Saturday, November 14, 2015


Japan Urged to Approach Issue of Sexual Slavery for Imperial Japanese Army from Proper Stand
It was reported that Japanese Prime Minister Abe agreed to accelerate the negotiations for the "earlier settlement of the issue of the comfort women for the Imperial Japanese Army" at talks with the south Korean chief executive in Seoul recently.
The news triggered off indignation of the victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army residing in the DPRK and voices of denunciation from victims of various countries in Asia and from relevant organizations.
On Nov. 6 a spokesman for the Korean Committee on Measures for the Sexual Slavery for Japanese Army and Drafting Victims in a statement called on the Japanese authorities to approach the issue from a sincere and responsible stand to be understandable to all the victims around the world, instead of working hard to evade the historical and state responsibility for the issue.
The statement went on:
A lot of victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army are alive not only in the DPRK, China, the Philippines, Indonesia and other victimized Asian countries but also in the Netherlands. They strongly demand the Japanese government make proper apology and reparation for the sexual slavery and take steps for their reinstatement.
The issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army, international crime against humanity, is not a bargaining chip for serving political interests nor is it an issue for Japan to gloss it over by coaxing the south Korean authorities alone. 
In order to seek a proper solution to the issue the assailant Japan should admit state and legal responsibilities for all the crimes committed by it, make sincere apology and reparation to all the victims and their bereaved families in various countries and regions and give assurances to the international community against the recurrence of the crimes through the proper education in history and other practical actions.
The sexual slavery issue has become an international issue whose solution is urgent for putting an end to sexual violence and establishing universally accepted value of human rights.
This is clearly proved by the fact that recommendations and resolutions demanding the fair solution to the issue have been adopted by international organizations including the UN Human Rights Council and parliaments of various countries of the world and statues symbolic of the victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army have been erected one after another.

The Japanese authorities should be well aware of the fact that only when it takes measures from a sincere and responsible stand on all the crimes against humanity committed by it in the past including the sexual slavery, can it build true relations of trust with the international community and make contribution to regional harmony and stability.

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