly signed article.

To preserve the nature of socialism is the eternal lifeline of Korean-style socialism, the article notes, and goes on:

Capitalism is the society based on individualism while socialism is the society based on collectivism Therefore, the nature of socialism lies in collectivism President Kim Il Sung built socialism centered on the popular masses, guided by the Juche idea, for the first time in history and provided the advantages of Korean-style socialism one by one as required by it.

For us to preserve the nature of socialism means, in the final analysis, protecting the socialist system, the collectivism ownership and collectivist lifestyle provided by the President and the socialist gains won by the Korean people at the cost of blood and sweat. Preserving the nature of socialism precisely means defending socialism and boundlessly glorifying it.

To preserve the nature of socialism, in particular, presents itself as an important issue in frustrating the imperialists' moves against socialism and successfully building a thriving socialist nation.

It is thanks to the original Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il that the nature of socialism is firmly preserved and its vitality is given full play with each passing day in the DPRK.

The article underscores the need to dynamically advance the general drive for improving the standard of people's of living under his leadership and demonstrate the invincible might and dignity of Korean-style socialism before the whole world.

Third Installment of Statement of Inspection Group of NDC of DPRK

Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA)

The inspection group of the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK on May 14 issued the third installment of the statement disclosing the ulterior aim sought by the south Korean group of traitors in faking up the third and fourth "Cheonanwarship cases, obsessed by the anachronistic ambition.

The statement cited material evidence proving that the "story about north's involvement" touted by the group of traitors is false.

It said:

It was disclosed before the whole world that the "Cheonan" warship case was the most hideous conspiratorial case aimed to escalate the confrontation with compatriots but the group of traitors are still floating the above-said story.

The NDC inspection group published a statement to disclose the conspiratorial nature of the "Cheonan" case faked up by the group of traitors as it was left with no way to fairly settle the case even though it employed every possible means and method.

The puppet group which suffered disgrace in the eyes of the world provoked the second "Cheonan" case, far from repenting of its wrongs. It was the Yonphyong Island shelling last year.

The group of traitors is faking up farces one after another to expand the scope of confrontation with fellow countrymen to social domain beyond political and military fields.

The puppet Intelligence Service and Prosecution invented the story about "the north's involvement" in the cyber attack on the banking computer network of the "National Agricultural Cooperative Federation" on May 3.

In the course of 20 odd day-long "intensive investigation" they drew a "tentative conclusion" that this was primarily caused by "cyber terrorism from outside. "A few days later they released the results of investigation in which they claimed it was "done by the north".

Meanwhile, they are floating the "story about the threat from the north" throughout south Korea, making much ado that the north may continue doing fatal damage to core facilities related to the security including the puppet authorities organs, airports, harbors and nuclear power plants.

It is needless to say that this incident has a thread of connection with the "Cheonan" case for its motive and method though it was cooked up in other field.

The "Cheonan" case timed to coincide with the situation where they felt the urgent need to create serious "security concern" in a bid to put off the transfer of the right to command wartime operations by inventing a pretext for the permanent U S presence in south Korea.

In a bid to keep the nature of the charade buried into oblivion forever, they fabricated the case in a place and at time unfavorable for clarifying the case, i.e., in territorial waters, not in the open sea, underwater, not on the surface of waters and at midnight, not at noonday.

This ease took the lives of 46 innocent seamen.

The story about "the north’s involvement" in the above-said cyber attack was faked up at a time when the Chongwadae and the "Grand National Party" were locked in a fierce dog fight, blaming each other for the shameful defeat they suffered in the April 27 by-election due to the public condemnation of their unpopular rule. It also timed to coincide with their efforts to seek an artifice to calm down the voices of countries around the Korean Peninsula demanding the resumption dialogue.

The federation was sacrificed for cooking up the "story about the north's involvement" according to their crafty intention to shift on to the DPRK the responsibility for the deterioration of the people livelihood and the gap between the rich and the poor during this regime.

