Friday, August 07, 2015


Supreme leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the newly-built Pyongyang Home for the Aged.
Going round different places of the home, he learned in detail about its construction and preparations for its operation.
He said that the home was successfully built to suit national character and flavor, adding that, the longer one watches, the more fashionable it looks and every aspect of the structure was constructed to meet the requirements of physical bodies, ages and mentality of its health-seekers.
Heated floor rooms and bedrooms were built to cater to the taste of health-seekers, dining rooms were constructed to create homelike atmosphere and stairs were designed in such a way as not to give any inconvenience to old people when moving in line with the instruction given by me when visiting the construction site last time, he noted.
He said that service and healthcare establishments including barbers, beauty parlor, bath and treatment rooms look impeccable and library, sporting room and amusement hall were also successfully built for the cultural and emotional life and physical training of health-seekers.
An air-conditioning system by use of geothermal is introduced into the home to smoothly settle the issue of regulating temperature and outdoor resting place was arranged well and greening of its environment done very well, he said, adding he was very pleased with everything.
The appearance of Pyongyang Home for the Aged along with Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage in a good place has turned this area into a district which vividly shows President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il's love for the people, he noted.
He said with emotion that the completion of the home for the aged made it possible to realize another lifetime desire of the great leaders.
The aged persons will be very pleased to come to the new home, he said, instructing officials to hold a ceremony for completing the home for the aged and let them settle there as soon as possible as they are looking forward to the day of moving to it.
He expressed expectation and belief that the solider-builders who had successfully completed Pyongyang Home for the Aged as intended by the Party Central Committee would perform greater miracles and feats in the new worksites for building a rich and powerful country entrusted to them by the party.

He was accompanied by O Su Yong, Kim Ki Nam, Ri Jae Il and Kim Yo Jong.

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