Monday, December 01, 2014

Under the Statue of Liberty

US politicians insist that the symbol of their country is the Statue of Liberty on the bank of the Hudson River, New York.
Then what is actually happening there?
Infringement of the Right to Live
Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stipulates that everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of person.
But in the United States these rights are guaranteed only for the privileged elite who account for 0.02% of the population and own 60% of the domestic assets.
Company management receive 400 times higher salaries than ordinary employees, and 40 million citizens are starving.
The medicare insurance system is in force but there are legions who cannot pay a premium for it, so are not given medical attention. The annual rates of mortality from various diseases are shocking; 16 000 to 18 000 from AIDS, 36 000 from flu, 40 000 from T.B., 150 000 from asthma and 438 000 from smoking.
Crimes are rampant; one murder offence in 30.9 seconds, one rape offence in 5.7 minutes, one robbery offence in 1.2 minutes and one burglary offence in 36.6 seconds.
Prisoners are subjected to severe persecution. A few years ago, in a Georgia prison inmates were stripped to the skin before being bound to iron beds or chairs. For 48 hours they were denied access to food, water and toilet, resulting in 2 deaths.
Shoot-outs on the Increase
London Times once noted: It is strange why Americans try to maintain gun laws and gun culture even at the annual cost of the lives of many innocent citizens, and uncertain when the mortality from shooting will stop to be rising.
Possession of guns is recognized as an inviolable right of American citizens according to Article 2 of the amended Constitution.
15 secs, 31 bullets, 19 dead or injuredthis was a headline in TIME describing a man in Arizona who fired 31 bullets at passers-by, killing 6 in a matter of 15 seconds.
270 million rifles and pistols are in the hands of civilians in the United States with a population of 300 million.
Shootings are a common sight in this part of the globe where people are languishing in fear as in the Dark Ages.
Hatred against Islam
Some years ago, US soldiers in a base of Afghanistan burned Koran and threw it into a dump.
Upon announcement of the news, President Obama claimed that it was not a deliberate act.
Undoubtedly, the burning of the sacred scriptures of Islam was an expression of the phobia about the Muslims.
After 9/11, America declared a war on the Muslim world. It mobilized a huge military force allegedly to stamp out terrorism in Afghanistan but, as facts show, its frenzied operations were aimed at obliterating the Muslims. Lots of the Muslims were killed in military actions of the US.
It did not hesitate to sling mud at Islamic culture, even releasing a film to profane Prophet Muhammad.
So far, it has professed itself as the religious judge, strongly advocating respect for religious belief. But it should be brought to international court for its harsh suppression of religion.
Extreme Racial Discrimination
Article 1 of the UN Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, adopted in 1963, defines it as a negation of the principles of the UN Charter to discriminate against persons according to their race, skin colour or ethnic origin.
It is a pity to see racism thrive on American soil.
A November 2013 study by the US Census Bureau reveals that the poverty rate for the whites is 11.1%, whereas those for the blacks, Latin Americans and Asians are 25.4%, 28.2% and 16.7% respectively.
Every year 84 000 black people die for lack of medical care.
Minorities are principal victims of crimes and prejudice by the judicial authority.
Five times more blacks than whites are murdered.
In August 2014 a white policeman in Ferguson, Missouri, shot an 18-year-old black to death. In a similar shooting incident in St. Louis, Missouri, a 23-year-old black was dead. Later, the white murderer was acquitted of the charge to everyones surprise.

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