Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kim Jong Il’s Exploits in Party Building
In the whole period of leading the WPK he raised as the principal task its strengthening into the party of Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), its founder, both in name and reality, and put it into effect.
He formulated the revolutionary idea, Juche idea, authored by Kim Il Sung as the only guiding ideology of the WPK, and proclaimed the modelling of the whole society on the Juche idea as its highest programme.
Thanks to his guidance, the WPK has developed into a body ideologically pure, organizationally integrated and unified in action, into a body in which the monolithic ideological system and monolithic leadership system of the leader are firmly established.
In those days, owing to the manoeuvres of modern revisionists, the authority of the leaders was undermined in the ruling parties in several socialist countries, and the socialist movement of the world was undergoing twists and turns. However, the WPK consolidated as firm as a rock its organizational and ideological unity and cohesion with Kim Il Sung at the centre true to his cause of party building, and this was a valuable fruit of Kim Jong Il’s thoroughgoing outlook on the leader, unparalled insight, principled and resolute political decision and seasoned leadership ability.
Kim Jong Il built the WPK into a party which had formed an integral whole with the masses of the people, bears full responsibility for people’s destiny and faithfully serves them.
Raising the strengthening of the blood-sealed ties between the WPK and the people and the consolidation of its mass foundation as an important principle in its building and a matter that has bearing on its very existence, he saw to it that all its organizations and officials thoroughly implemented its mass line and always went among the people to live and work as their servants.
True to his benevolent politics and all-embracing politics, the WPK successfully achieved the single-hearted unity of the leader, the Party and the masses for the first time in history in the midst of worldwide political upheavals, turned the whole society into a great harmonious socialist family, and displayed the might of an invincible party which leads to victory the cause of socialist construction enjoying the absolute support and trust of the broad sections of the masses at all times.
Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into a powerful political force that leads the revolutionary cause of Songun.
He was on the road of Songun-based revolutionary leadership with Kim Il Sung in his early years and was deeply interested in the development of the Korean People’s Army. He realized definite leadership of the WPK over the army and led the latter to carry out the line of modelling itself on the Juche idea.
Noteworthy is that he formulated Songun politics as the main mode of socialist politics in the 1990s as demanded by the changed environment and the developing situation, and further developed the WPK into a political organization that leads the Songun revolution.
Having identified Songun as the lifeline of the Party and the revolution and solved all the problems based on the principle of giving precedence to military affairs, he raised the KPA as the main force for the socialist cause and led it energetically to the successful fulfilment of its mission and role as the standard-bearer of the Songun revolution as he continued the long march of Songun.
He ensured that all Party members learned from the political and ideological traits of the service personnel and the revolutionary and militant working spirit, the method of Party’s political work in the army and its living examples of cooperation between military and political officers were popularized among Party organizations and its officials, thus markedly improving the spirit of the revolution, organization, discipline and unity of the WPK and enhancing its leading authority and role in the revolution and construction.
Kim Jong Il led the service personnel and people of the DPRK to acquire formidable spiritual strength so that they could bring about an epoch-making changes and miracles in implementing the cause of the WPK, the cause of building a thriving socialist country.
Having turned Party work definitely into work with people, work with their thoughts and feelings, in his early years, he led the WPK to hold fast to people’s thinking as the key in the revolution and construction, raised the political and ideological work as the first process of all undertakings to enhance in every way the revolutionary zeal and creative activeness of the masses and, by relying on them, vigorously advanced the gigantic historic cause of transforming nature, society and man as required by the Juche idea.
In the mid-1990s he made public Giving Priority to Ideological Work Is Essential for Accomplishing Socialism, Socialism Is a Science and other works and kindled more fiercely the flames of ideological revolution to make the service personnel and people cherish a conviction in the sure victory of socialism. It provided a powerful guarantee for win victory defending socialism and building a thriving country.
Thanks to the far-sighted leadership of Kim Jong Il who devoted primary efforts to the strengthening of the ideological position in the revolution and construction, the service personnel and people of the DPRK, with indomitable mental strength, could completely change the looks of the country, accelerate putting the national economy on a modern and informatic footing and ushered in a heyday in developing the country’s science and technology and building socialist culture under difficult conditions.
The exploits Kim Jong Il performed for building the WPK will shine forever together with socialist Korea which is winning victory after victory.

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