Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The line and policies for national reunification set forth by Marshal Kim Jong Un are the encyclopedic great programmes for reunification as they give perfect answers to all urgent issues arising in radically improving the north-south relations and opening up a wide avenue to national reunification. They are evoking a lively response at home and abroad for its justice and warm patriotism and its fair and aboveboard contents acceptable to everyone.
Ri Jong Hyok, director of the National Reunification Institute, said this in a statement on Tuesday.
Noting that supreme leader Kim Jong Un laid down a new line and policies for national reunification to weather the prevailing ordeals and indicated the ways for implementing them at the Seventh Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, he fully supported them.
The statement went on:
The history of the inter-Korean relations and reality clearly prove that it is possible to pull down the barrier of division and open up a wide avenue to independent reunification when all Koreans unite close as one irrespective of ideology, ism, political view and religious belief, cherishing great ambition for national reunification. But national reunification can never be achieved and the Korean people would only meet miserable disaster of war when the south Korean authorities resort to the moves for confrontation with the fellow countrymen in the north, seeking "unification of social systems," pursuant to the outsiders' moves to split and alienate Koreans.
Whether to put the earliest possible end to the nation's distress-torn history in which it has undergone pain and misfortunes resulting from the division for more than seven decades due to outside forces and fling the door open for independent reunification or not depends on how to implement the fresh line and policies for national reunification.

There are still big obstacles and ordeals in the way of national reunification, but the entire Korean nation's patriotic drive for reunification to build a dignified, prosperous and reunified power on this land is sure to emerge

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