Sunday, February 06, 2011

On the Road for the People

The DPRK is now exerting a great effort to build a great prosperous and powerful nation.

The Korean people have made a remarkable advance by their own efforts overcoming all trials in the face of the harsh blockade and sanctions of the US-led imperialist allied forces.

This reality is inconceivable apart from the guidance of leader Kim Jong Il who keeps noble patriotism as his view of life.

Roots and Leaves

One February day officials told leader Kim Jong Il that they were resolved to become green leaves of a big tree for the country.

Leader Kim Jong Il said:

The leaves fall in a rainstorm, but roots remain unmoved even in the frozen land. You should become roots for the country and the revolution like those of a tree.

A tree can be a stout big one only when its roots are strong and solid. “Let us become the roots of revolution!”—This is the view of life for our revolutionaries to have today.

The roots make fat of the stem, branches and leaves and bring about abundant fruits. Nevertheless, they do not reveal themselves above the earth to the end.

To become the roots of revolution means to devote yourselves to the country and the people infinitely.

With a broad smile, leader Kim Jong Il went on to say that he was ready to become a solid root of revolution along with them, inspiring them to work harder together.

Special Invitation

Leader Kim Jong Il’s noble world of love for the country and the people embroiders touching stories in every part of the country.

On the early morning of June of one year leader Kim Jong Il visited the Komdok Mine, a large nonferrous mineral production base of Korea.

He met members of a mining work team including 6 labor heroes and innovators.

Talking with them, he learned that they would stay and work in the pit face for several days to produce more minerals.

Worrying himself about that, he said:

As I said the other day, you should not allow the miners to sleep in the unaired pit. Be sure that they sleep outside.

Leader Kim Jong Il knew too well the miners’ desire to produce ores as much as possible to contribute to the building of a thriving nation. That’s why he wanted to look after them all the more.

Informed that the work team had already fulfilled its yearly assignments by the officials, leader Kim Jong Il said that It was a very good thing and they were the core of the Party and the pillars of the mine.

Then he saw the performance of the mobile art agitation team of the mine seated side by side with the miners.

Coming out of the hall when the performance was over he personally invited the Hero Work Team members to Pyongyang.

The miners came up to the capital together with their wives, watched art performances and enjoyed themselves at entertainment centers, looking round different places under the care of leader Kim Jong Il.

While concealing his devoted services for the cause of the building of a thriving nation, leader Kim Jong Il gives wide publicity to the feats of ordinary people, though they did only what they should do.

Such moving stories produced on the road of his on-the-spot guidance tour serve as the motive force of the earlier building of a great prosperous and powerful nation.

A secret of Making Time

What is the richest in leader Kim Jong Il’s devotion to the building of a thriving nation is his warm love for the country and the people. But what is the most badly needed is time.

Leader Kim Jong Il says the song Higher and Faster reflects his will and often sings the song on his continuous on-site guidance tour.

On January 13 some years ago he was discussing economic problems with managers of factories and enterprises of a province. All of a sudden, he said he would celebrate the New Year’s Day together with them.

To the managers there all puzzled, he said with a smile that he had not yet celebrated the New Year’s Day because he was too busy and he might not celebrate the upcoming lunar New Year’s Day properly.

He went on to say earnestly:

While working, I grudge time most. What is most regretful is the flow of time. If I could extend a second into an hour, I would work that much more for the country and the people. It is a great pity that I can not do so.

Turning down the request of officials to take a rest even for a moment, leader Kim Jong Il earnestly said he should bring about a decisive turn in the economic construction and the people’s livelihood in that year at any cost.

The secret of his making so much time for the people lies in disallowing himself to take a rest.

He always plans to use time to the full without wasting even a second in his work. The objective of the great life of leader Kim Jong Il is to obtain more time and do more work for the people.

Led by the leader of the people, who works with boundless ardor with a view to become a root for the prosperity of socialist Korea, the DPRK will surely emerge as a thriving nation in a short span of time.

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