Sunday, September 24, 2017

Significance of Victory

It is not true that justice always emerges victorious. History has witnessed victory of injustice more often than victory of justice. Justice not supported by strength is merely an empty talk. The world today shows this truth more clearly.
After the Second World War, the world has not granted any nuclear state any right to threaten non-nuclear states. However, the US has threatened the DPRK for over half a century with nuclear weapons. To defend its rights to survival and development, the DPRK was compelled to possess nuclear weapon. The US and its vassal forces resorted to all kinds of sanctions and pressure, charging the DPRK’s self-defensive measure as illegal.
No country uttered a word of protest against the unjustifiable act of the US, the world’s greatest nuclear nation. On the contrary, some big countries, studying the face of US, toed its line with the motive for gaining some “profits.” The US, with the colours flying and band playing, hurled a massive means of nuclear strike such as aircraft carriers, strategic bombers and submarines in and around the Korean peninsula, watching for a chance to deal a nuclear preemptive strike against the country.
At long last, the DPRK dealt a final blow to the arbitrariness of the US. It put an end to the history, when injustice was lording it over the world by relying on brute strength. The history of the US, a self-acclaimed leader of the world, which was too confident that it could do whatever it wanted, and an arrogant empire which thought that it could commit any act if it were displeasure, has come to an end.

The DPRK’s success constitutes a historic event which reliably guarantees peace on the Korean peninsula, in northeast Asia and the rest of the world. As it has possessed ICBM, the US cannot ever dream about unleashing another war on the Korean peninsula, and the DPRK could guarantee peace and stability in northeast Asia and the rest of the world.

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