Sunday, September 24, 2017

Victory of the DPRK Will Be Eternal

The successful test-firing of ICBM by the DPRK has thrown the US and other hostile forces into utter confusion. Though the US is imposing “maximum pressure” against the country it has failed to check it in its advance towards perfecting its nuclear forces.
For the present, what can the US do?
In case it opts for a war, it has to get ready to go back to the state before the primitive age. For all that, it cannot sit idle only looking at the DPRK’s strengthening of its nuclear forces. The successful test-firing of Hwasong 14 in a matter of two months since its successful test-firing of Hwasong 12 must have given a strong impact on the US and its vassal forces.
There is no other option for the US, however desperate it may be, than to acknowledge DPRK’s possession of nuclear weapons and come to the negotiating table.
No sanction or pressure cut ice with the DPRK. Some days ago, US President Trump wrote on Twitter that the US plan to move China so as to check North Korea’s nuclear programme ended in failure. The chairman of the American Diplomatic Council confessed that denuclearization of North Korea was an unrealistic goal. These remarks were made before the test-launch of Hwasong 14. It is not so difficult to guess what Trump and other American rulers would say. Western political analysts said that as the DPRK became the sixth nation that possesses ICBM, a major variable came into being for the security topography in northeast Asia and the rest of the world.
The US missile experts acknowledged that Hwasong 14 is not a copy or combination of others’, but a genuine one developed by North Korea itself. They were unanimous in saying that the re-entry technology and the auxiliary engine combination technology and attitude control capability had reached world standard, and as the ICBM can carry even heavy nuclear warheads, the prospect of its further development is smooth. It is their initial analysis that Hwasong 14 made a technological advance of surpassing the US, Russian and Chinese ICBMs, and that it is highly probable that New York and Washington are within its range. CNN and other major US media organs reported that the US government officials confirmed that what North Korea fired was an ICBM.
The successful test-launch of Hwasong 14 tells: nuclear weapon in the hands of justice is ever victorious and nuclear weapon in the hands of injustice is doomed to failure.

This is the declaration of truth and justice taught by history.

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