All facts indicate that the fourth and fifth anti*DPRK charades may be orchestrated as long as the group of traitors is working hard to stoke confrontation between the north and the south, while peddling the "story of the north's involvement in the wake of the fabrication of the "Cheonan" case.

The relations between the north and the south of Korea were pushed to the dangerous phase of war due to the hideous "Cheonan" case.

The precious gains of the June 1 5 era of reunification hardly won by the Korean nation who has suffered from the division were spoiled overnight by the frantic racket for confrontation with fellow countrymen kicked up by the group of traitors and this resulted in the serious situation reminding one of the era of the Cold War.

The inspection group will continue making efforts to probe the truth as long as the group of traitors is desperately trying to curb the development of the north-south relations, linking the "Cheonan" case with the DPRK at any cost.

We strongly urge the group of traitors to own responsibility for faking up the conspiratorial farces doing harm to the fellow countrymen and make an official apology before the nation.

We clarify once again that it is the steadfast stand of the army and people of the DPRK never to deal with anyone who dare mocks at and insults the independent sovereignty and socialist system in the DPRK.

The group of traitors will be cursed and denounced for generations to come, being branded as arch criminals who orchestrated hideous conspiratorial farce*, die-hard confrontation elements and harassers of reunification, should they persist «n the policy of confrontation with the DPRK defying its demand.

Fascist Dictatorial Rule of South Korean Authorities Accused

Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA)

Since the appearance of the present conservative regime the south Korean society has been reduced to a hell on earth where all rights of human beings have been stamped out and the fascist dictatorship are running roughshod.

Rodong Sinmun Saturday observes this in a by-lined article.

It goes on:

Due to the military occupation of south Korea by the United States and its domination over it the independent rights of people have been recklessly violated in all fields of social life including politics, economy and culture.

The dictatorial policy pursued by the south Korean ruling circles is reactionary one representing and defending the interests of a handful of financial group and privileged class in all fabrics of the social life.

As soon as grabbing power, the ruling forces, talking about the lost decade", ruthlessly trampled down even the sprout of democratization which the south Korean people gained through dynamic struggle.

The group of traitors has used the ill-famed "Security Law" as a means for staying in power and retrogressively revised it instead of abolishing it in a bid to justify its dictatorial rule.

The ruling forces have revived all the repressive machinery of the past military dictatorship and the Chongwadae is now watching and collecting the tendency of even the "national assemblymen" and political parties.

The struggle for national reunification has become subject to reckless suppression in south Korea being branded as "illegal acts" and "enemy-benefiting moves".

Moreover, the south Korean authorities are carrying out the operation of seducing and abducting fellow countrymen with the mobilization of fascist plot-breeding organs including the Intelligence Service, the Ministry of Unification and the Defense Security Command as well as human traffic organizations.

The south Korean rulers are not in a position to talk about the sacred human rights as they are pursuing only unpopular rule and the policy of confrontation with fellow countrymen while failing to ensure the working people the elementary right to existence, the article concludes.

Rodong Sinmun on Relations between DPRK and EU

Pyongyang, May 14 (KCNA)

The relations between the DPRK and the European Union have favorably developed in line with the bilateral interests and the international trend.

Rodong Sinmun Saturday stressed this in a bylined article dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the DPRK and the EU.

After the establishment of diplomatic ties the exchanges and cooperation between the DPRK and member nations of the EU have been underway more vigorously and in this course they promoted mutual understanding, the paper said.

This exerted an affirmative effect on the development of the international relations, it added.

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Abolishing Old International Economic Order

Pyongyang, May 12 (KCNA)

Developing countries which entered into the new stage of development in the 21" century are calling for the earliest abolition of the old order in the field of international economy.

Rodong Sinmun Thursday observes this in a by-lined article.

It goes on;

It is very important and urgent for the non-aliened and other developing countries to abolish the old international economic order at present.

The imperialists are pursuing a policy aimed at gaining their own profits by sacrificing the interests of developing countries through a crafty use of different levers under the above-said order. Consequently, resources and results of labor of developing countries are sold to the capitalist countries at giveaway prices.

