Thursday, January 12, 2012

Faith of Korea
On receiving the terrible news of the sudden death of Kim Jong Il, leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Korean people were struck with bitterest grief. There would be no other people in the world than the Korean people who were overwhelmed by wails of grief over the death of their leader.
The Korean people, however, do not remain grief-stricken.
What they cherish is the iron-like faith that Kim Jong Il will always be with them.
Kim Jong Il performed great exploits in his life. By administering unique Songun politics, he firmly defended socialism, the lifeblood and life of the Korean people, from the imperialists’ moves of aggression and of isolating and stifling Korea. He developed the Korean people into those strong in independence and rendered great services to the advance of cause of independence of mankind. Under his leadership a heyday of great prosperity was unfolded in the cause of building a thriving socialist nation, and the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and October 4 Declaration were provided to open up a bright prospect for national reunification.
Kim Jong Il made tireless efforts to make his people well-off, continuing his march of on-site guidance, before passing away on train owing to the excessive mental and physical exertion.
It is, therefore, natural that the Korean people will remember him for ever.
They are filled with a firm determination to add eternal glory to his ideas and cause and thoroughly carry out his lifetime instructions.
The banner of Songun he held high in his life will become the unfurled banner of socialist Korea, and Songun politics its basic political mode for all eternity.
The Korean people will be guided by the ideologies and theories clarified in his works in carrying forward and accomplishing the cause of socialism. His ideologies and theories embrace all realms of social life including politics, military affairs, the economy and culture, and are run through with profound philosophical contents. The Korean people are confident that only victory and glory will be in store for them when his ideas are thoroughly applied to their struggle without any compromise.
Everywhere in Korea bears the imprints of Kim Jong Il who, regarding as his greatest wish the well-being of the people, made ceaseless visits to them throughout his life. World-shaking miracles were achieved in their efforts to translating into letters the instructions he had given during his field guidance. In the future, too, they will effect a steady upsurge in the production in all fields and sectors true to his behests.
The Korean people are full of confidence to inherit and brilliantly accomplish through generations the cause of Kim Jong Il under the leadership of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un.
The Korean people have another great leader Kim Jong Un, who is identical to Kim Jong Il in ideology, leadership and personality. He has profound and versatile knowledge of political, military, economic, cultural and all other realms; he is especially well versed in military affairs and cutting-edge science and technology. He is strong in confidence and willpower, matchless in courage and pluck, extraordinary in organizing ability, and far-seeing. He is also possessed of the disposition to carry through the work what he is determined to do, a noble sense of comradely obligation and an ardent love for people.
To inherit and accomplish the cause of Kim Jong Il is his lifelong mission.
While having accompanied Kim Jong Il on his ceaseless field-guidance tours, Kim Jong Un has enjoyed boundless respect and admiration of the Korean people, for his outstanding ideo-theoretical wisdom, extraordinary leadership art, ardent love and noble qualities.
The Korean people are rallied as one around Kim Jong Un, entrusting him with their destiny and future. They have braced themselves up from the bitter grief over the sudden death of Kim Jong Il, and are displaying one-thousand-fold might.
Today, at the head of the Korean people, marching forward vigorously to carry out Kim Jong Il’s cause unfailingly and brilliantly, is Kim Jong Un.
The Korean people will support most faithfully the leadership of Kim Jong Un. Thanks to his leadership the single-hearted unity is being further cemented and self-reliant national defence capabilities constantly strengthened, thus giving fuller play to the might of Korea as a politico-ideological and military power.
The Korean people also vigorously launched a general onward march to build a thriving socialist nation, the lifetime ideal of Kim Jong Il, at the earliest possible date. They will surely achieve their causes of building a thriving nation and of national reunification. They will also continue to lead the progressive humankind who are aspiring after independence.
No force in the world will check the advance the Korean people are making, firmly united around their supreme leader Kim Jong Un. 

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