Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Trump's Illusions

In 2017, an anchor for the satire programme of a German TV channel said that the previous two world wars were induced by the Germany-first policy. When the scenes showing Hitler's bust and the construction of the Berlin Wall during the Cold War appeared, he, mimicking Trump's voice, said: We have also built a great wall and let the Russians pay for it.
What an ironic saying making fun of the Trump doctrine. This is an alarm over Trump's unusual behaviour and remarks reminiscent of the style of Hitler.
Whereas Hitler drove mankind into the catastrophe of war by clamouring about Germany-first, Trump's doctrine of America-first is running to extreme on the Korean peninsula.
Trump once said: If a war breaks out it will be fought on the Korean peninsula and even though thousands are to be killed, they will be killed there. He uttered such words as preventive war, preemptive strike, beheading operation and the like. He did not hesitate to repeat these reckless remarks in the UN arena.
In his keynote speech in the UN General Assembly he called for the "total destruction" of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and "extinction" of its people. This is no different from Hitler's words that for the prosperity of the Aryans all the other nations including the Slavs should be exterminated.
He frequently dispatched a huge amount of strategic nuclear assets including carrier strike groups to south Korea and its surrounding waters for large-scale joint military exercises in an attempt to invade the DPRK.
He railroaded superintense sanctions resolutions one after another through the UN Security Council with a view to "totally cutting off the lifeline of north Korea," and has blackmailed other countries, big and small, into joining in its attempts to impose political and economic blockade on the country, the worst of its kind.
Can these attempts bear any fruit?
In retrospect, the DPRK, armed with rifle, defeated the US, possessed of A-bomb, in the 1950s. During the Pueblo incident in the 1960s, the US had to sign for the first time in its history a letter of apology, and the captured armed spy ship is anchored on the Pothong River in Pyongyang as a trophy of the DPRK.
In order to cope with the persistent nuclear threat by the US, the DPRK has now attained the status of a world's nuclear-armed nation by overcoming all trials and difficulties.
Is Trump courageous enough to take actions which may result in the total destruction of his country and the extinction of his people no matter how he enjoys going on an adventure?
The former and incumbent commanders of the US strategic forces are now insisting on depriving their president of the right to order nuclear strike. The US congressmen are so worried about giving him this right for his Don Quixote style of mental instability and fickleness.
Buchanan, chief of staff during the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations and known as a leading conservative politician in the US, said that the US-south Korea mutual defence treaty is a dead treaty and that the GIs stationed in south Korea should be withdrawn to escape a nuclear war with north Korea.
A professor and social scientist of the US said: The blackmail policy, a stereotyped policy of the Trump administration, may work in the Middle East, but not in the DPRK, possessed of nuclear weapons and ICBM; the US cannot dominate north Korea as its government and its people are fully prepared to defend their sovereignty; the only solution for the US is to come to the negotiation table and conclude a peace treaty with north Korea.

Rogue President, Boss of Gangsters of an Evil Empire, Incurable Psycho, Pinocchio President and Hitler in the 21st Century-these are nicknames given to Trump by the world people. It will be wise for Trump to get rid of his illusions as soon as possible and see the reality as it is.

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