Sunday, September 13, 2015


The sinking of the Sewol, recorded as one of the greatest maritime accidents in the world, is the epitome of the human rights of Park Geun Hye style.
When the hundreds of children were crying out for help inside the sinking ship, she was somewhere else to attend to her own things and did not take any salvage measures. When public feelings against her ran high, she threw the blame on a few of her subordinates like a threatened lizard breaking off its own tail. She did not receive the families of victims, who went to the presidential house to see her, and had police clamp down their protests. Her inhumane and cruel reaction appalled the world.
When people held demonstrations on the occasion of May Day last year in demand of the right to existence and in memory of the first anniversary of the Sewol accident, a large number of police troops were enlisted; they poured tens of thousands of litres of tear-causing fluid over the people, beat them with iron bars and shields, and walked many of them, including women, off.
The official in charge of east Asia criticized this in his emergency comment. Not only the south Korean public but the US and Western media denounced Park Geun Hye, saying that she is not a human being, much less a president. CNN said that there was no such a hell in this world. Wall Street Journal and Guardian wrote that she is not possessed of qualities becoming a leader, and that if she were in the West, she would have hardly managed to remain a president.
To her, the life and safety of her people are nothing. If not, how could she have allowed the shipping in of anthrax bacteria for the US experiment in south Korea?
The recent MERS spread in south Korea has revealed the true nature of the human rights of Park Geun Hye style. Because of poor preventive mechanism, many people were infected. Their lives not withstanding she had heat sensors installed in the presidential building to check those who are coming in. As this fact was revealed, the south Korean people said: “How can it be exactly the same with the case of the Sewol accident?” and “She reminds us of the captain of the Sewol who escaped the sinking ship first.”

If I can remain alive, that’s all―this is Park Geun Hye style of human rights.

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