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The United States of America and south Korean puppets launched an aggressive war against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on June 25, 1950.
The USA had kept the aggressive ambition on the DPRK following the occupation of south Korea.
According to the plan of aggressive war the USA extended south Korean puppets army into 160 000 and deployed 5 divisions armed with the weapons and equipments of the USA on the fore-front by June, 1950.
Muccio, the US ambassador to south Korea, vaunted that they would occupy the DPRK within only 3 days and Syngman Rhee puppet clique said that they would have a breakfast in Haeju, lunch in Pyongyang and supper in Sinuiju just before the provocation of the war.
The world concentrated on Korea with the anxieties since the first day of war.
President Kim Il Sung ordered to the entire army to frustrate the enemy’s invasion and immediately mount a decisive counteroffensive on June 25, Juche 39(1950).
True to his order the Korean People’s Army switched over to the counteroffensive, destroyed and drove out the enemy who made a raid on northern half of Korea and liberated northern part of Seoul including Yonan, Paechon, Ongjin, and Kaesong and so on.
In confusion the USA dispatched more air corps and warships with the remnants of puppet army on the fore-front and made desperate efforts not to give up Seoul mobilizing the headquarters units of puppet army corps, educational institution of military and the police force and set up strong defense along the roads from Munsan to Seoul and from Uijongbu to Seoul.
President Kim Il Sung wisely grasped the plan of the enemy and selected the main attack direction as the western front centered on Seoul, the heart of the enemy, frustrating the ready-made ideas.
To his operational policy counteroffensive units of the People’s Army decisively attacked the enemy and destroy the defense line and broke through Uijongbu and the line in Miari.
By doing so they ensured the advance of units for the liberation of Seoul.
The small units and tank forces of the People’s Army rushed into Seoul following the retreating enemy and made a breakthrough for the advance of the units attacking the important targets and causing confusion in enemies.
President Kim Il Sung chose the H-hour for the liberation of Seoul as 5:00 a.m. on 28th of June for fear that the night action could destroy the life and property of the people and precious cultural relics.
The combined units of People’s Army entered the battle for the liberation of Seoul following his order, drastically pushed into Seoul and occupied main targets including the puppet Capitol building.
At last Seoul was completely liberated at 11:30 on 28th of June.
As a result the USA and south Korean puppet suffered from disastrous defeat to be expelled from Seoul within only 3 days of the outbreak of the war vice versa.
In the world history of war there is no example to switch over to the counteroffensive, roll back the tide of war and liberate the citadel of the enemy.
The bright victory of the operation to take Seoul is the brilliant fruit of matchless courage and grit and outstanding idea of military strategy and tactics of President Kim Il Sung.

Today the history and tradition of victory achieved under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung in Korean liberation war would be firmly succeeded by the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.


Today the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has become a military power that can manufacture any kinds of modern weapons at will.
Marshal Kim Jong Un said that thanks to the historic gun report of this place of the President, the DPRK has now become a powerful nuclear state that can detonate nuclear and hydrogen bombs in defense of the country’s sovereignty and the nation’s dignity, looking round the Phyongchon Revolutionary Site in December Juche 104(2015).
Phyongchon Revolutionary Site is situated in Phyongchon District, Pyongyang city where the first ordnance factory of the liberated DPRK [on August 15, Juche 34(1945)] was located.
Here are exhibited the historic relics and materials which President Kim Il Sung had chosen the site of an ordnance factory and test-fired a submachine gun manufactured by the workers of the DPRK.
There are submachine gun and firing tables that President Kim Il Sung test-fired on December 12, Juche 37(1948).
 Also the testing ground for the performance of submachine gun testing the technical performance of the weapons is preserved in its original state.
The museum consists of 6 rooms and here are exhibited by periods the historic materials of President Kim Il Sung who created the traditions of the Juche-oriented ordnance industry.
There are the mosaic mural representing the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu picturing a bright future of the Juche-oriented national defense industry and the monument to their on-the-spot guidance erected in commemoration of the historic day.
Today the DPRK has possessed the capacity to mass-produce various kinds of nuclear bombs including H-bomb and ultra-modern strike means highly made precise succeeding the independent national defense industry.
By dint of the powerful nuclear deterrent the DPRK laid a firm guarantee to defend its sovereignty, right to live and destiny and future of the nation from nuclear threats and blackmail of the hostile forces increased day by day.

