Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Pyongyang, July 19 (KCNA) -- A strong wave of protests sweeps south Korea after the decision to deploy THAAD there was announced. Inhabitants of Songju County, North Kyongsang Province, in particular, are staging strong protests such as hunger strike, writing petition in blood, hair cutting and candle-light actions, threatened with forcible evacuation from their cradle and seized with uneasiness about possible retaliatory nuclear strike after their area was chosen as a site for THAAD deployment.
The south Korean puppet "prime minister" and the minister of defense, who had gone to the county to persuade its inhabitants into offering the land as the site for the deployment of the war monster called THAAD, have been stuck for six and a half hours, pelted with water bottles and eggs by local inhabitants. They suffered the shame of taking to flight after having a hard time.
At a time when the whole of south Korea has turned into a mayhem over the issue of THAAD deployment, neighboring countries are becoming increasingly critical of it as they are exposed to an ever more undisguised military threat of the U.S. But, the Park Geun Hye group, the chief architect of the crisis, is ordering its yes men to "stop the unnecessary dispute over THAAD" and round off its deployment as quickly as possible, spouting sheer sophism that "it is of defensive nature to cope with the north's nuclear and missile threat" and "it is an inevitable step for security and existence of the people."
The Park Geun Hye regime's decision to allow THAAD deployment is the worst act of treachery as it offers the U.S. an excuse to perpetuate the illegal presence of its forces which has lasted for 70 odd years and the split of the Korean nation. Since the first day of her office Park has zealously fawned up the U.S., welcoming its introduction of nukes and missiles into south Korea which have brought constant danger of war to the Korean peninsula. She, however, desperately cried out for dismantling the treasured sword of the DPRK for self-defence which has ensured peace and security of the nation.
THAAD will rapidly escalate military tensions in Asia-Pacific. South Korea, a forefront base and nuclear outpost of the U.S. for carrying out its strategy for dominating Asia-Pacific, will become a primary target of the neighbouring countries and an igniting point of a new world war. Consequently, south Koreans cannot but fall victim to it.

Park is, indeed, a disgrace and a source of trouble for the nation as she is making no scruple of offering land to outsiders as a war servant at a time when many countries are involved in a hot race for defending their sovereignty and national interests. She will never be able to escape the severest punishment by the nation.

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