Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Real Goal of the "War on Terror"

The greater the US expands the "war on terror," the greater doubt the international community entertains: What does the US pursue in the war: elimination of terrorism or encouragement of terrorism?
The answer can be found in Syria.
Taking advantage of the internal dispute in Syria, ISIS infiltrated into Syria and extended the sphere of its influence by building its bases in several regions. Now the US has interfered in this issue under the guise of "counterterrorism," but in fact it is actively encouraging and supporting the terrorists. Today, when the fight against ISIS is drawing to a close thanks to the persevering efforts of the Syrian government forces and active cooperation from Russia and Iran, the US is propagandizing that it is a success achieved by the international allied force led by it, turning black into white.
If the US goal was to make a clean sweep of the terrorists, why did it fire missiles and bombs on the positions of the Syrian government forces fighting with ISIS, why did its aircraft fly over an array of terrorists' vehicles without dropping even a bomb, and why did it give the terrorists, who were trapped in Ar-Raqqah Province, a chance to escape to another region?
All these explain that the US is attempting to overthrow the Assad government hostile to it.
The real goal the US pursues in the "war on terror" is to remove the governments which are not obedient to it and dominate the world.
It is trying to use the card of "counterterrorism" in its relations with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
The US has put the DPRK back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism without any reason, calling it a "bad country."
The sophism cuts no ice with the international community, and it may induce a greater resistance on the part of the DPRK. It is well aware of the vulnerability of the US and possesses the power with which to staunchly smash the high-handed and arbitrary behaviours by the US.

The international community is closely watching the US "war on terror."

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