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Trust of People in the WPK
The Workers’ Party of Korea(WPK) has the perfect mass foundation.
It was founded on the solid mass basis. Through its foundation was proclaimed on October 10, 1945, immediately after Korea was liberated from the Japanese military occupation on August 15 the same year, the preparation for it had been made from nearly 20 years ago. President Kim Il Sung(1912-1994) formed the Down-with-Imperialism Union(DIU) on October 17,1926, which served as the historical roots of the WPK. Having perceived the important role of a party, the President put forth the line of founding the party, its roots struck deep among the broad masses of the people. It had been an established formula that a party makes public its program and rules before declaring its founding and building its affiliates. Kim Il Sung regarded this formula from a different angle. He thought that the formula would lead the party to be founded to separation from the masses, like oil on the water. Thus, the WPK established its basic organizations among the people from all walks of life, including workers and peasants, formed local branches based on them and organized its central committee, a method unprecedented in party founding. Its emblem bears a hammer, a sickle and a writing brush as suited to its character.
Since its foundation the WPK has successfully performed its mission and duty as a mass party. It effected land reform, equal rights for both sexes, nationalization of major industries and various other democratic reforms, satisfying the long-cherished desire of the Korean people, and pursued the people-oriented policies. While enjoying an independent, creative and worthwhile life in the embrace of the WPK all the Koreans came to keenly feel the preciousness of their happiness as well as of the WPK that ensured it. Thanks to this absolute trust in and support for the Party, Korea could make a historical miracle of having defeated the US-led imperialist allied forces, stronger in numbers and military and technical preparedness beyond comparison, and emerged victorious in the Korean war(1950-1953). Many Korean People’s Army soldiers blocked with their chests the muzzles of firing enemy guns and rushed forward under roiling tanks with bundles of grenades, shouting “Call me a member of the WPK!” Such facts are clear testimony to deep trust the Koreans placed in the WPK.
The WPK has built a socialist state centred on the masses of people, holding high the slogan, “We serve the people!” 
In the last years of the previous century when several socialist countries collapsed at one time, Korea safeguarded socialism with honour. It is a good example of thorough responsibility of the WPK for its people. In spite of the worst trials and hardship it faced due to the intensive anti-socialist offensives of the imperialist forces and consecutive natural disasters, Korea did not in the least experience any disturbance against government or social chaos, contrary to the prediction of the West. On the contrary, it firmed up the single-hearted unity of the whole society around the WPK.
The Juche idea underlines the people’s absolute trust in and support for the WPK. The Juche idea, authored by the President Kim Il Sung and enriched by General Kim Jong Il, is the idea that upholds the masses of the people as the most valuable and powerful in the world. The WPK has incorporated the idea, an invariable guideline, in its activities, thus administering the politics that loves and trusts the people. President Kim Il Sung”s dictum was that one emerges ever-victorious when he believes and relies on the people, but not when he turns his back on them and is forsaken by them. The dictum is the doctrine of the WPK today. The WPK exists only for the sake of the people and it deems it its duty to defend and ensure their interests and right to independence. The supreme principle of its activities is to promote the people’s well-being. It raises high the slogan, “Let the whole Party go among the masses!” ensuring that all its officials serve the people faithfully, always mixing with them. Its every line and policy reflects the opinions and demands of the masses; it never tolerates the slightest setback or weakening in the enforcement of the polices for the people-free education and medical care, tax-free arrangement and so on-however difficult the economic situation of the country may be. For this reason, the Koreans call the WPK the “motherly party”, entrust their destiny to it and wage a vigorous struggle to carry out its lines and policies.
As the tree with its roots struck deep stands firm in whatever fierce gales, the WPK that enjoys absolute trust of the people and has rock-solid mass foundation will never flinch in the face of any political turmoil of the world.  

National Chairman

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