Friday, August 22, 2014

As the days go by, it has become clearer that the plan for a nuclear-free world much advocated by US president Barak Obama after his accession to power was merely a deceptive empty slogan.                                   
According to the recently-declassified budget plan of the US Department of Energy for the next year, the budget for maintaining and modernizing the nuclear weapons in stock will have an 11.6% increase against that for this year. With regard to this US military experts submitted a letter of protest to him saying that his policy of nuclear-free world had come to naught.
It is widely known that he has advocated for a nuclear-free world since his early days of presidency. He declared that he would pursue the policy of a nuclear-free world until it was carried out and making the world nuclear-free was the core of his diplomatic policy. The US authorities jumped on the bandwagon and made public the number of the country’s nuclear warheads, widely advertising as if the US was making a great contribution to global peace and nuclear disarmament. US newspaper Wall Street Journal praised Obama as a disarmament president. Even he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
However, he does not deserve the praise and prize.
By nature, the plan for a nuclear-free world contravenes the external policy of the US. Arms race and confrontation policy are the nucleus of its aggressive foreign policy, policy for its world hegemony. By fomenting arms race and confrontation across the world, the US seeks to create excuses for aggression on and interference in other countries and further expand its international influence.
The most powerful means for this is nuclear weapons. Therefore, it is not likely at all that the US should be interested in a nuclear-free world. 
In fact, the Obama administration has been following the road opposite to nuclear disarmament while advocating for a nuclear-free world.
The US administration pointed out in a national defence strategy report that the US must retain its nuclear arsenal until the world is made nuclear-free. Obama asserted that his country would continue to maintain safe and efficient nuclear deterrent in pursuance of its national security strategy. Strange rhetoric and sophistry are now circulating in the US administration that although it will not do to develop advanced nuclear weapons, modernizing nuclear weapons is out of question and that the NPT does not prohibit modernizing the efficiency of nuclear weapons.
The US is stepping up the development and production of nuclear weapons of new types so as to maintain its nuclear supremacy and implement nuclear war strategy on any account. US brass hats preach that the US should develop modern nuclear weapons of new types. Saying that the world will rely on nuclear weapons in the future, too, and the era of nuclear disarmament has come near to an end, they have defined future war as a nuclear war.
The US does not conceal its willingness to use nuclear weapons. Having already proclaimed nuclear pre-emptive strike as a national policy and designated several countries as targets of its nuclear strike, it is now stepping up preparations for attacking the countries with nuclear weapons at any moment. Any country out of its favour is destined to become a target of its nuclear strike.
Then for what Obama is advocating the plan for a nuclear-free world so loudly?
His much vaunted plan is nothing but a cloak of the ambition of the US to attain world hegemony by dint of its nuclear supremacy.
The emergence of several nuclear states has pulled down the curtain on its nuclear monopoly. So the US is trying to prevent other nuclear powers from strengthening their nuclear forces and non-nuclear states from possessing nuclear weapons under the deceptive slogan of a nuclear-free world, and thereby to create conditions favourable for realizing its ambition for world hegemony. The ulterior motive of the plan is to disarm other countries of nuclear forces and facilitate its armament expansion and modernization and conventionalization of nuclear weapons.
If one fails to penetrate this motive and harbours an illusion about its deceptive advertisement of nuclear disarmament, one will meet irrevocable, grim consequences.
The incidents of Iraq and Libya teach a serious lesson that if countries, that are under constant nuclear threat of the US, do not possess powerful war deterrent , they will inevitably become victims of state terrorism by the US.
The plot of the US to reinforce its nuclear forces under the signboard of a nuclear-free world multiplies the danger of hot nuclear war in the world with each passing day and gives rise to new armament race and nuclear showdown.
The world should be highly vigilant against the deceitful plan of the US for a nuclear-free world.                         

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