Sunday, March 13, 2011


The branch study group discussion was held on 10th march 2011 at the College board room with a theme “Spreading the Juche idea in Colleges of Education”.


1. Introduction of participants

2. Opening remarks by the chairman

3. Paper presentation

4. Response and comments

5. Closing remarks by the secretary

The meeting started at 2:25pm with nine (9) staff and thirty five (35) students.

The chairman welcome all members and extend to the a very happy new year, promising frequent group discussion and moving the Juche idea to wider reach. He said that his target set the theme of the group discussion today. He urged members to be much more committed to the study of the Juche idea by visiting the web site and the materials donated to the college library.

Main business of the day

A paper titled Spreading the Juche idea to Colleges of Education in Nigeria was presented by the chairman. In the paper he highlighted the philosophy of the Juche idea, its characteristics and the role occupied and played by man in the world.

The presenter quoted the General secretary Kim Jong II who said ”since the question of the world’s origin have been made clear by the materialistic view point, the Juche idea raise a new problem concerning role and position of man in the world as the basic question of philosophy and gave an answer to the question on who is the master of the world”. (“On the Juche idea”)

This fundamental question is based on two aspect;

1. The position occupied by man on earth

2. The role played by man in transformation and development of the world

The chairman noted that we as the occupier of the earth are responsible for the transformation and development of our world and that can be achieved by spreading the Juche idea in all Colleges of Education in Nigeria, so as to reveal the role of each and ever one of us as the master of his own destiny.

Comments and reaction

Most of the participants lauded the idea of expanding the Juche idea to other Colleges of Education, but requested that audio visual materials should also be made available for members and interested audience to see the contribution of the Juche philosophy to mankind.

Another participant suggested the effective use of the media in propagating the Juche Idea not only to schools but the generality of Nigerians.

On that note the group discussion came to and end at 3:49pm with a closing remarks by the secretary Mal. Suleiman laido.

Dr. Ahmed B. Lawan


FCE Zuba Branch

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