Saturday, July 25, 2009


On the 13th of June, 2009, adherents of Juche Idea in Nigeria marked the ninth anniversary of the joint North/South of Korea declaration during the study group session. After the study group session, it was unanimously agreed that a letter of solidarity be written to His Excellency, the Leader of the D.P.R of Korea. Below is the text of the letter.

Pyongyang June 13th, 2009

His Excellency, Comrade Kim Jong IL,
The General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea,
The Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the
Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea, the Supreme
Commander of the Korean Peoples’ Army.

His Excellency,
On behalf of all the adherents of Juche idea in Nigeria, I congratulate his Excellency on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of joint declaration of the North/South Korea.

June 15th is the anniversary when a new chapter was opened in the history of Korean reunification movement. On June 15th , 2000, the first-ever inter-Korean summit meeting was held in Pyongyang, DRP of Korea after the country’s division and there the historic Joint Declaration was adopted, a landmark event in Korean reunification movement.

We the adherents of Juche Idea in Nigeria identify and support the main spirit of the Joint Declaration which is ‘by our nation itself’. The reunification of the Korean Peninsula can only be achieved by the concerted efforts of Koreans themselves without any outside interference.

The adoption of the joint Declaration ushered in eye-opening events in Korea’s reunification movement. All Koreans, whether living in the North or in the South, have adhered to the Joint Declaration, thus promoting reconciliation, unity and cooperation and vigorously advancing the reunification movement.

Dr. Alhassan Mamman Muhammad
National Chairman

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