Sunday, September 17, 2017

Misfortune of the US

On September 3, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea succeeded in the test of H-bomb, capable of being loaded onto ICBM. This means that it possesses practical thermonuclear weapon, powerful enough to reduce the US to ruins.
The US is now facing the misfortune of being unable to save its territory from disappearing from the earth. This is an inevitable outcome of its unreasonable behaviour.
The incumbent US president Donald Trump adopted a policy towards the DPRK, called “maximum pressure and engagement,” and made reckless moves to stifle it while not regarding it as a legitimate sovereign state. Picking a quarrel with the two rounds of test-firing of ICBM, which the DPRK conducted in July this year as a link in the whole chain of its efforts for self-defence, the US had a sanctions resolution unprecedented in history, aimed at violating and obliterating the sovereign right, right to development and right to existence of this country, adopted at the UN Security Council. And, in collusion with other countries, it started joint military exercise Ulji Freedom Guardian, which is aimed at invading the country.
However, the DPRK is not a country that watches with its arms folded the invasion of the aggressors. The mad wolf must be killed with a stick–this is the firm decision of the DPRK.
By confirming that the US mainland is within the range of its ICBM through the two rounds of test-firing, the DPRK demonstrated far and wide its determination to teach manners to the US, which has lost senses and is behaving irrationally.
It now sent a large “gift” to the Washington psychos.
The director of the Non-proliferation Research Centre under the Middlebury Institute of International Studies wrote:
The fact that the DPRK possesses ICBM that can reach the US mainland and over 60 nuclear weapons by completing research on miniaturizing the nuclear warheads capable of being loaded onto it, is quite meaningful. At present, the match is over and the winner is the DPRK.
La Liberation released an article, which reads that the DPRK will win the confrontation of strength and Trump will fail, and that the international society should learn to co-exist with the nuclear-armed DPRK.
The US that massacred a great number of people by dropping A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, about 70 years ago, will suffer from the nightmare of experiencing similar nuclear holocaust.

The US is unable to avoid this misfortune unless the Trump administration withdraws its policy hostile towards the DPRK.

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