Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Independent Reunification of Korea and Peace in Northeast Asia

The best alternative to ensure strategic security balance in Northeast Asia lies in establishment of an independent unified state in the Korean peninsula that would not lean on any particular country.
The DPRK maintains that Korea should be reunified independently under the banner of national independence and great national unity in conformity with the desire and interests of the Korean nation. The line envisages a peaceful reunification through inter-Korean agreement free from foreign interference and aims at an independent unified state which would not lean on any neighboring states even after reunification. This will not only eliminate the biggest danger of war in Northeast Asia but also contain the US strategy of domination, and further open up a prospect of balanced development and cooperation among the regional countries in a peaceful environment.
Turning down the proposal for inter-Korean dialogue by the DPRK, the south Korean authorities, backed by the US, are pursuing “unification of systems” that aims at extending its ideology and system to the DPRK.
The US, a self-invited outsider of the region, is seeking its own interests, trying to exploit the issue of the Korean peninsula in realizing its Asia Pacific Rebalance Strategy, paying little attention to the interests of the Korean peninsula and the regional countries. In order to find an excuse necessary for realizing its strategy the US constantly aggravates tension on the peninsula and interferes in the matters of the Korean peninsula, thus hindering its independent reunification.
In a nutshell, south Korea’s attempt to realize “unification of systems” in reliance on foreign forces and inter-Korean confrontation can never lead to reunification but will only create an environment favorable for the US Asia Pacific Rebalance Strategy by enhancing the US strategic position in the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia.

Nowadays some of the distinguished scholars in neighboring countries maintain that Korea’s independent reunification could weaken the US influence over the Korean peninsula, prevent the neighboring countries from getting entangled in inter-Korean confrontation and yet allow them to maximize their strategic interests. Views are growing among them that the reunification mode pursed by the south Korean authorities should never be tolerated.

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