Tuesday, June 21, 2016

KCNA Commentary Accuses Japan of Denying Sexual Slavery

Japan has adopted it as its pressing foreign policy to prevent the information related to sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army from being registered by UNESCO as world heritage.
    When 10 odd NGOs in various countries and regions such as China and Netherlands recently submitted applications to get 2 744 pieces of information related to the sexual slavery registered by UNESCO, the chief Cabinet secretary and the foreign minister of Japan are voicing opposition to it, blustering that "Japan would press ahead with such measures as reform of UNESCO's system to make sure that it is not abused for political purposes" and that "Japan would assert a correct stand and seriously react to it."
    This is triggering off criticism of the international community as it is an impudent and brigandish act of Japan to put under the carpet its blood-stained history of aggression by embellishing its hideous crimes against humanity in defiance of international practice and international organizations if any action incurs its displeasure. This reminds one of the arbitrary acts of its master U.S.
    To get the detailed accounts of the sexual slavery of Japan, the hideous crimes Japan perpetrated against humanity, registered by UNESCO as world heritage is a due requirement of history for preventing war crimes and preserving peace and dignity of humankind with joint efforts.
    Japan forcibly took away 200 000 women of Korea and many women of other countries to shambles of the war of aggression and forced them into sexual slavery by using government and military power in the past, thus mercilessly violating their chastity, personality, dignity and rights. These unpardonable thrice-cursed crimes can never be covered up.
    No matter how desperately Japan may work to deny the history of its state-sponsored sexual slavery, it can never falsify this truth of history.
    This being a hard fact, the approach of the present rulers of Japan towards the above-said issue is stunning the world public.
    After craftily evading its state responsibility for the sexual slavery by promising to pay a petty amount of money at negotiations held with south Korea at the end of last year over the issue of sexual slavery, Japan has gone so far as to deny its crimes more impudently.
    It is well illustrated by the rubbish talked by the prime minister of Japan that "there is no evidence proving the forcible drafting of women" and the fact that it is pressurizing the south Korean regime to remove the statues of a girl sexual slave.
    The chief Cabinet secretary openly expressed discontent, saying "it is a matter of great regret that the UN high commissioner for Human Rights expressed skepticism over the "agreement" made by Japan and south Korea on the issue of sexual slavery.
    Recently the Japanese government submitted to a UN body its official stand that "there is no evidence proving the coercion involved in the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army" as regards a question raised by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.
    This means that Japan still works hard to deny the coercion involved in the sexual slavery in the eyes of the international community even after the Japan-south Korea "agreement" was made in which Japan claimed itself that the issue has been settled.
    When the "document on Nanjing massacre" was registered in UNESCO as world heritage last year, Japan took issue with it and demanded the organization modify its screening system.
    All facts go to prove that the Japanese reactionaries are getting ever more undisguised in its moves to keep its hideous past crimes buried into oblivion, desperately working to block the discussion on sexual slavery in international arena.
    There can be no bright present and future for Japan as long as its crime-woven past remains unsettled.
    It is tragedy that Japan still pursues a wild dream of covering up the truth of history. 

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