Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Declaration of Kim Jong Un

In his New Year Address for 2018, Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, said: In no way would the United States dare to ignite a war against me and our country; the whole of its mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike and the nuclear button is on my office desk all the time; the United States needs to be clearly aware that this is not merely a threat but a reality.
This is a declaration addressed to the US.
Last year the US moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK went to an extreme. Whenever the DPRK took a self-defensive measure against its nuclear threat and blackmail, the US railroaded a harsh and groundless sanctions resolution at the UN Security Council by even enlisting its vassal forces, claiming that the measure was a "threat" to global peace and "provocation" against the safety of mankind.
In a keynote speech at a session of the UN General Assembly in September last year, US President Trump called for "total destruction" and "annihilation" of the DPRK. The US dispatched strategic nuclear assets to south Korea and the surrounding areas, intensified nuclear threat and blackmail, and conducted the largest-ever joint naval and air drills with south Korea, targeting the strategic objects in the DPRK. It even staged a missile information drill in the waters around the Korean peninsula with south Korea and Japan with the aim of detecting and monitoring the DPRK's ballistic missiles.
Towards the end of last year, it was often said that Trump may resort to pre-emptive strike against the DPRK. According to those related to the Pentagon, the probability of
a military conflict on the Korean peninsula in 2018 by a pre-emptive strike by the US is 40-50%.
Paying attention to the fact that Trump separately met Pompeo, director of the CIA, and Bolten, former ambassador to the UN, and other hawks, who advocate pre-emptive strike against the DPRK, the US mass media wrote: The war machine of the Trump and administration has begun to operate; the present administration is reminiscent of the Bush administration in the days of making preparations for the Iraq war.
But the DPRK now possesses means of nuclear strike powerful enough to turn the US mainland into a lake of fire. What the US may win in a war Against the DPRK will only be humiliation and self-destruction.
Many Americans raise voices of concern: If a war with north Korea breaks out, a disaster greater than that of the Second World War may hit the US proper; it may produce a disastrous result of the death of 2 million lives in an instant in the US, south Korea and Japan.

Trump is well advised not to gamble with lives of his fellow countrymen.

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