Therefore the Korean people are calling Phyongchon Revolutionary Site associated with the immortal exploits of the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu accomplished in the building of such powerful military power a home of Songun arms.


Chairman Kim Jong Il is the benevolent father of the people who devoted his whole life to our country, revolution and people.
Even on the first Sunday of December, Juche 100(2011), last period of his great life, he was on his field guidance tour for people.
Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the Kaeson Youth Park funfair that was made for cultural rest of people even on the bitter cold day in winter on December 4, Juche 100(2011).
He obtained all information about funfair and was satisfied with its good operation.
 He said that the public catering networks should be operated with funfair facilities to serve the people with the nutritious and delicious foods.
Before Chairman Kim Jong Il left, he stressed that the park should be put in proper operation for laughter of the people to continue echo out.
He told the officer who thanks him for his visiting on cold day that it was his pleasure to provide the people with happy life.
 The pleasure of Chairman Kim Jong Il who sacrificed his Sunday’s rest was that he felt at the happy life of the people.

After 10 days later, the whole Koreans received the sad news that he passed away of sudden illness on his field guidance tour at 8:30 a.m.on December 17, Juche 100(2011).


Institute of Security Study of South Africa
Pretoria, South Africa

Your Institute is advocating for the suspension of the cooperation of African countries with the DPR of Korea in the article entitled “cooperation between the African countries and North Korea” on the basis of false data without objectivity.
It is very regrettable that you did not publish articles to encourage the development of friendship between countries, but carried an article which destroys the friendly relations under instigation of the hostile forces against DPR of Korea.
We strongly advise you to rewrite the article after witnessing the reality of Pyongyang instead of damaging the development of friendly relations of African countries by publishing such articles that seriously lack objectivity.

Alhassan M.Muhammad
Nigerian National Committee on the Study of



Being speech delivered by comrade Damian Ogbonna, National Chairman of Peoples Progressive Party of Nigeria and Chairman African Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People; Thursday 29th December 2016 on the occasion of the declaration of the formation of the African committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People holding at the Embassy of the Democratic peoples’ Republic of Korea, Abuja, Nigeria.

Today, we are gathered here for the formation of the African Committee for friendship and solidarity with the Korean People.
Prominent Persons participating have made great contributions to the development of friendship and solidarity between the People of Nigeria and the People of Korea.
The African committee for Friendship and solidarity with the Korean People is a Progressive Organization with the purpose of strengthening the support and solidarity between the D. P. R. Korean and Africa to oppose domination and intervention and desire true independence.
In the past decades, Korean and African Countries had a special friendly relationship and close cooperation in different fields of politics, economy and culture.
H.E. Kim II Song and H.E. Kim Jong II offered selfless material and moral supports to African countries struggling for national independence and building new societies.
The progressive African countries admire the socialist system of Korean facing all kinds of sanctions and challenges by the US-led imperialist’s regimes and for this reason; we express international support and solidarity toward the struggle of the Korean people.
So many countries are paving the road to their true independence while strengthening the friendly cooperation rejecting the subjugation and interference of imperialists, and thus, it became a global trend.
However, in the international arena, there still remains a high-handedness based on military and financial mighty and so justice and true are being trampled ruthlessly. The imperialists persist on the interference and war moves threatening the independence of the sovereign states.
Here in Africa, the western imperialists are trying to set up pro-western regimes by imbuing them with their policies, system and culture and the other hand , continuing to suppress the sovereign counties in the continent.
The Korean people, firmly rallied behind their supreme leader Kim Jong Un, are vigorously struggling for the construction of a socialist powerful nation and changing the existing armistice agreement to a permanent peace agreement, and for the independent reunification of the Korean peninsula.
The D.P.R. Korean became a nuclear power of the East which is able to manufacture and launch its own artificial satellites to cope with the nuclear threat of US and demonstrated its dignity and strength to the highest level.
The formation of the African committee for the friendship and solidarity with the Korean People is a great significance in our struggle for independence, against the domination and subordination under the ideals of independence, friendship and peace.
From now on, the committee will actively support Korean people who are struggling to safeguard global peace and security and promote common prosperity of mankind and will conduct activities for strengthening friendship and solidarity throughout the African continent.
We extend our warm congratulations. H. E. Kim Jong Un on the 5th occasion of the election of His Excellency as the supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army and his birthday, and the New Year greetings to H. E. Kim Jong Un.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Kim Jong Un Makes Concluding Speech at First Conference of Chairpersons of WPK Primary Committees

Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, made a concluding speech "On Strengthening the Primary Party Committees" at the 3rd-day meeting of the First Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the WPK on Sunday.
He said that the Central Committee of the WPK convened the Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Party Committees for the first time in its history in keeping with the requirement of the developing revolution and attached importance to the conference as much as to the Party Congress. He referred to some important matters arising in improving and strengthening the work of the primary Party committees in the future.
He underscored the great importance of the position and role of the primary Party committees in further developing the WPK into the great Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist party as required by the new era of the Juche revolution and energetically promoting the building of a powerful socialist country. He went on: 
Only when the primary Party committees are strengthened, is it possible to train all party members as genuine Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists faithful to the idea and leadership of the WPK and develop the Party into a revolutionary party with the invincible might by consolidating its foundation. To strengthen the primary Party committees and increase their militancy now presents itself as a more urgent issue in the struggle to smash the ever-more undisguised and persistent anti-socialist moves of the imperialists and all other hostile forces, carry out the line of modelling the whole Party on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism laid down at the Seventh Congress of the WPK and accomplish the socialist cause of Juche.
The primary Party organizations should consolidate themselves to be the most elite militant ranks in line with the Party Central Committee's intention of attaching importance to them and powerfully mobilize the officials, Party members and other working people to the drive for carrying out the cause of building a powerful socialist country and thus usher in a new heyday in strengthening the primary Party committees.
The basic duty of the primary Party organizations at present is to creditably fulfill their responsibility and role as the main militant sub-unit of the WPK in the struggle for implementing the decision of the Seventh Congress of the WPK under the uplifted banner of modelling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.
The primary Party organizations should, first of all, satisfactorily perform their mission and duty as a political staff at the relevant units in the drive for implementing the ideas of the Party and upholding its policies.
They should focus their efforts on carrying out the Party's policies and the main revolutionary tasks facing their own sectors and units, in particular.
The primary Party organizations in the field of supply service of the armed forces including the People's Army should conduct the party work in a dynamic and militant manner and make positive contributions to further improving the standard of living of the service personnel. All the primary Party organizations should thoroughly carry out the military tasks facing their units, true to the Party's line of prioritizing military affairs.
If they are to successfully carry out their revolutionary tasks, they should increase the self- development capability to the maximum, considering the mental power of the masses, science and technology and supply service as a main link in the chain efforts.
They should sincerely help and encourage the administrative and economic officials as a party work so that they may creditably perform their duties in carrying out their revolutionary tasks. They should direct big efforts to the internal party work, holding fast to the work to establish the unitary leadership system of the Party as a main line, and thus increase the militancy of the Party and the revolutionary ranks in every way.
Vigilance should be heightened against the enemies' moves to destabilize our society and all sorts of unsound practices disturbing people's mind-set and a struggle be intensified against them. A proper guidance should be given to the work of the working people's organizations so that they may creditably play their role as the transmission belts and peripheral organizations of the Party. Big efforts should be channelled into guiding the work of the Youth League, in particular, so that its organizations may fully demonstrate their might as the advancing group and a wing of the Party in the struggle to implement the decision of the Seventh Congress of the Party.
The main point in the rural ri-Party committees' work at present is to strengthen the base in the socialist rural areas politico-ideologically and attain without fail the goal of agricultural production set by the Party.
For the primary Party committees to creditably discharge the mission and duty they assumed before the Party and the revolution, their chairpersons should decisively enhance their responsibility and role.
Departments of the Party Central Committee and the provincial, city and county Party committees and those Party committees performing similar functions should put main emphasis on the work for strengthening primary Party organizations, true to the Party's idea and policy of prioritizing and strengthening them.
It is necessary to raise a strong wind for decisively combating administrative bureaucratic tendencies in the Party work.

