Wednesday, May 25, 2011

June 19 this marks the 47th anniversary when leader Kim Jong Il of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea started his work at the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. On this meaningful occasion the Nigerian National Committee on the Study of Juche Idea publishes the first part of the work of the great leader Kim Jong Il “The Workers’ Party of Korea organizes and guides all the victories of our people”




Party leadership is vital to the socialist cause. The socialist cause in o has our country has developed under the leadership of our Party, and it will be brought to splendid fruition in the future, too, only under the leadership of the Party.

Party leadership is the decisive guarantee of strengthening the driving force of the socialist cause and increasing its role.

The socialist cause is a revolutionary cause which the popular masses, who have emerged as an independent driving force for the first time in human history, carry out by themselves.

The popular masses have long remained outside history, though they have made history. It is the working-class party that awakens them and organizes them into a strong driving force which shapes its destiny independently and creatively.

Under the guidance of our Party led by respected Comrade Kim Il Sung our people have become an independent driving force which develops society and the revolution dynamically as the genuine masters of their own destiny.

Our Party has always directed great efforts to building up the revolutionary ranks for the revolution and construction and, as socialist construction developed to a high level, waged a more vigorous struggle to strengthen the driving force of the revolution.

Our Party equipped all our people fully with the Juche idea, united them closely behind the leader organizationally, ideologically and morally, and thus made the revolutionary ranks a socio-political organism.

Today the Workers’ Party of Korea stands firmly in the centre of the revolutionary ranks in our country, and the masses of the people, who have withstood every manner of ordeal by sharing their destiny with the Party in the long revolutionary struggle, are united rock-firm behind the Party and the leader, sharing one mind and one will.

Our people are displaying inexhaustible creativity in socialist construction under the Party’s leadership. The great motive power of socialist construction in our country is, above all, the politico-ideological strength, conscious enthusiasm and creative activity of our people.

This comes from the leadership of the Party which educates the people to regard the socialist cause as genuinely their own undertaking.

The collective strength and mass heroism of our people, who are promoting socialist construction, is also brought into full play by the leadership of the Party which combines the interests of individuals and those of the collective and increases the power of unity and cooperation.

The creativity of our people is displayed to the full in socialist construction. This reality clearly shows the slander of the imperialists that Party leadership restricts the creativity of the people is a counterrevolution sophistry to whip up bourgeois liberalism and undermine socialism.

In the future we must continue to strengthen Party leadership and thus steadily consolidate the close revolutionary unity of our people around the Party and the leader and give full scope to the devotion and creative enthusiasm of the people in the struggle for the complete victory of the Juche revolutionary cause.

Party leadership is the fundamental condition for developing the socialist cause in accordance with a correct struggle strategy and proper tactics.

The Socialist cause is a difficult and complex undertaking which is accompanied by an acute class struggle; through it we must create new things while treading the untrodden path.

Only a correct struggle strategy and proper tactics can allow the socialist cause to follow a clear-cut direction.

And can provide ways to explore the socialist road successfully.

Strategic and tactic leadership of the socialist cause can only be given by the working-class party that can show correct ways to develop society and revolution and can organize and mobilize the broad masses.

The position and role of the party as the General Staff for the revolution which puts forward a correct strategy and proper tactics for socialist construction and organizes and leads the struggle to implement them cannot be taken by any other organization or bodies.

Of all organizations and bodies, including the organs of state power in socialist society, the working-class party alone has emerged with the mission to give political, strategic and tactical leadership to society and the revolution, and it alone is capable of fulfilling this mission.

In every period and at every stage of the revolution and construction work our Party has laid down a Juche line and Juche policies to suit the desires of our people and the actual situation in our country and implemented them by mobilizing the entire people thereby developing socialist construction along a straight road and bringing about amazing miracles and changes.

In the future too, we will at all times strengthen the strategic and tactical leadership of the Party, the General Staff for the revolution, and thus develop the socialist cause unwaveringly along a victorious road.

The Party’s leadership is indispensable if revolutionary principles are to be adhered to consistently and implemented thoroughly in the whole course of developing the socialist cause.

The history of the revolutionary struggle shows that when revolutionary principles are face of any difficulty and ordeal, but that when they are abandoned the socialist cause will deteriorate and collapse.

Adherence to revolutionary principles in the building of socialism means supporting and meeting the fundamental demand of the working class and masses for independence, as well as all their interests, to the end.

In the course of building socialism the circumstances and conditions of the struggle may change, but the fundamental demand and position of the masses of the people to realize their independence cannot change.

If the socialist cause is to be carried to fulfillment, one must at all times adhere to the revolutionary principle of supporting and realizing the independence of the masses.

The demand for independence, as well as the interests, of the masses can be firmly supported and realized through the leadership of the working-class party alone. The working class embodies independence at the highest level and struggles more staunchly to realize the demand for independence, as well as the interests, of the masses than any other class or social section.

The working class and its party have no demands and interests other than those of the people, and the mission of the working-class party is precisely to defend and meet the demands and interests of the masses.

It is due to the revolutionary leadership of our Party that the revolutionary principles reflecting the fundamental demand and position of the working class and masses are maintained invariably in socialist construction in our country.

Our Party established the socialist system and has consolidated and developed it to meet the demand for independence, as well as the interests, of the, masses and developed the revolution and construction work in keeping with the essential nature of the socialist-communist cause.

The more the imperialists have intensified their counter-revolutionary and anti-socialist offensives to stifle the independent interests of the masses, the more resolutely our Party has defended and implemented revolutionary principles.

The revolutionary principles of the working-class party in socialist construction are expressed mainly in its response to the imperialist’ anti-socialist manoeuvres.

The imperialists’ counterrevolutionary moves to disrupt and destroy the socialist cause can be frustrated only through a principled struggle by the working-class party.

Facts show that the counterrevolutionary offensive of the imperialists does not work where the party adheres to revolutionary principles and that socialism is weakened where the party ignores or forsakes these principles.

Thanks to the guidance of our Party which has consistently and resolutely adhered to revolutionary principles in the whole course of the revolutionary struggle, our people have been able to advance dynamically along the road of revolution under the banner of socialism even when the situation has been unprecedentedly complex and acute because of the US-led imperialists’ concentrated offensive.

Thanks to our Party’s principles struggle, all the imperialists’ acts of sabotage and destruction have been thoroughly frustrated and the socialist cause firmly safeguarded.

Even in the present situation in which unexpected, complicated events have been taking place within the communist movement, our revolution has won victory after victory without being guilty of the slightest deviation.

Proceeding from the fundamental requirements of socialist construction and from the experience gained and the lesson learned in the revolutionary struggle, we should resolutely follow and implement revolutionary principles, socialist principles, in state and public activities under the Party’s guidance.

It is the invariable will of our Party and people to fulfill the cause of socialism and communism by strengthening the Party and enhancing its leadership role.

The Party’s revolutionary leadership is necessary not only for the successful promotion of socialist construction but also for the building and development of a communist society.

Even in communist society the people’s demand for independence will continue to increase. This demand can be realized only through a conscious and organized struggle by the popular masses under the political guidance of a guiding force such as the party.

We should strengthen our Party still further and continuously enhance the Party’s leadership role in keeping with the current requirements of socialist construction and the long-term requirements of the developing socialist society.

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