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His Excellency KIM JONG UN, Supreme Leader of D.P.R. Korean People
(Growing a sense of trust and social interest in Leader KIM JONG UN
in south Korea)

The internet press and other publications of south Korea have been carrying articles on greatness of Leader Kim Jong Un.
In the year 2010 alone, the internet press carried 1,198 normal news reports, well over 330 news reports on his field guidance, over 30 articles in admiration, 30 image pictures of Leader Kim Jong Un, and dozens of seminars on Leader Kim Jong Un were held.

I) Articles in admiration of natural disposition and distinctive ability of Leader Kim Jong Un

The press in south Korea continue to carry articles in admiration of greatness of Leader Kim Jong Un under such titles as “Emergence of general Kim Jong Un, young leader in 20s”, “Opening of Kim Jong Un era”, “The north holds an official ceremony of choice of successor” and others.

-          “It is said that General Kim Jong Un who is known to be incarnation of human love enjoys respect and endearment by a lot of revolutionary predecessors and comrades by way of affection and chemistry. It means that General Kim Jong Un gradually takes the place of chairman Kim Jong Il to become an axis of leadership and unity. In the center of society of the north stands Chairman Kim Jong Il, which will be solidly inherited and sustained by General Kim Jong Un.”
(internet homepage “Hope of Solidarity”)

-         “The Korean nation takes great pride in holding in high esteem President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and General Kim Jong Un. As it is led by outstanding leaders generation after generation, our nation will surely lead a happy life in a reunified land spanning 3000-ri.”
(Internet newspaper “Surprise”)

-           Other internet homepages carried writings; “With the emergence of General Kim Jong Un as a loadstar on the Korean peninsula, a new chapter of history will be opened on the Korean peninsula”, “It is indeed fortunate. It is a blessing for the nation and the humanity to have General Kim Jong Un.” and others.

-          “General Kim Jong Un was designated as the top celebrity in 2010 as a man who will hold sway over the tense situation on the Korean peninsula.”
( south Korean weekly “ Journal on Current Affairs”)

-          “Leader Kim Jong Un is designated as a celebrity for the special edition to honor the   magazine.”
(Special Edition dated April, 2011, to mark the 10th anniversary of its inception of monthly magazine “Nation 21”)

-          “Shortly after having officially named General Kim Jong Un as successor, the north surprisingly made public the uranium enrichment facility equipped with cutting-edge control system. It is tantamount to proud declaration that the north has secured a place among the nuclear power states, true to the intention of Chairman Kim Jong Il. With publicity of uranium enrichment facility following plutonium-based nuclear facility, policy of strategic patience of the White House has ended in a fiasco.”
(“Chajuminbo” & “Tongil News”) 

-           In addition, the other homepages carried such articles in admiration of General Kim Jong Un almost on a daily basis as; ” General Kim Jong Un of the north was named a top figure of concern for the year 2011 in the US magazine ‘Time’ above Putin of Russia and Xi Jin Ping of China. It showcases remarkable quality of General Kim Jong Un, backed by enormous influence of Chairman Kim Jong Il over the world politics” and “General Kim Jong Un, freshly known to the West shot to the world political spotlight in 100 days. The US and other western mass media reports in big letters that the image of General Kim Jong Un, stark resemblance to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, is full of vitality and appealing.”

-          “General Kim Jong Un of the north startles the world with his own unique activity shortly after his official nomination as successor. According to the north, idea of General Kim Jong Un is surely an all-out drive and his political mode is full-scale offensive.”, “While playing a leading role in the north-US confrontation during 100 days, General Kim Jong Un caught the western world off guard with his full scale offensive which deals blows in a row.”, “Thanks to outstanding diplomatic wisdom of General Kim Jong Un, the north secured the commanding position over the 6-party talks.”, “General Kim Jong Un of the north demonstrated remarkable political ability of holding sway over the situation in the Korean peninsula and the rest of the north-east Asian region with a firm grip on it.”
(Praiseful comments of the south Korean public)

II) Articles in admiration of unmatched courage and grit, outstanding military knowledge and leadership skill of Leader Kim Jong Un

-           “In early 2010, General Kim Jong Un inspected a tank unit and personally drove a modern-type tank to break into the simulated enemy base at high and low throttles and hit home the target. Everybody marveled at the tank driving skill of General Kim Jong Un beyond imagination. It is increasingly becoming a reality that General Kim Jong Un poses himself as a future leader of the sword and the pen.
(“Tank skill” carried by internet newspaper “Surprise”)

