Friday, October 02, 2015

Kim Jong Un Tours Commodity Show Presented by Munitions Industry

Kim Jong Un, supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, toured a commodity show presented by the munitions industry.
On display at the show, organized at his proposal, were more than 1 800 kinds of daily necessities which are produced at munitions industrial establishments.
Kim Jong Un went round the show to learn in detail about the number of consumer goods and their quality.
Noting that the production of commodities in the munitions industrial field has developed into a patriotic movement for the Party and the State for more than six decades since President Kim Il Sung initiated it in August 1954, the Supreme Commander said: We should always remember the devoted efforts made by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il to improve the people's living standard, and convey their loving care for the people down through generations.
To produce in a larger quantity quality consumer goods at the munitions industrial establishments is for implementing the behests of the great leaders, preserving our own things and giving fuller play to the advantages of our socialist system, he said, urging the officials in the munitions industrial field to steadily push forward this work as an important policy issue.
He stressed that the officials, party members and other working people in the munitions industrial field should turn out as one in the production of commodities with the strong resolution that they are responsible for the important work to provide the people with richer and more civilized life.
It is needless to produce any goods unsuited to the people's taste and what is important in turning out commodities is to sensitively understand what kind of goods the people like and concentrate efforts on the production of goods winning their favor, he said.
It is the Party's intention to fill every shop of the country with quality domestic commodities, he said. And he encouraged the relevant field to plan this work in a big way and push forward it boldly, saying that he would personally solve the problems arising in the production of commodities.

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