The Western countries are imposing various unreasonable conditionalities upon the goods being exported to developing countries, availing themselves of their economic and technical advantages.

Because of imperialists' artifices the prices of the primary products from those countries are steadily dropping in world markets.

The United States is amalgamating or absorbing banks of developing countries in reliance upon the old international monetary system and putting raw material resources, means of production, etc. under its control. By doing so it prevents these countries from building an independent national economy.

Developing countries can neither develop economy not get rid of the imperialists' economic subjugation, exploitation and plunder as long as the old international economic older remains in force.

Only when the old international economic order is abolished to put an end to inequality, violation of sovereignty and exploitation and plunder of other countries in the international economic relations, is it possible to guarantee the socio-economic progress of the developing countries and provide conditions for world stability.

The DPRK will wage a dynamic struggle to abolish the old international economic order and build instead a fair new one in the idea of independence, peace and friendship and thus contribute to advancing global independence, concludes the article.

KCNA Commentary Blasts U.S. Policy of Overseas Aggression

Pyongyang, May 12 (KCNA)

The president of the World Peace Council, addressing the second peace seminar for the dismantlement of military bases overseas, described U S. President Barack Obama as the new face of its war expansionism.

It exposed once again that the U.S. policy of hegemony which has been pursued historically has been invariably carried forward by the 44th administration and the American president is the chief executor of the government's policy of overseas aggression.

The U.S. has about 850 military bases in 135 countries and it is responsible for 43 percent of military spending worldwide.

No country in the world has so many military bases overseas as the U.S.

The U.S. has stationed its huge troops in the Asia-Pacific region under the pretext of coping with the "attack to the south" by the Soviet Union in the period of the Cold War. But it has steadily increased the number of military strongholds in that region and hastened the forward-deployment of U.S. forces even now when the Cold War is over and it has no military rivals.

The main thrust of the U.S. Asia strategy is to ward off the influence of other big powers upon this region, contain the expansion of the sphere of their forces and establish a U S. style order of domination over it by force of arms.

South Korea and Japan are outposts for carrying out the U.S. Asia strategy and the forward-deployment of U.S. forces is used as a military lever for its implementation.

The U.S. claims that a lot of military bases set up by it in Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East regions are aimed to beat back the possible aggression from Iran and ensure the security of the oil transport route.

In the middle of the 1990s the U.S. set up its military facilities in Hungary, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Southern Kosovo under the pretext of peace-keeping and humanitarian activities.

The U.S. set up at least 19 new military bases after the September 11, 2001 incident.

Latin America is no exception as far as the issue of U S. military bases is concerned.

The U.S. put five air force bases and two naval bases of Colombia under its control under the pretext of "helping it in anti-drug operations and those to rout anti-government troops." It is set to deploy more than 1 400 personnel and lots of arms and equipment there U.S. military bases are operating in El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, etc.

Many U.S. military bases whose number is on the steady increase in various countries and regions are unanimously chided by the international community for being advanced bases for realizing its ambition for world domination.

Spokesman for CPRK Denounces Lee Myung Bak's Provocative Remarks against DPRK

Pyongyang, May 11 (KCNA)

A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea gave an answer to a question put by KCNA Wednesday as regards the provocative remarks made by traitor Lee Myung Bak against the DPRK during his recent visit to Germany.

On May 8 Lee at the round-table talks with compatriots and a press conference held during his junket to Germany, the first leg of his European tour, blustered that the north's nukes are obstructive to unification, urging it to "dismantle" them, and asserted that it should "apologize" for the warship sinking ease and the Yonphyong Island shelling case. He went the lengths of crying out for "the punishment of what he called "provocation" as regards even the anti-DPRK conspiratorial case orchestrated by him in the past.

He groundlessly pointed an accusing linger at the DPRK, finding fault with its system. He also let loose a string of foolish invectives inciting despicable confrontation of systems, talking about the pull-down of the Berlin Wall.

The spokesman branded this as a blatant provocation against the system and dignity of the DPRK and an intolerable mockery of the public opinion at home and abroad and the DPRK's positive efforts for dialogue.

