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Rodong Sinmun on Dangerous Ulji Freedom Guardian

Pyongyang, August 12 (KCNA)

The south Korean authorities are contemplating staging massive Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises from August 16 to 26 in collusion with the United States.

Rodong Sinmun Friday says in a bylined article in this regard:

The warmongers claim the aim of exercises is to strengthen the “combat posture of the south Korea-U.S. alliance” in a bid to “cope with and overcome all threats" But, with no rhetoric can they cover up their aggressive and dangerous nature.

The said exercises will be an undisguised military threat to the DPRK and a wanton challenge to the peace on the Korean Peninsula as they are a full revelation of the invariable policy of the warmongers at home and abroad for escalating the confrontation with it.

They, at the same time, prove that those forces do not want to see detente and peace on the Korean Peninsula but are set to realize their scenario for invading the DPRK in collusion with outside forces.

With the appearance of the conservative regime in south Korea the inter-Korean relations which had favorably developed since the adoption of the June 15 declaration deteriorated all of a sudden and are getting tenser as the days go by.

The joint military exercises against the north projected under such situation would further aggravate the already»strained situation on the peninsula and increase the danger of a nuclear war.

History goes to clearly prove that military exercises of any form in south Korea would deteriorate the inter-Korean relations and throw stumbling blocks in the way of the independent and peaceful reunification of the country.

As the Panmunjom mission of the Korean People's Army demanded in a recent open letter to the U.S and the south Korean authorities, the projected war exercises against the north should be canceled as they vitiate the atmosphere of dialogue and escalate the confrontation and tension on the Korean Peninsula.


KCNA Terms Japan's "White Paper on Defense" Document for Aggression

Pyongyang, August 11 (KCNA)

The Japanese reactionaries in the "white paper on defense" for 2011 released recently expressed "concern" about nukes and missiles of the DPRK, talking about their issues.

This is another unpardonable provocation to the DPRK as it is revelation of their persistent hostility towards it.

The DPRK's bolstering of its defence capability is entirely aimed at protecting its sovereignty, security and territorial integrity. Its nukes and missiles, therefore, can never be threats to Japan.

This notwithstanding, the Japanese reactionaries again pulled up the DPRK over the nuclear and missile issues pertaining to its right to self-defence. Lurking behind this is their wild ambition to cover up true colors of their nuclear issue and the moves to establish the missile defence system in the eyes of the international community under its pretence push forward the scenario for turning Japan into a military giant behind the scene and thus trump up an excuse for staging a comeback to Korea and the rest of Northeast Asia

As widely known to the world, Japan had already researched and developed nuclear technology and facilities and has a stockpile of plutonium enough to produce thousands of nukes It is stepping up the moves to establish the MD with the U.S. in real earnest to launch preemptive nuclear attack.

The Japan "Self-Defense Forces" have emerged forces for aggression.

Institutional, spiritual and material preparations have been rounded off to start reinvasion of Asia.

What remains to be done by Japan at present is just to create an opportunity for reinvasion.

To this end, the Japanese reactionaries vociferously claim that territories of neighboring countries belong to their territory without any ground, while noisily advocating the theory of "threats" to them.

It is part of this campaign that in the 2011 white paper they described Tok Islets, part of the inviolable territory of Korea, as Japan's territory and vociferated about "maritime threat" from China.

Reality goes to clearly prove that the white paper is nothing but a document for aggression and war as it is designed to realize their ambition for reinvasion to all intents and purposes.

It is absurd and preposterous for the war criminal Japan to release hundreds of page-long war document every year, far from redeeming its past crimes committed against Korea and other neighboring countries.

Japan has become the root cause of rendering the situation in Northeast Asia unstable and threatening and disturbing its peace and security.

The regional situation gets tenser and the danger of war increases due to Japan's moves to grab others' territories and launch reinvasion. The peaceful development of the neighboring countries Is, consequently, jeopardized.

The Japanese reactionaries should halt their futile actions, cogitating about the grave consequences to be entailed by the above said reckless moves.

The Japanese militarists are fated to meet only a miserable end as they are obsessed with the ambition for territorial expansion and reinvasion.


Rodong Sinmun Accuses S. Korean Warmongers

of Their False Propaganda

Pyongyang, August 15 (KCNA)

Shortly ago, the south Korean warmongers staged such farce as perpetrating a retaliatory shelling mistaking the blasting in the site for the reclamation of Ryongmae-do Tideland for shelling from the north.

The head of the north side delegation at the north-south military working talks irrefutably probed the truth behind the incident Yet the south Korean military group is busy with the false propaganda aimed to make the story about shelling a fait accompli. It claimed "it was true that explosion was heard" and "it confirmed the places where shells dropped."

Rodong Sinmun Monday says in a bylined-commentary in this regard:

This is a tragicomedy staged by those who are obsessed with hysteria of escalating confrontation plus delusion of persecution.

The shelling touted by the group is a sheer fabrication This was nothing but the vicious moves of the south Korean military forces to do harm to the DPRK and escalate the tension on the Korean Peninsula.

