Monday, August 07, 2017

Bolstering up the Nuclear Forces of Juche Korea is an Indispensable Strategic Choice

Recently the south Korean authorities made public “the 5-year Plan for Governing the State Affairs” and referred to what it called “DPRK’s abandonment of nuclear weapons”.
South Korean authorities included in this so called “Plan” to “make out ‘a roadmap to build peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula’ by this year with its conceived target to make the north give up its nuclear weapons by 2020.”
The so called “roadmap” is all the more preposterous as it was drawn being ignorant of current position let alone the four cardinal points of the compass; north, south, east and west.
This is only a line of confrontation, not tolerable enough, as it seeks to get rid of DPRK’s self-defensive nuclear deterrence and harbours a pipedream to realize “unification through absorption of the north”, just toeing the U.S. line.
The point of the question is that some quarters have yet to know apart the true colors of the south Korean authorities, minions of the U.S. in its attempts against DPRK and distinguish a dark design and plot being pursued by it.
The mark of the Korean peninsula is a showdown between DPRK and U.S. What calls for in forming an accurate judgment on the situation of the Korean peninsula and finding a solution to an issue in it is to have a proper understanding about a root cause which has triggered all such a dangerous situation.
I want to state explicitly once again. The nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula has come, from the ground up, out of U.S. hostile policy and its nuclear blackmail against DPRK.
U.S., the biggest world nuclear power and the one and only user of nuclear weapons in the world, causes an immense threat to a sovereignty of the country and the rights to existence of the nation by wielding a tyrannical nuclear stick. It is under such circumstances that the DPRK was compelled to opt for the nuclear weapons.
The U.S., being seized with its inveterate hostility against DPRK, made it as a policy to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike and remains undisguised in its attempt to “decapitate the supreme leadership” and seek “a regime change”. DPRK, in the face of it, commits itself to a strategic line of bolstering its own nuclear forces. This is all too just and square self-defensive choice, to which nobody can make any dispute.
We were left no other choice but to give a greater spur to bolster our own nuclear forces as the U.S. continues to resort to upgrade its nuclear weapons at the cost of an astronomical amount of fund and is in a bid to inflict upon us a nuclear holocaust by deploying the state-of-art nuclear war hardware in our own neighbourhood.
U.S., being awe-stricken before this, brought us to bear upon the hardest-ever, all-time record sanctions and pressure to countervail our march. But this only resulted in putting forth the efforts of our people and increasing the nuclear attack capacity of our Republic.
The huge blast of H-bomb after a chain detonation of A-bombs went bang in the earth’s centre. The medium to long-range strategic ballistic rockets were launched each and everywhere while the submarine launched ballistic missiles were blasted off from the launching depth of deepest fathom.
DPRK’s ICBM, which was developed to terminate from its root the nuclear threat blown away from the American continent across the pacific for a protracted time of decades, left its spectacular trajectory just traversing the space of thousands of miles.
Today, the our Republic rose high in a dignified statue as an invincible nuclear power and a global rocket power holding in possession A-bomb, H-bomb and even the ICBM. We displayed our capacity to launch the ICBM on a pre-emptive basis in any region and at any place and time and gave clear evidence that the U.S. mainland can be in the firing range of ours.
It is none other than the U.S. which has compelled us to bolster up our nuclear forces and develop the ICBM on the part of us. It is also the U.S. which stands in the way of the resolution of an issue by means of “maximum pressure” and by claiming that it will not wait to “use military option”.
We underwent all sorts of hardships and difficulties to have bolstered our nuclear forces firm as a rock just as our own inevitable choice to face off the U.S. persistent hostile policy and nuclear blackmail against the DPRK. This is a sure guarantee for ensuring the sovereignty of the country and the rights to existence of the nation as well as for the happiness of all the generations to come and peace and security of the region.
Nothing will be more foolish than to seek a pipe dream that all the treasured sword of Juche Korea, the result of the bloody struggle of our people, can be used as a bargaining chip over something.
We already affirmed. We will, under no circumstances, put on a negotiating table the nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets and will not flinch from the road to bolster up the revolutionary nuclear forces, a choice of ours unless the nuclear threat of the U.S. and its hostile policy against the DPRK are uprooted.
The only way to resolve the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula lies in the U.S. reasons itself with the changed strategic position of ours gives up its hostile policy against the DPRK and puts an end to its nuclear threat and blackmail against the DPRK.
Cha Yong Mi, Researcher of the Institute for Disarmament and Peace,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPR Korea

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