Kim Jong Un appealed to the participants of the conference and the chairpersons of the primary committees of the WPK to devote themselves to the great Party and the great people and to the victory of the sacred cause of the Juche revolution.

Kim Jong Un Makes Closing Address at 1st Conference of Chairpersons of Primary Committees of WPK

Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), guided the 1st Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the WPK, which took place from Dec. 23 to 25, and made a closing address.
Kim Jong Un said that the conference had a serious discussion on important issues arising in strengthening the primary party committees and enhancing their function and role in every way. The conference renewed and reconfirmed the important position and role of the primary party committees in the Party work and accomplishment of the cause of socialism and fully demonstrated the strong faith and will to consolidate the invincible might and fighting efficiency of the WPK in every way and hasten the building of a socialist power by enhancing the role of the primary party organizations, he noted.
Saying that he was pleased to see the perfect conference as required by the development of the WPK and revolution, he extended his warm thanks to all its participants for making positive efforts to ensure its successful holding and to all the party members and other people. 
He said that the 1st Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the WPK will shine long in the history of the WPK as the significant conference of glory which opened up a shortcut to developing the WPK into the great Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party and accomplishing the cause of socialism.
Noting that it is the main spirit of the conference to cement the primary party committees as invincible ranks, raise their fighting efficiency in every way and thus effect an epoch-making change in the struggle to strengthen the WPK and implement the decision of its 7th Congress, he called on all the chairpersons of the primary party committees to deep bear in mind the spirit and thoroughly apply it, so as to bring about a revolutionary upswing in the Party work and building of the socialist power.
He said that the participants in the conference should become standard-bearers and tenacious practitioners for the general offensive, who make a breakthrough at the worksite of building a socialist power, to make uninterrupted innovations and advances at their units in the spirit and stamina displayed in the 200-day campaign.
The WPK believes in and relies on broad masses of people in the course of struggle which has a long way to go, faces huge tasks and takes on arduousness as ever due to the obstructive manoeuvres of all the hostile forces, he said, and set his great hope to the primary party committees and their chairpersons that have carried out the Party's line and policy by properly mobilizing the inexhaustible might of the popular masses.

Expressing belief that a fresh turn would be made in the development of the WPK and building of a socialist power thanks to the devoted efforts of the participants of the conference and the chairpersons of primary party committees, Kim Jong Un declared the conference closed.

First Conference of Chairpersons of WPK Primary Committees Closes

The First Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the Workers' Party of Korea
(WPK) closed on December 25, rounding off its work with success.
Kim Jong Un, chairman of the WPK, guided the third-day meeting of the conference.
Speeches were made at the conference.
The speakers referred to the successes and experience gained in the course of cementing the single- minded unity as firm as a rock and enhancing the function and role of the Party organizations. They unanimously stressed that they got to bear deeper in their mind the truth that the whole Party can be strengthened and the victory of the revolutionary cause achieved when the primary Party organizations, the principal combat units of the Party, are strengthened as clarified by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il and as taught by Chairman of the WPK Kim Jong Un.
They noted that primary Party organizations have achieved successes in the drive to carry out the behests of the great leaders and implement the Party's policies by meticulously organizing and  guiding the party life of their members and prioritizing the ideological work to give fullest play to the mental power of the masses.
They said that primary Party organizations have done their best in their guidance over the work of the youth league and in educating the youth, true to the Party's idea of prioritizing the youth, so as to stoutly train the rising generation into creditable pillars and masters of the Paektusan youth power who are capable of carrying forward the traditions of loyalty at their units. They also noted that the primary Party committees have put the focus of their work on helping everyone benefit from the noble intention of the Party and its popular policies of giving top priority to the interests and convenience of the people and holding them absolute so that the songs of gratitude for the Party and hurrah for the Workers' Party are ringing out louder from among them. Defects and deviations witnessed in the work of some basic party organizations were criticized and steps were taken to tackle them at the conference.
The speakers expressed their strong will to tangibly contribute to modelling the entire Party and the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism by remarkably increasing the combat efficiency of the primary Party organizations, true to the intention of the Party Central Committee which arranged the Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the WPK, the field commanders of the Party, in the crucial historic period of carrying out the revolutionary cause of Juche.
Kim Jong Un made a concluding speech.
Receiving the important guidelines from the Chairman of the WPK, the participants of the conference deeply felt their high honor and sense of responsibility that they are directly in charge of making a breakthrough in the drive to implement the decision of the Seventh Congress of the WPK by making a decisive turn in the work of the primary Party organizations as required by the new era of the Juche revolution.
Kim Jong Un made a closing address.
The First Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the WPK, the first of its kind since the Seventh Congress of the WPK, was a grand meeting of weighty significance that marked a historic milestone in further strengthening the WPK into the great Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party, lively and militant, and hastening the building of a socialist power.

