Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Japan Urged to Fulfill Legal and Moral Duty for Its Past Crimes

A spokesman for the Korean Committee on Measures for the Sexual Slavery for Japanese Army and Drafting Victims Saturday issued a statement in denunciation of the Japanese government's "document of refutation".
The UN Committee against Torture early in May released a report calling for re-examination of the "agreement" between Japan and south Korea over the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army.
Terming the victims of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army victims of the sexual slavery system in the whole period of the Second World War, the report said the Japan-south Korea "agreement" on the issue signed in late 2015 is insufficient for reinstating the victims.
The Japanese government strongly defied it and came out with a "document of refutation".
The Japanese government protested against the UN Committee against Torture's labeling the "comfort women" for the Japanese army as sexual slaves and asserted the "agreement" was the final and irreversible one.
Noting that the government of Japan slandered the report of the international body fairly reflecting the world public opinion and justified and beautified its past crimes, the statement criticizes this as a shameless distortion of history, cruel insult to the victims and grave challenge to the world community.
Appreciation and judge on the crimes cannot be made by criminals, it says, and goes on:
Criminals should reflect themselves according to the punishment by justice and legislation and have duty to be responsible for them.
The Japanese authorities should clearly understand that their

reckless distortion of history and evasion of responsibility for the past crimes are improper acts of self-destruction and opt to fulfill their legal and moral duty for the crimes with sincerity, though belatedly.

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