It does not stand to reason that the group is not able to distinguish blasting from shelling. The above-said reclamation site was very near from Yonpyong Island.

It is the trite method of the south Korean warmongers to spark off a shocking incident to pull the north and kick up a war jacket under that pretext. The recent case was little short of the "Cheonan" warship and Yonphyong Island incidents, given that it was far-fetchedly cooked up and a provocation was made under that pretext.

It was no once that the south Korean warmongers staged such poor charade to brand the north as a "provocateur".

Clear is the aim sought by them in making much fuss over the north's shelling provocation" and the like. It was aimed to chill the desire for detente and peace on the Korean Peninsula and escalate the confrontation at any cost. Such provocation goes to clearly prove who sincerely stands for dialogue and peace on the peninsula and pursues confrontation and war.

They would be well advised to stop such ridiculous burlesque, mindful that they will have to pay a very price for escalating the confrontation with compatriots going against the trend of the times.


Minju Joson Terms Dialogue and Peaceful Means Only Solution to Dispute

Pyongyang, August 16 (KCNA)

Moves of India and Pakistan to improve their bilateral relations proved once again that dialogue and peaceful means are the only solution to dispute and this has become a worldwide trend.

Minju Joson Tuesday says this in a signed article.

The paper recalls that talks were held between the new foreign minister of Pakistan and the Indian foreign minister and a joint statement was issued at the end of the talks in New Delhi on July 27.

It goes on:

The foreign ministers of the two countries, in the joint statement, announced measures for building mutual confidence as regards the issue of Kashmir, a source of protracted serious friction between the two sides, and agreed to allow citizens of the two countries to enter their respective countries via the demarcation line drawn in Kashmir.

India and Pakistan are expected to further talks over the issue of expanding mutual friendship and confidence including the issue of increasing varieties of trade goods in the days ahead. A particular mention should be made of the fact that both sides agreed to hold talks for taking measures for nuclear confidence in Islamabad, Pakistan in September this year.

The two countries have gradually understood that no issue would be solvable without dialogue. They have opted for the overall resumption of dialogue including the talks between the ministers of Home Affairs and the talks between the secretaries of Defence, beginning with the talks between the secretaries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries since February this year.

The recent foreign ministers' talks can be viewed as part of the process for the resumption of dialogue between the two countries.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs of India Rao at a news briefing held at the end of the talks between the foreign ministers of the two sides said.

"We have to do a lot of work, but we have already determined to go ahead in the future."

Commenting on this, foreign press reports said the recent talks were different in quality from the previous ones and this indicates that the India-Pakistan relations have been definitely put on a new orbit.


KCNA Urges Japan to Settle Issue of Sexual Slavery

Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA)

Two decades have passed since the issue of comfort women for the Imperial Japanese Army was put on the- agenda of discussion in international arena in 1991. It was a hideous sexual slavery enforced by the Japanese imperialists during their colonial military rule over Korea.

However, Japan has not yet made any state apology and reparation to the victims.

This is a mockery and challenge to the Korean people and world conscience calling for Japan's settlement of its past crimes.

The above-said sexual slavery was an organized crime committed by the state of Japan and a hideous crime against humanity which allows no application of the statute of limitation.

According to the Constitution of the Japanese state, the then Japanese king had all state powers such as judicature, administration and legislation and the right to command the units of the Imperial Japanese Army dispatched overseas in his hand. He let the staff of the dispatched forces undertake the operations for abducting women of foreign countries and made sure that the Ministry of War issued instructions to carry them out if necessary.

According to the goals set by the military, women were abducted from Korea and other Asian countries en masse.

As the Japanese publication "King's army and Korean comfort women" said, the Japanese government and military mapped out a plan to ensure one comfort woman went round to every 29 soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army and different kinds of laws and documents were adopted to implement it.

It was proved by wartime cables and documents that women were abducted by the order of the military.

This clearly tells that the Japanese king and its government and military which acted by his order and approval were the main culprit of the said sexual slavery.

Pursuant to the plan conceived by the state of Japan to satisfy the sexual greed of soldiers of the Imperial Army, operations for abducting women reminiscent of medieval slave-hunting were committed openly in Korea, turning it into a veritable hell threatened with abduction of women.

As many as 200 000 Korean women were drafted to the areas under the Japanese imperialists' occupation and those areas where their troops were stationed. 146 000 of them died in alien lands.

The above-said sexual slavery was the most despicable and cruel crime in human history as it was committed by the Japanese government, military, government-general in Korea and police under it.

Japanese politicians, however, are evading the responsibility to settle^ the Japanese imperialists' blood-stained history of Korean aggression and their sexual slavery and even whitewashing them, though they know well about the crimes.

They have made neither apology nor reparation for the sexual slavery but are totally denying and distorting the historical facts.

It is nearly a century since the issue of the comfort women surfaced and it is 20 years since the issue was brought up for discussion in international arena but this issue has not yet found any solution entirely due to the shameless attitude of Japan.

