Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kim Jong Un Inspects Artillery Company under KPA Unit 963
Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, Monday inspected the Artillery Company under KPA Unit 963 which started the new year combat and political drill.
He, to begin with, watched a specialized training of soldiers at a lecture room.
Hearing in detail questions and answers between trainer and soldiers and conversing with them, he taught ways of making the company the one of crack shots by conducting the drill suited to the nature of its combat duty.
He set forth important tasks for successfully conducting the New Year combat and political drill.
He underscored the need to fully prepare all service personnel of the People's Army as stalwart fighters equipped with the ever-victorious Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il strategy and tactics, brave offensive methods and perfect real war capability and help them take on the appearance of the powerful elite revolutionary army by thoroughly carrying out the four-point strategic line and three major tasks for bolstering the military capability.
He said that all commanding officers and soldiers should bear deep in mind the slogan of faith "Do not abandon the revolutionary faith though one may die" and prepare themselves as vanguard fighters strong in faith advancing with arms in the one direction only as indicated by the party by sincerely taking part in all political lectures.
He gave an instruction to conduct various forms of intensive combat drills including specialized training under the simulated conditions of an actual war in order to help soldiers have perfect mastery of their weapons and combat and technical equipment and train them as crack shots.
He also underlined the need to intensify heavy gymnastics training among soldiers so that they may have strong physical bodies.
All commanding officers should always find themselves among the soldiers of the company, take warm care of their living as their parents would do and settle in time the problems arising in their drills and military service so that they may devote themselves to drills only, he said.
He underlined the need to make the hearts of all the service personnel burn with a single desire to perform proud distinguished military merits in the drive for implementing the training order by conducting an ideological offensive as required by the prevailing situation in order to bring about collective innovations in combat and political drills.
He looked round the newly built barracks of the company.
In order to turn the company into a dear native home of its soldiers, it is necessary to provide them with warm beds and hearty meal and, at the same time, make warm feelings prevail in the company, he said, calling for making sure that the company is pervaded with such traits of revolutionary comradeship as officers and men helping and leading each other forward and respecting and loving each other.
Praising the unit for having successfully built the barracks of the artillery company directly under it with an innovative eye and by introducing everything appreciated by the party as a good one into its construction, he again expressed his satisfaction, noting the barracks is a good icon to be proud of as it meets the requirements of the new century.
He acquainted himself with the military targets and combat equipment of the artillery company that day.
He had a photo session with the service personnel of the company after giving them a pair of binoculars and an automatic rifle as gifts.
He was accompanied by KPA Vice-Marshal Hwang Pyong So, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, and Army Col. General Pak Jong Chon, vice-chief of the KPA General Staff and director of its Fire-Command Department.

KCNA Commentary Ridicules EU's Bat-blind Behavior
Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- Some countries of EU took the lead in cooking up the anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" at the UN, pursuant to Washington's scenario.
This is being ridiculed by the international community as a bat-blind act of impairing the image of EU which claimed the establishment of a pole in the world and enforcement of independent policy when it came into being.
In today's international relations the issue of strictly observing the principle of respect for others' sovereignty and the principle of impartiality presents itself as a fundamental requirement for ensuring the independent development of countries and global peace and security.
The present situation where sovereignty of various countries is encroached upon and world peace and security are seriously threatened by the high-handed and arbitrary practices of the imperialists strongly urges all countries to remain true to the principle of impartiality in international relations.
Nevertheless, some countries of EU joined in the U.S.-led fabrication of "human rights resolution", an impudent politically-motivated farce peppered with intrigues and fabrications aimed to encroach on the sovereignty of the DPRK and topple its inviolable social system.
As known, the UN history does not know such precedent as the fabrication of the half-baked "report of the Commission of Inquiry" on the human rights situation in the DPRK.
EU must have known that the "report" should at least undergo verification for lots of its drawbacks.
It should be noted that the DPRK published the report of its Association for Human Rights Studies, reflecting its human rights policy and system for ensuring human rights and the human rights enjoyed by its people, providing an opportunity for EU to verify the former's human rights performance.
The DPRK, therefore, accepted the visit of the UN "special rapporteur" on the human rights situation in the DPRK and the special representative for human rights of EU to the DPRK and proposed on its own initiative the resumption of dialogue with EU on the human rights issue.
However, EU suggested having dialogue after the adoption of the "resolution", raising various unreasonable excuses.
This leaves the international community skeptical about the "independence" of EU.
Does EU have no self-esteem?
It is not a secret at present that a U.S. intelligence organ has perpetrated systematic wiretapping espionage against VIPs including heads of state of dozens of countries including Germany called the leader of EU, France and Italy.
The intelligence organ even planted in secrecy an eavesdropping device at the headquarters of EU in Brussels, a venue of EU summits, regularly snooped on data in computers and telephone networks there and traced out confidential information related to its stand toward international issues and matters of contention among its member states and studied measures for countering them.
As seen above, EU was stripped by the U.S., its ally, to its skin, but maintained no principle in its approach to the human rights issue, contrary to the common interests of the international community, only to disgrace itself.
If EU countries are to keep impartiality in dealing with the human rights issue, they should take issue with the crimes of the U.S., the worst human rights tundra in the world, to begin with.
The DPRK never looks for anyone's "recognition" and, moreover, feels no need to read others' face.
Anything meeting its people's demand and interests is precisely its standard of human rights.
It is self-evident that a country can preserve the international justice and the principle of impartiality and develop its relations based on equality with other countries only when it deals with and settle all the issues arising in the international relations with correct criterion.
The U.S. has applied biased criteria in dealing with international issues, according to its interests, attitude of relevant countries toward it and their political systems.
Styling itself a "human rights judge", the U.S. has been keen on interference in other countries' internal affairs, pulling them up over their human rights situation.
The principle of equality and impartially should be thoroughly abided by in the international relations and such acts as interfering in others' internal affairs and forcing a country to accept one's own demand should never be allowed.
If EU wants to be placed on higher stage as a world's independent pole in the 21st century, it should not blindly follow others in carrying out its foreign policy.

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