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Over nine decade have passed since Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, had formed the “Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU)” on October 17, 1926. The formation of the DIU is of special importance in the modern history of Korea in that the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), the guiding force of the Korean society, traces its origin back to the formation of the DIU.
The programme of the WPK is based on that of the DIU.
When Korea was under the military occupation of Japan (1905-1945), the young President, shouldering the destiny of Korea and its people, embarked on the road of revolutionary struggle. He keenly realized that the previous nationalist movement and the early communist movement could never achieve Korea’s liberation and independence, for they were stained with scramble for the sphere of influence, factional strife, flunkeyism and dogmatism, and devoted his all to find a new way of struggle. In course of this, he formed the DIU, a new vanguard organization of the Korean revolution, by rallying young revolutionaries with one and the same idea and will.
Its formation was a historic declaration heralding a new start of the Korean revolution and also a significant event that ushered in a dramatic change for the Korean people in carving out their destiny. It made it possible for the Korean revolution to follow the road of a new development with clear objectives and tactics of its struggle and for the Korean people to carve out their destiny with their own responsibility and by their own efforts as the independent driving force of history.
The DIU set it as its immediate task to defeat Japanese imperialism and achieve Korea’s liberation and independence and its final objective to build socialism and communism in Korea and, further, destroy all imperialism and build communism throughout the world.
The programme of the DIU, based on the clear-cut ideals of anti-imperialism and independence, served the fundamental basis of the programme of the WPK which was found nearly 20 years later, on October 10, 1945. The WPK sets it its immediate objective to achieve complete victory of socialism in Korea and carry out the national liberation and the people’s democratic revolution on the whole Korean peninsula and its ultimate goal to fully realize the independence of the popular masses by modelling the whole society on the Juche idea. It also defines it as its important task to oppose all kinds of imperialism and dominationism including US imperialism and struggle for peace, democracy, national independence and victory in socialism throughout the world.
The WPK has strictly adhered to the principle of independence advanced by the DIU as the guiding principles for its party building and activities.
It was above-mentioned that the DIU was made up of revolutionaries of a new generation who were not infected by subservience to great powers and dogmatism, inveterate maladies of the previous national movement in Korea. Since the formation of the DIU, the Korean revolution entered a new road advancing under the banner of independence. The revolutionaries of the new generation trained by the DIU chose the way to believing in the people and relying on their efforts so as to liberate their country. They finally achieved Korea’s liberation by waging the two-decade-long anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.
Herein lies the factor which enabled socialist Korea to have consistently traversed the road of independent development, displaying its dignity as an independent power. The WPK has always kept above all the demands and interests of the country and the people in solving all problems, rejecting foreign domination and interference.
There are some examples proving that the WPK has strictly adhered to the principle of independence. It took the road of Korean-style democracy in building a new society after its national liberation (August 15, 1945) when the Korean war (1950-1953)unleashed by the aggression of the United States devastated everything in the country, it held fast to a unique line of economic construction on giving priority to the growth of heavy industry while simultaneously developing light industry and agriculture; it always adhered to the line of building an independent national economy, turning down the pressure of great-power chauvinists to join the COMECON (Council for Mutual Economic Aid).
In the closing years of last century socialism collapsed in the former Soviet Union and other East European countries in succession. Witnessing such phenomenon, the imperialists guessed that socialist Korea would inevitably meet the same fate. However, their judgment turned out wrong, for they were too unaware of how strong is the independent spirit of the WPK.
The WPK was founded with vanguard fighters of the new generation trained by the DIU as its backbone.
The members of the DIU were vanguard revolutionaries who opened up a new path of the Korean revolution. Already at the dawn of the Korean revolution they held up high President Kim Il Sung as the leader of the revolution, the sun of the Korean nation, and the nucleus of the unity and cohesion. They were passionate revolutionaries with staunch spirit of independence against imperialism. During the arduous anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle they performed great feats in laying down the organizational and ideological foundations of party founding. They increased the ranks of Korean revolutionaries by awakening and organizing them in such a way that one person trains ten others and ten people a hundred, thus building up the basis for the party founding, with the result that the WPK could be founded as the guiding force of the Korean society in less than two months after Korea’s liberation.
Today the WPK has millions of its members who are armed with steadfast spirit of independence against imperialism just like the DIU members did. They are now full of determination to carry through the cause of independence against imperialism, the socialist cause, pioneered by their forerunners.
Always in the van of the general advance to build a socialist thriving nation desired by President Kim Il Sung and  Leader Kim Jon Il which is coming true under the leadership of Kim Jon Un are the members of the WPK.

The Korean revolution will as ever win only victory under the guidance of the WPK inheriting the tradition of the DIU.

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