Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The worst evil woman Park Geun Hye of south Korea is going busy to pressurize the DPRK to dismantle its powerful nuclear weapons, dignity, pride and symbol of the might of the Korean nation, with the help of outsiders.
A spokesman for the National Reconciliation Council in a statement Friday said that her despicable true colors as a traitor to the nation was brought to light with the recent "nuclear security summit" in the U.S. as an occasion.
The "nuclear security summit", a brainchild of Obama, was just a cheap trick to decorate the closing days of his tenure, the statement said, and went on:
That's why Russia, one of the world's nuclear powers, declined to take part in it and not a few countries that participated in it spoke ill of the U.S. hegemonic and aggression criminal moves, making the atmosphere go quite contrary to what the U.S. originally wanted it to be.
But only Park Geun Hye pulled up the nuclear issue of the DPRK which had nothing to do with the summit and begged for "exerting all efforts for inflicting sanctions and pressure on the north to make it realize it can not survive without dismantling its nuclear weapons".
It is the principle for anyone to be well aware of one's own nation and to value it just as the nation is above ideology and social system.
Anything that might reflect the soul of the nation, symbolize its wisdom and might and be able to display its dignity and spirit, should broadmindedly be taken as an immense pride of the nation whether it was made by the north or by the south.
History records a patriot who ripped his belly open in the eyes of big powers in demand of the restoration of state sovereignty but it has never seen such a traitor as Park who went so foolish as to beg big powers to deprive her own nation of the powerful strength achieved by the efforts of her own fellow countrymen.
What die-hard pro-American flunkey Park has done is just offering whole south Korea as a theatre for a nuclear war of the U.S., fattening up her American master through the introduction of lethal hardware to south Korea and with the offer of upkeeps for the U.S. forces to make its economy totally dependent on outsiders.
It is the biggest tragedy and shame on the nation that such an evil woman bringing only unbearable disaster and baneful effect on the nation every minute is still allowed to survive as a member of the nation.
The Koreans have already crossed off from the list of the Koreans her name, pronoun of treachery and perfidy.

There will be no place on this land for the worst traitor to the nation to live and she is bound to meet the most wretched end being severely punished by the nation.

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