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AFRICA REGIONAL COMMITTEE FOR STUDYING JUCHE IDEA OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR GENERAL, P.O.BOX 70863, KAMPALA, UGANDA. E mail: imbaguma53@yahoo.com. 4th May, 2009.To: Dr. Ogami Kenichi,Secretary General IIJI.Comrade Pak Kun Gwang,Korea Association of Social Scientists.All Board Directors,Africa Regional Committee for studying Juche Idea.

Comrades,SYNOPSIS OF 8TH BOARD MEETING OF ARCJI, KINSHASA 1ST MAY 2009.I have arrived back safely in Kampala; I hope that you too have arrived back home safely.CONGRATULATIONS!I salute and congratulate the Congolese National Organizing Committee for successfully organizing and conducting the 8th Board meeting of ARCJI and seminar in Kinshasa. On record I must put names of Professor Octave Kamwiziku, Dr. Mukelenge Vele, Comrade Otete Mboyo Gaston and Comrade Yangana for working tirelessly to ensure the success of the meeting and make our stay in Kinshasa comfortable. I thank Comrade Ogami Kenichi for guiding the proceedings and for his keynote address; and I thank Comrade Pak Kun Gwang and other officials from KASS for the material support.Of special mention are the enthusiastic students of the University of Kinshasa and members of the Lumumbist Party of Congo whose participation gave the seminar its true purpose and colour. I urge all of you comrades, to study the rich content of each paper which was presented at the seminar, and cause the multiplication of each paper to be circulated to every member of our study groups.SOME ORGANIZATIONAL SHORT COMINGSHowever, the views expressed hereunder were shared by all Board Directors, namely:• Dr. Kamwiziku Octave (DR Congo)• Dr. Francis Lyimo (Tanzania)• Dr. Al Hassan Mamman Mohammed (Nigeria)• Mr. Yahya Zakaria Khairullah (Egypt)• Mr. Eddie Kekana (South Africa)• Mr. Riad Challoub (Guinea Conakry)• Mr. Medhane (Ethiopia)• Mr. Baguma Isoke (Uganda)• And in attendance was Dr Abubaker Sadeeque Abba (Nigeria) in a meeting we held in the evening on 2nd May 2009 at Flats Hotel Luntu.Arising from our experiences in Conakry, Kampala, Dar es Salaam and Kinshasa, there have been a re-occurrence of problems and weaknesses regarding preparations for and sustaining Africa Regional Board meetings and seminars. These weaknesses include – o Lack of knowledge regarding what percentage of the expenses for the meeting a national organizing committee has got to contribute.o Lack of knowledge of what support IIJI and KASS are to make;o Lack of guidelines as for which expenses or items a board member (delegate) has got to raise money.At every occasion, board Directors have regrettably experienced hardships and humiliation when they proceeded to travel without adequate advisories from the host countries concerning entry visa, airport tax, internal security, weather, health regulations, economic situation, being received at the airport, transport to and fro the airport, internal travel, sight-seeing, cultural performances, accommodation, meals, telephone services etc, etc..We have always witnessed with embarrassment angry arguments between hotel managers and our hosts concerning payments for our welfare.THE WAY FORWARDContemporary Africa is embroiled in the second liberation against imperialism and neo-colonialism to consolidate meaningful independence and self-reliance. As we all recall; the armed struggle was aimed at overthrowing the occupying colonial forces and gain political independence. The epicenter of the armed struggle was in Kenya, Algeria, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia etc. Progressive and friendly countries, governments and organizations in DPRK, China, USSR, Cuba and Eastern Europe did the following; Transferred technology i.e. trained young African men andv women in battle drills, guerrilla tactics, commando marshal arts, and weapons handling; Provided hardware i.e. guns an ammunitions;v Providedv other supplies i.e. combat uniforms, medicines, vehicles, communication gadgets and intelligence on the enemy; Exerted diplomatic pressure and economicv sanctions on the villain colonizing countries.All the above provisions cost money and the progressive governments who donated the money did so resolutely.Today, Africa needs a liberating revolutionary philosophy. Africa yearns for the JUCHE IDEA, but not for hardware weapons.Studying the JUCHE IDEA is not like studying music, dance, or doing a hairstyle. Studying JUCHE IDEA cannot be compared to learning how to swim or how to play golf or soccer. Indeed after one has known how to swim, how to play golf etc. that is the end of the story. But JUCHE IDEA is a highly loaded package---it transforms the whole person, the whole nation is transformed dynamically from a subservient one to an innovative individual, a booming nation.All along, national study committees have gratefully been getting what we call analgesic doses [to relieve the pain without curing the infection]; now the study committees need a real full curative or immunization dose. ..Quite frankly and realistically, we need adequate funding to bring about the embodiment of the JUCHE IDEA into manifestos of political parties and ultimately into national constitutions. But at the present rate of performance, we are equated to golf clubs! It is with a heavy heart that we say this… For us to meet every two years without observers from national committees, and with stagnant [in some cases declining] numbers in regional seminars is discouraging us the leaders and demotivating new students.The spread of religions sects, political ideologies and western lifestylesContemporary Africa is experiencing rapid advances of religious factions and life styles from America and Europe which are denting and in most cases completely overthrowing African traditional values. Political parties in Europe are directly funding political parties and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which collaborate in their neo-colonial drive.Comrades,Unlike the regions of Latin America, Europe and Asia, Africa is the only region where the JUCHE IDEA is growing fastest and where its impact is greatest. At the same time, Africa is the only region where the adherents of the Juche Idea cannot on their own finance activities of its dissemination to cause the much needed transformation of the body politic.In conclusion, the Board Directors of the African Regional Committee for Studying JUCHE IDEA request both IIJI and KASS to do the following:-1. step up financial support to national study committees and,2. provide guidelines on funding regional board meetings and seminars.

The struggle continues!

Director General,

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