The conference guided by Chairman of the WPK Kim Jong Un will be eternally recorded in the history of the WPK as a conference for revolutionary general advance as it greatly encouraged all the Party members, service personnel and other people who are dashing ahead like the wind toward the building of a socialist power and the final victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche under the guidance of the WPK.

UNSC "Resolution on Sanctions" 2321 Rejected

The director of the Department of Treaty and Law of the DPRK Foreign Ministry Thursday released a statement in denunciation of the "resolution on sanctions" against the DPRK which was cooked up by the UN Security Council at the instigation of the U.S. and its vassal forces, branding the nuclear warhead explosion test of the DPRK as "threat" and "provocation".
The statement said that neither sanctions of the UN nor independent sanctions can ever work on the DPRK which has proudly emerged a nuclear power and space power despite the unprecedented sanctions slapped by the U.S. and other hostile forces on it for more than half a century.

Bitterly denouncing the UNSC "resolution on sanctions" 2321 wantonly violating the sovereignty of the DPRK as a criminal document without any legality, the statement went on: The DPRK's nuclear warhead explosion test was the exercise of the right to self-defence and a practical counteraction against the U.S. and other hostile forces' nuclear threat and reckless sanctions and a demonstration of the strongest will of its people who are ready to counter any provocation of the enemy.

Organized Crimes to embroil other nations in the anti-DPRK maneuvers

The south Korean authorities are resorting to all sorts of means and methods in embroiling other nations in their shabby anti-DPRK hostilities.
The most prominent crimes are found in the fact that the south Korean authorities are desperate to seek approval of other nations in effecting a joint pressure on the DPRK travelling around the world with the illegal "resolutions on sanctions" which questioned the strengthening of nuclear deterrent of the DPRK, a legitimate exercise of an inalienable right of a sovereign state to self-defence.
They are interfering in internal affairs of other nations by relying on tricky manoeuvres to cut or sabotage the reciprocal cooperation between the DPRK and other nations. In order to cook up "humanitarian issues" related with the DPRK labour forces abroad and disseminate the "issues", they are engaged in all sorts of tricky games by mobilizing professionals and instruments in fabrication of forged photos, movies, sound records etc.
What is more intolerable is that they have deployed printing houses, supply workshops for anti- DPRK propaganda publications, and installed command posts and liaison offices across the world to carry out the operation of abduction of the DPRK citizens abroad to south Korea.
Furthermore, they even bribe local residents in foreign countries to track, follow and closely watch the DPRK officials and civilians. These operations have turned the foreign countries into a battlefield for confrontation between the north and the south and local residents likely become mercenaries for inter-Korean confrontation.
In some countries, some local residents tempted by dirty money paid by the agents of the south Korean Intelligence Service are actively involved in the plots against the DPRK diplomats. Sometimes they are caught on the spot and diplomatic disputes between the DPRK and foreign countries are followed.
The typical example is the car-tailing case that took place in Myanmar.
In October, 2016, two unidentified automobiles tailed and followed every track of the normal and regular conduct of the DPRK diplomats for over 10 days.
In the afternoon on October 7, 2016 one of our diplomats discovered that he had been followed persistently, stopped his car and signalled the following car to stop. The unidentified car ran away immediately but kept tailing afterwards.
The next day, our diplomat managed to catch the following car and made enquiries to the local residents inside the car. They made some excuses; avoiding direct answers to the questions raised by our diplomat and had hard time to prove their "innocence".
The scope and scale of the anti-DRPK overseas covert operations and the means and the amount of fund used by the south Korean authorities are quite beyond imagination. This clearly shows that the confrontational policy of south Korea against the fellow countrymen has already reached an extremely dangerous level.
The smear campaign of the south Korean authorities is reminding the "Colour Revolution" and the "Arab Spring", all of which are now deeply regretted and acknowledged as the policy failure by US and its followers. It is clearly a political terror to cause social chaos and bloodshed inside a sovereign state.
The DPRK sincerely wishes for the improvement of the inter-Korean relations and peaceful national reunification. However, the DPRK will never tolerate the south Korean authorities who have responded to the good will and generosity with sinister and evil-minded acts.
All the countries of the world are kindly advised to squarely look at the current situation of the inter-Korean relations and watch out the anti-DPRK smear campaign of the south Korean authorities.

