Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Workers Will Deal Sledge-Hammer Blow at War Maniacs: C.C., GFTUK

The Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (GFTUK) in a statement on Sept. 26 said the historic statement made by respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Unto deal a stern sledge-hammer blow at the U.S. imperialist aggressors is a declaration of Juche Korea which clearly represented the strong spirit and retaliatory will of all the people including the workers. The U.S. war maniacs like Trump made the open declaration of war, much upset and seized by extreme frustration in the face of the dazzling achievements made by the DPRK in its efforts to reach the final destination in rounding off the state nuclear force, but the declaration is nothing but a last ditch effort of those facing the ruin, the statement said, and went on: For the sake of independent life of the workers all over the world, such unpopular society like the U.S. which is getting corpulent at the cost of bloodshed by the billions of peoples has to disappear from the earth and such popular country as the DPRK has to prosper for eternity. The workers of the DPRK are full of enthusiasm to supply more Korean-style strategic weapons and ultra-modern war hardware to fronts at a faster speed which are waiting for the order for the final showdown with the U.S. and the order for the grand advance for Korea's reunification so that Trump and his group might not bluff any more. We will wage increased production drive, creation drive and general charge drive through the great surge of self-reliance to settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists, and demonstrate the stamina of the Korean working class once again to the war maniacs hell bent on anti-DPRK sanctions and pressure. We, the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il working class, will turn out in the do-or-die battle with the U.S. in hearty response to the call of the respected Supreme Leader and force with the dignity and honour of Juche Korea the old deranged man to pay a dear price and bring about the final victory without fail.

Agricultural Workers Will Mete out Merciless Punishment to Provocateurs:C.C., UAWK The Central Committee of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea (UAWK) Tuesday in a statement fully supported the historic statement issued by respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to make the man holding the prerogative of supreme command of the U.S. pay dearly for his rude nonsense calling for totally destroying the DPRK. Noting that the reckless remarks of the old lunatic Trump to "totally destroy" the DPRK and the whole Korean nation are the thrice-cursed provocative crime, the statement went on: Trump is a worm less than animals raised by farmers and a poisonous mushroom less than weed in paddy and non-paddy fields. All the cooperative fields from Taehongdan Plain in the northern area to Yonbaek Plain adjacent to the demarcation line are seething with surging resentment. The Yankees are going hysterical, frightened by the thunder of Juche bomb declaring the last end of the U.S. imperialism. Our agricultural workers regard them as puppets only in paddy and non-paddy fields. The sworn enemies should clearly understand the stamina and disposition of our farmers who have grown stronger in the tempest of the Juche revolution under the leadership of the great Party. We all the members of the UAWK and agricultural workers will mete out the most merciless punishment to the disgusting provokers just as the peasant heroes in the former generation who displayed bravery with arms and defeated the U.S. imperialists by ensuring wartime food production even under the enemies' bombing during the Fatherland Liberation War

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