Monday, April 12, 2010

Members of the Nigerian National Committee on the Study of Juche Idea, FCT College of Education Zuba – Abuja branch marked the Day of the Sun, with a seminar on Songun politics of the DPR of Korea on 7th march 2010.

After the introduction of participants and the purpose of the occasion, the first paper titled; THE eternal sun was presented by the Chairman self Reliance Dr. Ahmed B. Lawan. He spoke on the origin of the day which is a historic event that ushered in a new era of independence. The Juche soldiers all over the world join the Korean people to mark the birthday of president Kim IL sung (1912 – 1994). The president, founder of socialist Korea, is likened to the sun as he possessed at the highest level with light, heat and attraction, attributes of the sun.
The second paper titled; The Juche Idea in brief and the Songun politics was presented by the Secretary of the branch Alhaji Suleiman Laido. He spoke extensively on the Songun politics and the Juche idea, stressing the philosophical outlook on the world clarifies that the world is dominated and transformed by man and that the world develops in accordance with the development of man. He also mentioned the emergence of the RED STAR operation system, developed a presented to the world which is geared toward the Juche idea.
The two papers marked the end of the presentations which was followed by responses and remarks form members of the study group.
The response/ Remarks:
Ø Sanusi Abdulkadir head of Department fine and applied arts, stressed the need for the students to be self reliant and look inward to themselves as the centre of their development
Ø Mohammed Musa as staff of the School of Education expressed delight to be part of the Juche Family and charged the participants to liberate themselves to have self confidence
Ø Idris Yusuf a Juche student was delighted in the seating arrangement, which exhibited freedom in the Juche philosophy
Ø Ibrahim Jephthan also a Juche student expressed his profound gratitude to the great leader Kim IL Sung for this noble ldea which has come the face of mankind
Ø Abdulrasheed Adamu another Juche student was full of praises to the great leader The Eternal Sun as man of the masses and surely a true light
Ø Dantani Adamu and Esther Adeoye Aderonke both Juche students sees the Juche philosophy as the solution to corruption in our land. They therefore requested that more members should be invited to be part of the Juche soldiers
Dr. Ahmed B. Lawan
Nigerian Committee on Self Reliance
Federal College of Education, Zuba.

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