They should be vigilant against political terror and human rights violations of the south Korean authorities who are turning not only the Korean peninsula but foreign countries into the scorched battlefield of the inter-Korean confrontation.

Vilifying the DPRK with Distortion and Deception

In the past, the south Korean authorities have mainly focused on the radio broadcasting and spreading leaflets for psychological warfare along the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). But today, they extend the scope of psychological warfare to the DPRK citizens abroad in various parts of the world, vilifying the DPRK with absurd and preposterous stories.
The ghost organizations including "Free Gathering", "Defectors' Gathering", "Committee for Reform and Opening of the DPRK" which are backed by the south Korean Intelligence Service keep sending various tricky materials to the DPRK missions and its officials through DHL, e-mails and fax, magazines titled "Yosong Donga", "Yimjingang", and other kinds of PDF data titled "Arirang", "Pyongyang News To Comrades", "New Pyongyang News", which are full of distorted stories vilifying the DPRK.
O Myong Su and other agents of the south Korean Intelligence Service do not even hesitate to commit mean and dirty political provocations in disregard of the international laws and elementary ethics and morality by fabricating cunningly the articles and stories of the DPRK main newspapers including Rodongsinmun and other publications and distributing them to the DPRK citizens abroad through internet.
The meanness of the psychological warfare conducted by the south Korean authorities is found in recruiting a handful of criminals and traitors who betrayed their parents, sisters and brothers and fled to the south, seeking for their own comfort, to the intelligence and secret services against the north and in inciting them to offend and slander the supreme leadership and social system of the DPRK.
Even the notorious south Korean mass media are used by the south Korean authorities in disseminating the distorted news about the DPRK.
In May, 2016, the south Korean "Yonhap News" made a groundless report that the London- based DPRK insurance office had been searched and seized by the law enforcement authorities of the UK and its representatives had been expelled. The office was in fact operating normal in full compliance of local laws and regulations at the time of the report.
On the other hand, KBS and MBC, south Korea's leading broadcasting companies, made a report of a "group defection to the south" by the DPRK waitresses working in a Korean restaurant in Dandong, Liaoning Province, China. Later, the report was proved to be a false and mocked by the international community for inconsistency of the place and the time of the story.
Then, people should be fully aware of the ultimate goal of anti-DPRK psychological warfare conducted by the south Korean authorities, as they are getting more desperate and persistent than ever before.
The ultimate goal is to tarnish the image of the DPRK in the international arenas and destroy the political stability and the single-hearted unity of the socialist system of the DPRK, which is the most advantageous in the world and in which the leader, the Party and the popular masses are firmly united.
Based on the shaman's prophecy that the "DPRK would collapse in 2 years' period", Park Geun Hye, from the beginning of her office, has dreamed about "system unification" and totally denied the DPRK's good will and proactive proposals to improve the inter-Korean relations. She has pursued the policy of confrontation with the country fellowmen, while toeing the hostile policy to isolate and stifle the DPRK and the Asia-Pacific pivot strategy of the United States.
However, the single-hearted unity of the whole society in which all the service personnel and people firmly rallied around their leadership is growing stronger and stronger with each passing day despite the anti-DPRK smear campaign by the south Korean authorities.
In the DPRK, the state considers the sufferings of the people as the most painful state of emergency and pursues a policy of turning a misfortune into a blessing by mobilizing all resources of the country. Thanks to the noble policy of loving the popular masses, the northern area of the DPRK which was totally devastated by typhoon and flood has been turned into a bosom of happy life in less than two months. It is a stark reality in the DPRK where the entire people, sincerely moved by the gratitude of the Party and the socialist system, are firmly determined to defend the grateful party and the socialist system.

