Thursday, May 04, 2017

S. Korean Group of Conservatives Censured for Persisting in Anti-DPRK Smear Campaign

A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Journalists Union of Korea in a statement Friday denounced the south Korean group of conservatives for groundlessly distorting the truth in the DPRK to tarnish and disgrace it, frustrated with their useless efforts for applying "effective sanctions".
The reptile media is orchestrating a farce under a scenario worked out by the conservative group, the statement said, and went on:
Over the completion of Ryomyong Street and the auspicious event of moving into new flats, the pseudo-media put it that "houses are sold in secrecy even though they are said to be supplied free", "lifts may not operate properly due to electricity problem" and "ceremony of moving into deluxe flats is for propaganda".
They are making such sophism as "human rights situation" and "life of northerners" while misrepresenting the reality of the DPRK with photos and videos they cooked up in the 1990s when it was making Arduous March, in an attempt to find fault with it.
This is a hideous politically-motivated provocation and intolerable insult that touches off towering indignation and grudge of the army and people of the DPRK.
What should not be overlooked is that the remnants of the conservatives keep making propaganda slandering and blaming the DPRK by egging the media, far from drawing a lesson from the total bankruptcy they have faced along with the impeachment of Park Geun Hye.
No matter how desperately the puppet group may try to turn white into black with all sorts of machinations and distortion, they can neither tarnish nor cover up the true picture of the DPRK, genuine society for the people and a great garden full of loving care for the people.

We warn the south Korean conservative media once again that they will be cursed by the nation as a group of traitors that hampered the improvement of the north-south ties and national reunification and a reptile media that sold off the conscience of media persons for a few pennies if they persist in their smear campaign against the DPRK to chime in with the group of conservatives, away from their mission to represent justice and truth and pioneer the times.

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