Saturday, August 22, 2015

FM: DPRK Ready for Full-Scale War

“We have exercised restraint as much as we can for decades, and any calls for restraint at present are no help to control the situation,” the DPRK Foreign Ministry said in a statement on August 21. It added that the DPRK army and people are even ready for a full-scale war, not a simple countermeasure or retaliation, to safeguard their social system at the cost of their lives.
The statement came after the south Korean military fired dozens of shells at the DPRK’s territory.
The military provocation following a series of self-orchestrated incidents is not accidental but closely calculated, it said.
The Park Geun Hye clique is mired in a crisis over unpopular governance, worsened inter-Korean relations caused by extreme anti-reunification approach and confrontational racket, vicious cycle of tension and escalation, THAAD deployment and diplomatic issues, it noted.
The recent incident is a blatant provocation which stemmed from a reckless scheme to find a way out of the crisis and disturb the other’s festival, it said.
Referring to the resolute measures taken by the DPRK, it said the touch-and-go situation cannot be turned back any more.

“We are closely following the shadow of the US cast behind south Korea’s shelling, and if the combat escalates we are fully poised to react to any slightest provocation by US aggressors,” it stressed.

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