It is quite ridiculous that the south Korean authorities, immersed in the unprecedented political crisis resulted in the political turmoil where the state affairs have been manipulated by a green shaman and impeachment of President is on the high agenda, are engaged in the fanatic anti-DPRK psychological warfare. It is quite foolish and stupid if they think that they could tarnish the good image of the DPRK with absurd and distorted stories.

Despicable Blackmail, Appeasement and Agitation Maneuvers encouraging "Defection from the North"

The anti-DPRK smear campaign by the south Korean authorities focuses on an operation of encouragement of "defection from the north" among the DPRK citizens working abroad.
The south Korean authorities, filled with antagonism and hostility against the fellow countrymen in the north, commit all kinds of reckless inhumane atrocities, clamoring about "all-out offensive" to instigate the DPRK citizens to defect to the south. 
This year, in particular, the maneuvers of the south Korean authorities to allure and abduct the DPRK citizens abroad has reached the unprecedented level in its shabbiness and viciousness.
Traitor Park Geun Hye at her address marking "Armed Forces Day" in October 2016 made the reckless remarks openly agitating the DPRK inhabitants to "defect to the south". It shows clearly that south Korea's agitation for "defection" has reached the climax.
Today the south Korean Intelligence Service is desperate to massively spread publications, letters, CDs and USBs vilifying and slandering the supreme leadership and the social system and agitating "defection to the south" by postal matters and e-mails targeting the DPRK diplomatic and trade missions, its officials and their family members.
Following the guidelines of the psychological tricky propaganda of the south Korean Intelligence Service, Kang Chol Hwan, the so-called "representative of the Center for the Strategy on North Korea", continues to send the magazine of "Yosong Joson "(Korea Women) to tens of the DPRK missions abroad, with his handwritten letters and SD cards, inserted in the magazines, slandering our social system and agitating for "defection to the south", in the disguised name of the "General Association of Korean Residents in China" during the period of September and November in 2016 alone.
On October 5th, 2016, Mun Chol Ung, who betrayed the nation and defected to south Korea, turned up in India, accompanied with the several south Korean Intelligence Service agents, and made several phone calls to his former Korean acquaintances working in New Delhi and tried to coax them to defect to south Korea.
In August and September 2016 in Cambodia, an agent of the south Korean Intelligence Service approached several times to a DPRK citizen who was due to return home after his tenure of office and tried to coax him to defect to south Korea. When his attempt was in vain, the agent impudently did not hesitate to threaten and blackmail the DPRK citizen.
The competitive alluring operations committed by the south Korean agents abroad targeting the DPRK citizens have resulted in such an inhuman crime like a group abduction of our women workers, which took place in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China in April 2016.
The south Korean authorities disguised the group abduction, an unpardonable crime against humanity, as "group defection" to justify the "justness" and "effectiveness" of their "one-sided policy of pressure on the north".
Scared that their crime of abduction would be revealed, the south Korean authorities still keep the women abductees away from the press and media and continue to violate human rights while ignoring the abductees parents' demand to visit Seoul and proposals for their meetings.
As a result, the parents and families of the abductees, who have lost their lovely daughters in broad daylight, not at wartime, are numbed with grief and shock, struggling to know their whereabouts. No such a case is found in the world today and it is really the most serious case of human rights abuses.
Acts of agitation of "defection to the south" by south Korea are nothing but a large-scale wanton violation of human rights aimed at separating the other DPRK citizens just like the women abductees from both their fatherland and flesh and blood.
The south Korean authorities are now making a fuss about the adoption of a report of the Office of UNHCR on the issue of separated families and relatives and its immediate implementation. But, in fact the south Korean authorities are trying to deceive the world by pretending that they are really concerned about the resolution of the humanitarian matters between the north and the south.