-           “The images of Chairman Kim Jong Il and General Kim Jong Un, carried by Rodongsinmun of the north, who looked at the mobile drill of the tank unit were stern. It is, therefore, judged that the possibility of Chairman Kim Jong Il and General Kim Jong Un making a decisive decision on national reunification within 2011 can’t be ruled out.”
(“Chajuminbo” dated January 2, 2011)

-           “In 2010, the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, a self-acclaimed victorious war veteran suffered a shocking defeat in the war of wits and courage with young General in his 20s. The first showdown of wisdom and courage ended up in a victory for the young General. Unless it scraps its operational plan to invade the north and it accepts the north’s demand to sign the peace treaty, the United States will continue to suffer strategic and tactical defeats one after another such as that suffered by the victorious war veteran who was forced to swallow the bitter pill of defeat in the war of wits and courage.”,
-           “The recent silence of the US military which used to spill the information of north’s missile firings into the mass media shows that it was hugely shocked by the missile firings by the Korean People’s Army. The recent firing of missile “KN-06”, which sent a chill down the spine of the US, might have been conducted under the direct command of General Kim Jong Un. It is none other than General Kim Jong Un who played a key role in field deployment of this modern interceptor missile system. Already in mid-2000, General Kim Jong Un personally commanded the deployment of the G-2 interceptor missile complex around the Pyongyang city to build up a complete network of defense. General Kim Jong Un majored in artillery studies and played a leading role in applying satellite navigational system and computer application technology to military operations. To aggregate the above facts, it can be seen that General Kim Jong Un set in motion the locally made interceptor missile complex to neutralize the US north-targeted aerial drill codenamed “Max Sander”, thus giving shock to the US. It is why the US kept silent.
(“War veteran who suffered a shocking defeat” and “Missile firing and US silence” carried by internet newspaper “Tongil News” dated January, 2011)

-          “General Kim Jong Un, while personally commanding the military parade exercise to honor the 65th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, made sure that intercontinental missiles and full aspect of interceptor missile complex should be shockingly displayed, thus demonstrating enormous military capabilities, which caught the world military experts off guard.”, General Kim Jong Un surprisingly opened the uranium enrichment facility to the public following the military parade to honor the 65th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, thus plunging the US military and the political circle into an abject political crisis. Consecutively, he demonstrated the capability of being able to overwhelming the US-south Korean coalition forces by ordering powerful shelling on the Yonpyong island in the middle of the US-south Korean military drill.”, “The People’s Army, under the leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il and General Kim Jong Un frightened the US and Ri Myong Bak regime into cowards with 3 military operations within 70 days from October to December, 2010.”
(Praiseful comments by the south Korean public from all strata of the society)
-           “General Kim Jong Un studied artillery at the Kim Il Sung military university. He is a genius who has modern military science and technology at his fingertips. In particular, it is said that he is well-versed in artillery and personally drew a military map with dimensional accuracy. Following his official nomination as successor, the first public appearance of General Kim Jong Un was at the artillery drill site. It might be General Kim Jong Un who personally commanded the shelling on Yonpyong isalnd. At that time the military was overwhelmed by the electronic warfare. The radar system of the marine corps stationed on the Yonpyong island was crippled by electronic waves released by the north. The military is not ready for countering the north’s electronic interception attack. In future, the cyber attack by the north’s cyber unit will be more aggressive under the direct command of General Kim Jong Un.”
(Comment by Kim Jong Dae, chief editor of military magazine “D&D Focus”),

-          “General Kim Jong Un of the north plays by highly planned political and military strategy. In a nutshell, the intention of Chairman Kim Jong Il and General Kim Jong Un is probably geared to settling the DPRK-US relations and building a virile and great nation.”
(Analysis by Pae Hak Sun, a senior fellow of the “Sejong Research Institute”)

Even the top political hierarchy and the conservative press of south Korea don’t conceal anxiety and impatience at the courage and grit and military strength of the north under the leadership of leader Kim Jong Un.

-           “The idea of ‘non-nuclear, Openness and 3,000’ is no longer practical as it is evident that the north will continue to stick to Songun (military-first) politics without reform and openness”,
(Pak Kwan Yong, former speaker of the south Korean National Assembly)

-           “It is unity that we lack compared to the north.”
(Kim Mun Su, governor of Kyonggyi province, south Korea)

-           “There is possibility that the People’s Army may attack 5 islands in the west sea under the direct command of General Kim Jong Un and the possibility of the 3rd nuclear test can’t be ruled out. The chance of seeing collapse of the north is slim with the emergence of successor Kim Jong Un.”
(Analysis by the security strategy research institute of the south Korean National Intelligence Agency)

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