Thursday, July 16, 2015


Supreme leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the Rangnang Sanitary Goods Factory.
The factory was inaugurated in April 2012 true to the behests of leader Kim Jong Il.
Kim Jong Un said that his visit to the factory brings to his mind the day when he went round the sanitary goods branch factory newly built at the December 7 Factory accompanied by Kim Jong Il.
Watching varieties of sanitary goods being churned out from the factory, Kim Jong Un noted that coming to his mind was tender-hearted smiling Kim Jong Il who was pleased that it became possible to provide the people and service personnel with quality sanitary goods.
He said that the officials and employees of the sanitary goods factory should convey to posterity with signal successes in production the love Kim Jong Il showed for the people by personally sending various samples of sanitary goods and taking a measure to build a sanitary goods factory.
He went round a products display room, sanitary goods production shop, packing room, science and technology disseminating room and other places to learn in detail about the production and management activities at the factory.
He expressed satisfaction over the fact that the factory has made achievements in producing the sanitary goods urgently needed for the living of the people and service personnel through a dynamic drive for carrying out the behests of Kim Jong Il. I was told that users of sanitary goods produced by the factory favor them, he said, adding that he was very pleased to hear such report.
The more highly the users of the sanitary goods produced by the factory appreciate them, the deeper attention it should pay to what they require more, he said, underlining the need to meticulously organize the work to increase varieties of sanitary goods favored by the people and service personnel.
He expressed expectation and belief that the officials and employees of the factory would turn it into the one which is loved by the people and serves them.

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