Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pyongyang, October 21 (KCNA) -- A horrible shooting spree case has occurred at a university in Oregon State, the U.S. recently. Gun-related crimes are so prevalent in the U.S. that even President Obama grumbled that mass murder by shooting spree has become a common occurrence in the U.S. Commenting on this, Minju Joson Wednesday says the gun-related crimes getting ever more prevalent in the U.S. is a tragedy brought about by the U.S. politicians themselves. But the U.S. politicians are shelving the situation of the country where lots of citizens become victims of gun-related crimes, and are calling hoarse on other countries to ensure “human rights”, the news analyst says, and go on: There is a need for American politicians to come to their senses, though belatedly. The international community has already branded the U.S. as the world's worst human rights abuser. The human rights situation in the U.S. has almost reached the state of festering beyond pitiful state. No one knows what misfortune it will sustain if it continues to admonish others while styling itself the "human rights judge", feigning ignorance of the severity of the situation. The U.S. had better be more concerned about ensuring its citizens the right to existence, and remove the cause of its internal trouble, before "worrying" about others. -0-

Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) --Some days ago,U.S. President Obama made an "apology" for the indiscriminate U.S. forces' bombing of a hospital run by international medical charity in a northern city of Afghanistan. Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in a commentary says: The recent atrocity once again proved that the U.S. styling itself "human rights champion" is very hypocritical to be a target of international criticism. The U.S. exposed itself its true colors as a kingpin of international terrorism and the worst human rights abuser in the eyes of the world through its military attack on the peace-loving civilians in utter disregard of international law, the commentary notes, and goes on:With neither rhetoric nor jugglery can the U.S. evade the responsibility as a criminal. It should face a stern judgment for its grave human rights abuses. Even at this moment, the U.S. makes no scruple of committing state-sponsored terrorism against other countries under the signboard of "counter-terrorism" in defiance of international law and the UN for the purpose of reducing the world to the one dominated by the U.S. Any people are subject to slavery when they have human rights which are not provided by sovereignty and human rights which cannot be protected by them. It is impossible to protect the life of the people without sovereignty. The U.S. can never conceal its criminal intention to violate the sovereignty of other countries while trumpeting about "human rights issue”. The criminal U.S. is sure to be severely punished by history. The doom of the aggressors has already been sealed.

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