Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Abuja 10 January 2011

The Joint Editorial of “Rodong Sinmun”, “Joson Inmingun” and “Chongnyon Jonwi” advanced to celebrate the centenary anniversary of President Kim Il Sung as the great auspicious event of humanity and to effect a decisive turn in improving the people’s living standard and building a great prosperous powerful nation.

We wish the fresh success in the struggle of Korean people in the new year to put the plate of powerful nation at the gate of the dignified Kim Il Sung’s Korea under the leadership of Songun politics of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il.

We strongly support the proposal of Joint Editorial to eliminate the North-South confrontation of Korea as soon as possible and remove the danger of war and defend the peace in the Korean peninsula.

It is imperative to respect the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and October 4 Declaration and implement them and put the national common interest above all else and create the good atmosphere for negotiation and cooperation between the North and the South in order to realize the reunification of the Korean peninsula.

In this light, we actively support the Joint Declaration of Government, Political Parties and Social organizations in DPR Korea to have the large scale negotiations between the Governments, Political Parties and Social Organizations from the North and South and stop the slander between them.

We are confident the 2011 will be a year of decisive change in the struggle to achieve the reunification of Korea.

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