Friday, September 26, 2014

On the red flag flied in Mt. Paektu
We imprinted a hammer, a sickle and a brush.
Associated with the destiny of the people,
The flag has advanced through the storm of the revolution.
…  …  …

This is a passage of the song “Fly High, Our Party Flag” much in vogue among the Korean people. As it reads, the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) has covered the long road of revolution for scores of years, being responsible for the people’s destiny and flying high its flag.
Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), founder of the WPK, said in the following vein:
If there is a “God” in my mind, it is none other than the masses of the people. That is why I had their symbols represented on the flag of the Party when I founded it. The images he meant are a hammer, a sickle and a writing-brush, which symbolize the workers, farmers and intellectuals. The symbols clearly represent the organization, and characteristics and mission of the WPK that is responsible for the destiny of the working masses and takes care of them.
The WPK, ever since its founding on October 10, 1945, has held most dearly the people and devoted itself to taking care of their destiny. Various democratic reforms including agrarian reform, nationalization of major industries, and proclamation of the law on sex equality were enforced in Korea after it had been liberated from the military occupation of the Japanese imperialists, putting forward the masses as the full-fledged masters of the means of production and society. Such people-oriented policies as universal free medical care and education and the abolition of taxation system have been effected, cementing rock-firm the social system which meets people’s desire and aspirations. The WPK has thus ushered in a new era of history in which the masses of the people, who had been the objects of exploitation and domination in the past, emerged as the genuine masters of the society and their own destiny, and administered a new people-oriented politics.
Kim Jong Il (1942-2011) carried forward brilliantly Kim Il Sung’s noble idea “The people are my God” and further developed the WPK into a mother Party that devotes its all to the people. He said that he worshipped the people most and he was a servant of the working masses, and that flowers should be brought into bloom even on a rock if that was what the people wanted.

He regarded it as his motto and will, and administered politics of affection for the people, taking the whole responsibility for their life and destiny. Once he ordered the military to send dozens of planes to search for a fisher girl who had been carried away on the tide while collecting shellfish on a winter night.  The other time he enlisted army units in an emergency campaign to save human lives from a disastrous flood. Such heart-warming stories are numerous.
He set forth a slogan “We serve the people!” for the WPK, which, true to it, has faithfully performed its mission and duty for the destiny and happiness of the people.
The flag of the WPK that is associated with the destiny of the masses has neither flinched in all sorts of trials of history nor dulled its red colour. In the closing years of last century when several socialist countries lowered their red flags and abandoned their people’s destiny, the WPK held higher its red flag.
Kim Jong Il set out on the road of Songun to deal with the extreme anti-socialist offensives of the imperialists and safeguard the destiny of the people. His Songun politics reliably defended the socialism of Korea, a cradle of its people, and brought about a radical turn in building a thriving socialist country that promises its people a greater happiness.
The flag of the WPK that has fluttered high for decades, bearing the responsibility for the destiny of the people, is now being held up higher by its First Secretary Kim Jong Un. Setting it as a fundamental principle of the WPK’s activities to consider people’s conveniences to be absolute and the highest priority, he put forth a slogan “Everything for the people and everything by relying on them!” It mirrors his determination to imbue the entire party with the spirit of love and trust for the people. With this intention he is now leading the Korean people’s efforts to develop the economy and culture of the country in order to make them enjoy all the benefits of socialism.
The Korean people are unshakable in their faith to vigorously advance toward a bright future, flying the flag of the WPK forever.  Reflecting their faith, the song “Fly Higher, Our Party Flag” is reverberating through the DPRK that marks the 68th founding anniversary of the Party.

Over the clear sky with shining sun and stars
Party flag flies generation after generation.
Even though we abandon our lives
We will never lay down the flag of Juche Party.
Fly high, our Party flag,
Over the peak of socialism it will fly forever.

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