Sunday, July 09, 2017

Pomminryon Calls for Ushering in New Heyday for Korea's Reunification

The North, South and Overseas Headquarters of the Pan-National Alliance for Korea's Reunification (Pomminryon) released a joint resolution on Tuesday, the 45th anniversary of the publication of the historic July 4 joint statement.
Noting the publication of the joint statement was an event of great significance in the history of the Korean nation as it opened a new chapter of dialogue and negotiations for the first time in the north-south relations that had been frozen by distrust and confrontation for decades and provided all Koreans with hope and optimism about national reunification, the resolution said:
The birth of the three principles of national reunification helped the Korean nation dynamically advance the movement for reunification on the track of independence both in name and reality.
The June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, the embodiment of the principles, let all Koreans renew their faith that reunification would surely come when they pool their efforts in the spirit of By Our Nation Itself.
Expressing the will to open up a new heyday of national reunification by firmly preserving and thoroughly implementing the three principles of national reunification and the north-south declarations, the resolution said:
1. Pomminryon will adhere to the principle of independence in the movement for national reunification, the principle of prioritizing and firmly defending the interests of the nation.
It will as ever invariably uphold independence, regarding it as the lifeline in tackling the reunification issue, the issue of the nation.
2. Pomminryon will intensify the struggle to defend the lasting peace of the Korean peninsula from the war moves of the outsiders and their followers seeking to plunge the Korean nation into a nuclear disaster.
It will launch a vigorous pan-national movement for peace against war to resolutely foil the war provocation moves of the gangster-like U.S. which attempts to reduce the Korean peninsula into a theater of nuclear war, indifferent to the destiny of the Korean nation.
It will intensify the mass struggle for driving the U.S. troops out of south Korea and getting all nuclear war equipment for aggression withdrawn from it.
3. Pomminryon will wage a brisk campaign for realizing the solidarity and unity of Koreans of various circles in the north and the south and abroad under the uplifted banner of great national unity.
If all Koreans in the north and the south and abroad get firmly united, irrespective of ideology and ism, political view and religious belief, social system and region, that precisely means national reunification.

Pomminry on will achieve solidarity and unity with all political parties and organizations respecting the three principles of national reunification and the north-south declarations and open the gate to reunification together with them by placing national reunification, the great cause of all Koreans, above all.

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