Sunday, September 24, 2017

Historical Inevitability

In 1905 when Korea was placed under military occupation by Japan, it was incapable of producing even a small rifle; its total output of electric power was 227 h.p. Theodore Roosevelt, US president in early 20th century, debased Koreans as a nation who was incapable of raising even a finger to defend their country. The country was subjected to fate of colonial salve under the military occupation of Japanese imperialists for 40 years because of weak military strength.
Based on the lessons taught by the past history of his country, Kim Il Sung, founding-father of socialist Korea, formulated the Songun idea in the early days of his revolutionary struggle, and exerted all his efforts to strengthening the country’s defence capabilities. Kim Jong Il, who formulated Songun politics as the basic mode of socialist politics in the late 1990s, also attached primary importance to strengthening the defence capabilities, thus developing the country into a nuclear nation against the increasing US nuclear blackmail.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, carrying forward the Songun-based leadership of the leaders of the preceding generations, advanced the line of promoting economic construction and building up the nuclear forces simultaneously, and strengthened the nuclear forces in every way possible. Now the DPRK possesses SLBM technology, ballistic rockets with various firing ranges and H-bombs. And now it succeeded in the test-firing of Hwasong 14. These are an inevitability born of history.

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