Monday, November 23, 2015

Anti-DPRK “Human Rights Resolution” Blasted

A  spokesman  for  the  Foreign  Ministry  of  the  DPRK  issued  on  November  21  the  following statement  in  connection  with  the  fact  that  anti-DPRK  “human  rights  resolution”  was  railroaded through the third committee of the 70th UN General Assembly:   

The “resolution” worked out and submitted by the EU and Japan under the manipulation of the
US is peppered with fraud, swindle and malignant vituperations against the DPRK from A to Z. We categorically reject the “human rights resolution”, a vivid expression of the US hostile policy towards the DPRK and a typical example of politicization of human rights, selectivity and double-standards, as it is a serious politically-motivated provocative document.   
Those countries which sponsored  the  “resolution” have  neither  face  nor  justification  to  pull  up others in the light of their hypocritical nature and their current poor human rights record. Those who should be brought to justice are the US, the world’s worst human rights tundra and worst human rights abuser, the EU which resorts to inhuman treatment of refugees and Japan which has not made any admittance, apology and reparation for its hideous human rights crimes in the past.   
These forces used whopping lies presented by such human scum as “defectors from the north” who fled the homeland after committing indelible crimes against the country and their kith and kin as “evidence” for drafting the said “resolution.” Truth about the facts has repeatedly been brought to light in the world’s eyes. One has to confirm things with one’s own eyes before slandering others. That’s why we invited officials concerned including the EU representative for human rights issue and  the  UN  high  commissioner  for  human  rights  to  visit  the  DPRK and  see  for  themselves  the advantageous human rights system and policies of prioritizing the people and showing loving care for them which are admired by many people, while urging them not to just lend an ear to rubbish talked by riff-rafts. We, at the same time, proposed sincere dialogue and cooperation in the field of human rights out of magnanimity. 
However, they cancelled the visit to the DPRK for a political reason that can convince no one and other unreasonable reason and peddled again “draft resolution” against the DPRK in collusion with the hostile forces. Such attitude of the EU clearly proves the true aim sought by the body which styles itself a “human rights champion.” The recent railroading of the “resolution” clearly proves once again the essence and absurdity of the “human rights” campaign of the hostile forces including the US which is aimed at overturning the social system in the DPRK as well as the true nature of the UN human rights bodies which threw off the principle of impartiality and neutrality, bound to the US and the West. 
We stand for genuine dialogue and cooperation in the human rights field but will never tolerate those  deliberately  shunning  our  sincere  will  for  cooperation  and  seeking  to  keep  pressuring  the DPRK to achieve a sinister political purpose. 
The tragic developments in the Mid-east and several countries which were thrown into political chaos  and  bloodshed  clearly  prove  what  dear  price  one  has  to  pay  for  allowing  interference  in internal affairs that is perpetrated under the pretexts of “human rights” and “democracy”. The  miserable  situation  in  several  regions  of  the  world  eloquently  proves  that  human  rights precisely mean sovereignty and it is quite right for the DPRK to respond to any plot to overthrow the socialist system in the DPRK with a tough stand. 
Now  that  the  UN  is  being  abused  as  a  theatre  for  hurling  slanders  at  the  DPRK  under  the manipulation of the US and the West, the DPRK will take corresponding measures. The hostile forces have to clearly understand that they can gain nothing from their frantic anti-DPRK ‘human rights’ campaign and sinister intrigues.
DPRK “human rights” campaign and sinister intrigues.

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