Thursday, July 12, 2018

Kim Jong Un Inspects Construction Sites in Samjiyon County

Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State
Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme
commander of the Korean People's Army, gave field guidance to construction
sites in Samjiyon County.
Looking at the master plan of construction of a township in the county and a
map showing the bird's-eye view of the township in the county at the observation
deck on Pegae Hill, the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was briefed on it.
He gave an instruction to include the plan of expanding and developing the area
extending to the shore of Lake Samji in the plan of the township construction of
the county in the future.
Looking at the map showing the bird's-eye view of the township in the county,
he said the color of coating materials and metal roofing materials of the buildings
should be harmoniously matched to their use and features and the color of the
exterior walls should be selected to suit well the natural forests of Mt Paektu.
He said that the construction of Samjiyon County should be conducted, divided
into the areas of education, dwelling houses, modern streets, industry, sports and
cultural education, commercial service and tourism, in accordance with the
ratified master plan.
He said that a model of city with modern civilization in the mountains should be
made in the construction of Samjiyon County and the appearance of all the
counties in the mountains of our country should be spruced up and built well by
generalizing the experience and this process should be an occasion of great leap
and a revolution in local construction.
As the township construction of Samjiyon County is conducted amidst the
concern and support of the whole Party, state and society, it should be finished in
the short period by scrupulously organizing the guidance and supply according to
a three-dimensional and blitz war formula.
He underscored the need to introduce the construction method suitable for the
features of the northern area with heavy snowfall and low temperature and
ensure the quality of construction on the highest level by intensifying the
guidance and supervision of construction without concentrating on the speed only.
He said it is necessary to make a good design of forestation and tree planting
according to the districts of the township area of the county and stressed the
need to plant a number of white birch, a favorite tree of leader Kim Jong Il.
Going round the construction sites of the Management Office for Revolutionary
Battle Sites in the Secret Camp of Mt Paektu and lodging houses for study
tourists, he learned about the construction.
Many units are engaged in the construction of the county and so state
construction supervision institutions should establish an orderly supervisory
system and make increasingly exact demands, he said.
Going round the Rimyongsu area, he said that various types of dwelling houses
and buildings should be placed in a diverse and peculiar way along the side of the
ravine, preserving the characteristics of nature and topography.
During the county construction forest mustn't be wrecked, he stressed, calling
for preserving the ecological environment in Mt Paektu area intact, mindful that
the area is a sacred place of revolution where every tree and every blade of
grass can never be neglected.
Through the work to spruce up Samjiyon County, we should renew not only the
appearance of the township area but also the mental conditions of people and let
the county play its role as a host, not making its independence and spirit of self-
reliance fade while the whole country is aiding the county, he said, adding that
the county should create a revolutionary spirit in the new century, a new spirit of
the times in the course of building itself into a communist dreamland.
Noting that the construction of the county has undergone a lot of progress, he
gave thanks to the builders for faithfully devoting themselves to the work for
sprucing up the county into the one flawless in every aspect.
Accompanying him were Hwang Pyong So, Jo Yong Won, O Il Jong and Kim Yong
Su, senior officials of the C.C., WPK.

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