Japan's persistent denial of the above-said issue is aimed at covering up the crimes committed by the Imperial Japanese Army in the last century and evading the settlement of its past forever.

Japan's redressing of its past wrongs is not a matter which allows it to go without redeeming them. Because it is a matter which Japan should settle without fail weather the DPRK-Japan relations are improved or not and a political, moral and legal obligation it assumed before humankind and history.

It is the view of the fair international public opinion that the Japanese government should make state reparation for the sexual slavery in a responsible manner.

Japan has to fully open data on all the crimes committed against the Korean nation to the public and take urgent measures for fulfilling political, moral and legal responsibilities including formal apology and reparation.


Rodong Sinmun Calls for Achieving Independent Reunification of Korea

Pyongyang, August 13

The inter-Korean relations still remain at the lowest ebb due to the south Korean authorities' policy for confrontation with fellow countrymen. It is necessary for all the Koreans to pick up the-nationwide desire for reunification with the conviction of victory in the cause of national reunification with August 15 as a momentum.

Rodong Sinmun Saturday says this in a bylined article.

It goes on:

Whoever wants the country's reunification and the nation's prosperity should firmly defend the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration and creditably discharge responsibility and duty as a member of the nation in the struggle for implementing them.

All Koreans should closely unite under the banner of By our nation itself irrespective of ideology, system, political view and ism and reinforce the driving force for national reunification.

Political parties, organizations and compatriots from all walks of life at home and abroad should support and keep pace with each other for national reconciliation and cooperation and meet the interests common to the nation through solidarity and unity and joint actions.

All the Koreans should resolutely condemn and frustrate the reckless military provocations and north-targeted war exercises of the bellicose forces at home and abroad and their moves to beef up their armed forces as they are seriously threatening the nation's security and peace.

They should expose and denounce every move of the anti-reunification forces swimming against the trend of the times towards independent reunification, obsessed with the hostility towards fellow countrymen and escalate the struggle to foil them.

The progressive patriotic forces in south Korea should firmly unite as one in order to intensify the struggle to put an end to the treacherous moves of the conservative group to escalate the inter-Korean confrontation and pursue fascism.

The anti-reunification forces can never hold in check the Koreans' advance towards the independent reunification no matter bow desperately they may work.


UIji Freedom Guardian Kicked off

Pyongyang, August 16 (KCNA)

The U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet belligerent group kicked off the provocative Ulji freedom Guardian joint military exercises targeted against the DPRK across south Korea on Tuesday despite the strong protest and denunciation of the people at home and abroad.

According to the newly revised and supplemented scenario for a war against the north, modern war hardware including nuclear attack means and more than 30 000 troops of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces, and commands of army corps, fleets and flying corps and above and troops of various services under them of the puppet army, 530 000 troops of huge aggressor forces in all, have entered into exercises for invading the north simultaneously.

They hurled even some satellite forces which had fought during the Korean War as part of "UN forces."

By starting the above-said saber-rattling they once again brought to light their belligerent and ugly colors as the very ones talking about peace but preparing a war while whetting sword behind the scene.

They would be well advised to bear in mind the resentment of the army and the people of the DPRK and their resolution to retaliate against them are running high. They are fully convinced that if a war breaks out on this land, they will lose only the Military Demarcation Line and gain the national reunification, the cherished desire.


Spokesman for DPRK Foreign Ministry Slams Ulji Freedom Guardian

Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA)

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK Wednesday issued the following statement denouncing the U S and the south Korean authorities for kicking off the Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises:

The United States and the south Korean authorities kicked off extremely provocative and aggressive Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises targeted against the DPRK despite the repeated warnings of the DPRK.
This saber-rattling started by the U.S. in collusion with the south
Korean authorities is maneuvers for a nuclear war against the DPRK which brought to light their invariable hostile aim to stifle it by force of arms.

This is entailing such adverse consequences as vitiating the atmosphere of dialogue created with much effort in reflection of the unanimous desire and wishes of the people at home and abroad for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and straining the situation.

The U.S. is staging exercises for a war of aggression against its dialogue partner while putting up signboard of dialogue. This incoherent behavior on the part of the U.S., is only adding to the skepticism about whether it is sincere towards dialogue or not.

It is preposterous for the U.S. to urge the DPRK to refrain from bolstering its nuclear deterrent, while whetting its swords for a war of aggression behind the scene of dialogue.

It is very ill-boding that the U.S. let ''a special action unit" participate in the on-going joint military exercises as it is one tasked to detect and destroy "nuclear weapons of the DPRK.

The prevailing situation goes to prove that the U.S. is not set to realize the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula through dialogue and negotiations but seize an opportunity to deprive it of nuclear deterrent by a brigandish method.

It is self-evident that the DPRK should put spurs to bolstering its nuclear deterrent for self-defence both in quality and quantity to cope with this situation.

Invariable is the stand of the DPRK to preserve peace and denuclearize the peninsula through dialogue and negotiations.

No attempt on the part of the U.S. to do harm to the DPRK by force of arms can go with dialogue. This will only face the mode of merciless counteraction of Korean-style.


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