It is presumptuous that the main culprits, who have abducted the DPRK citizens by appeasement and deception thus creating a new issue of separated families and relatives in the 21st century, talk about the resolution of the issue of the 20th century. They are the most shameless criminals hardly found in the world.

Truth of the Despicable Anti-DPRK Smear Campaign Conducted abroad by the south Korean Authorities

(Research Paper of the Institute for Disarmament and Peace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK)
The year of 2016 is very significant for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea that has successfully carried out the first H-bomb test, by which its strategic position has dramatically been strengthened.
Being defensive in the north-south political and military showdown, the south Korean authorities are now desperately engaged in a shabby psychological warfare against the north to recover from the miserable situation.
The smear campaign conducted abroad by the south Korean authorities against the DPRK citizens has reached the unprecedented level and causes a great anxiety among the people.

The Institute for Disarmament and Peace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK releases the research paper to reveal the shabbiness and viciousness of the anti-DPRK smear campaign conducted abroad by the south Korean authorities.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Second-day Meeting of First Conference of Chairpersons of Primary Committees of WPK Held under Guidance of Kim Jong Un

There took place the second-day meeting of the First Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the Workers' Party of Korea on Saturday.
The meeting continued under the guidance of Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea.
Chairpersons of primary party committees of units at various levels made speeches on the precious successes, experience and lessons drawn in the party work of their units.
Speakers analyzed and reviewed the successes and experience gained in consolidating the primary party committees, the basic organizations of the Party, as strong militant ranks equipped with the firm faith and indomitable offensive-oriented spirit of devotedly defending the leader and implementing the Party's policies to the letter and the revolutionary outposts adjoining the yard of the Party Central Committee.
They said that the primary party organizations aroused the masses to the heroic struggle to create the new Korean speed, the Mallima speed, regarding the implementation of the last instructions of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il as the key point of the party work and enhancing the vanguard role of the party members in the building of a powerful socialist country.
They pointed out that they have firmly consolidated the primary party organizations of their units as loyal militant ranks armed with the spirit of devotedly defending the leader and implementing the Party's policies to the letter with transparent revolutionary outlook on the leader.
They recalled that they have led the producer masses through practical examples, providing on-site guidance and dynamically conducting on-site political work as frontline-style one the way the commanding officers of the People's Army do and thus performed new miracles and feats in the general offensive.
Hearing the speeches, the participants of the conference once again deeply grasped the real meaning of the instructions of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un that the examples set by officials are more powerful political work than hundreds of words and that it is necessary to convert the Party work into the on-site political work and work to motivate people.
At the conference an in-depth analysis was made of deviations and shortcomings manifested at some units at present where the work of primary party committees failed to reflect the Party's intention and meet the requirements of the developing revolution, and strong criticism was made of them. The conference discussed ways to draw lessons from the shortcomings and thoroughly rectify them.
Criticism was also made of officials for their shortcomings reflected in perfunctorily implementing the Party's decision, not giving priority to the work for firmly arming themselves with the Party's line and policies.
There was criticism of failing to conduct the drive for implementing the Party's line and policies in a do-or-die spirit and of failing to meticulously organize the party life among officials and other party members and guide it to suit the characteristic features of relevant units.
In the light of self-criticisms and criticisms measures were taken to firmly build up the primary committees of the whole party into the militant units with strong organizational and executive capabilities and bring about a revolutionary turn in the ideological viewpoint and work traits and style of the chairpersons of the primary party committees.
Speakers evinced their resolutions to firmly consolidate the primary party organizations as outposts for devotedly defending the leader and carrying out the Party's policies to the letter by creditably fulfilling their responsibility and role as direct organizers, information officials and implementers in executing the Party's policies.

The conference goes on.