Saturday, December 11, 2010

Statement of Nigerian National Committee on the Study of Juche Idea

The United States and south Korea puppet group are dragging the situation on the Korean peninsula at all-round war with the armed clash of Yonphong island after the military defiance against the DPR Korea by fabricating the incident of “Choenan” warship.

The south Korean authority is staging the firing exercises at 29 places in the East, West and South seas of south Korea simultaneously to create the military threat and tension. It is none other than an evil plot to provoke another war.

Ceasefire continues and the danger of war is hanging all the time in the Korean peninsula because of the US hostile policy towards the DPR Korea and US aggressive ambition in line with the strategy to dominate Asia.

The Nigerian National Committee on the Study of the Juche Idea is calling the US and south Korea to stop all kind military exercises threatening the peace on the Korean peninsula and retract the hostile polity towards the DPR Korea.

Alhassan Mamman Muhammad

National Chairman

Nigerian National Committee on the Study of Juche ideas.

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