He went on Lee, not content with kicking off the anti-reunification confrontation racket in south Korea, made such reckless remarks overseas This was nothing but the last-ditch effort to chill the ever-growing atmosphere of dialogue, ward off the criticism of him for the collapse of the inter-Korean relations and the failure of Ins policy toward the north and justify his anti-DPRK nuclear racket and the moves to escalate the confrontation with it.

The puppet group was so preposterous as to describe the DPRK's "apology" for the above-said two cases as an option for crossing the threshold of inter-Korean dialogue. This revealed its ulterior intention to challenge the DPRK to the end, without having any dialogue with it.

The group's outbursts raising someone's "dismantlement of nukes" as a precondition for dialogue are no more than a ridiculous attempt to disarm the DPRK and realize the ambition for invading if in collusion with the U.S.

The group is seeking to import the mode of reunification applied by a foreign country, bewildered by it. This is as foolish an act as expecting the sky to fall.

The Korean Peninsula is not Germany.

The puppet group is dreaming of such a contingency as what happened in Germany but it was south Korea where regimes collapsed several times due to such contingencies as the April 19 Popular Uprising that broke out on the peninsula.

Great irony is that Lee, a stooge serving the U S in its moves for a nuclear war, is going busy with hectic diplomacy over the issue of opening what he called a nuclear summit in south Korea, the world's biggest advanced base for a nuclear war and largest nuclear arsenal.

The world people still remember well that he declared the policy of toeing the U.S. and the policy of confrontation with fellow countrymen when he was coming to power and blustered that it was all right not to have inter-Korean dialogue during the tenure of his office.

The DPRK cannot but seriously consider its stance maintained so far as it has become clear now that the mean declaration made by Lee was put into practice and he is set to stand in confrontation to the last.

It is quite self-evident that nothing can be expected from a dialogue with such a man keen on confrontation with fellow countrymen, blinded by a foolish dream.

The DPRK will never pardon those hurting its dignity arid system and making a mockery of them but take merciless and strong counter-actions against them.

The confrontation of the systems will only lead to a war.

If a war breaks out on this land, it will be the Korean nation's just and sacred patriotic war for national reunification.

Lee would be well advised to behave himself, properly understanding the disposition of the DPRK and the reality.

Rodong Sinmun on DPRK's Line of National Reunification

Pyongyang, May 17 (KCNA)

The Korean nation's movement for the country's reunification is a patriotic movement to be proud of as it has advanced and emerged victorious thanks to the distinguished idea and leadership of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says this in a bylined article.

It goes on:

Kim Il Sung took a step lo form the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea to energetically organize and mobilize all the Korean patriotic forces for the struggle for national unity and the country's reunification.

In the subsequent period he adhered to the line of reunification—-the line of one Korea. On this basis he advanced reasonable proposals for reunification in every period and indicated overall orientations and ways to realize them.

Under the outstanding leadership of Kim Il Sung, the committee has made a dynamic drive for providing a solid foundation for independent reunification, promoting national reconciliation and unity and developing the north-south dialogue and cooperation true to the Workers' Party of Korea's line and policy of national reunification since the declaration of its birth. It has thus made a great contribution to developing the movement for national reunification.

The successes made by the committee in its activities are a striking demonstration of the validity and vitality of the party's line and policy of national reunification.

The cause of the country's reunification started and led by Kim Il Sung is making a triumphant advance thanks to Kim Jong Il.

All the Korean people are now making a dynamic patriotic struggle to achieve the national unity and the country's peace and reunification by their concerted efforts true to Kim Il Sung's line and policy of the country's reunification under the outstanding leadership of Kim Jong Il.

At present the driving force for national reunification is growing stronger in the north, the south and abroad and getting united closer.

They are dynamically advancing towards the country's independent and peaceful reunification, meeting the challenges of the separatist forces inside and outside Korea.

The Korean nation's cause of the country's reunification is sure to triumph thanks to Kim Il Sung's line and policy of national reunification and Kim Jong Il’s distinguished and seasoned leadership.